Video Marketing for E-commerce: Why You Can’t Ignore It

March 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Business videos are the next big thing when it comes to marketing, and video marketing for e-commerce businesses is no exception. Every industry can benefit, no matter the size, the set-up, or the target market you’re seeking. This practice is more than just a new-fangled way to reel in customers. It’s actually a strategic marketing plan to help find new customers, build loyalty with your current clientele, and create a custom, outstanding customer experience.

Interested in understanding why video marketing for e-commerce businesses is the next big thing? Want to know why we think your e-commerce business could benefit from more videos in general? Read on to learn why video marketing for e-commerce businesses is more than just a fad.

Why Video Marketing is Vital for Ecommerce

Video marketing for e-commerce businesses is a powerful strategy not only to promote your brand, but grow your online business, and it’s more vital than ever this day-in-age. In fact, according to Forbes, consumers are interacting with videos more than ever before, thus making it super important to ramp up your video marketing strategy ASAP.

Keeps Visitors On Your Site Longer

Your business works entirely online, so keeping your customers on your site is equivalent to getting people to peruse your brick and mortar for longer, resulting in higher sales. Once arriving on your website video is instrumental in keeping visitors on each page for longer, because they’re inclined to watch your interesting video that’s already rolling.  According to Inovodo, about 2/3 of shoppers who watch videos on retail sites will watch until it’s at least 80% complete.  Additionally, about 12% of site visitors are likely to watch a video if it’s available. This means that video will engage users and consumers and that they’re more likely to stick around if you have something to capture their attention. It seems like a no-brainer, right?

Helps Attract the Traffic Your Site Wants

Did you know that about 55% of people watch videos online every day? That’s because people are attracted to videos and they want to watch them. That’s why search engines and SEO best practices love videos, too. In fact, according to Buffer, websites and pages with videos see about 157% in organic traffic from search engines when at least one video is included on the page. It’s also noted that your site will likely have about 3 times as many monthly visitors if you include video content on your site. Video is such a compelling form of content that it has become the leading way to grab potential users via search and entice them to learn more about a business.

Boost Your Consumer Confidence

Because your business is all online, you want your consumers to be confident in what they’re buying and how they’re exploring your pages. This is where you can really see all your video marketing for e-commerce strategies at work achieving your goals. About 57% of consumers claim that videos make them more confident in the products they want to buy and less likely to return the orders when they on purchase them. After all, it’s human nature to trust recommendations. One of the best ways to capitalize these human recommendations is to create testimonial videos and using them as a part of your video marketing for e-commerce efforts.

Video Marketing: Why You Need It

As marketing to customers changes, it’s important that your e-commerce changes and adjusts with it. Utilizing video as a strategy to market your e-commerce business is one of the best and most up-to-date ways to keep your clientele interested and to attract new customers. Utilizing video marketing for e-commerce businesses can drive traffic to your site, boost your SEO, and keep your business relevant and interesting.

With Promo, your e-commerce business video needs will be covered. Not only can we provide you with compelling content and editing, we can get you the video results you’re looking for.



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