Why LinkedIn Video Ads Are A Great Idea For Your Business

March 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Facebook and Instagram may get all the attention, but if you’re looking to target professionals then LinkedIn video ads are where you should focus your efforts. With an audience of over 500 million active professionals, LinkedIn is the ultimate resource for connecting in a B2B way.

What are LinkedIn Video Ads?

Last year, LinkedIn launched their new ad content with a limited number of qualified advertisers. The process is still ongoing, however, brands of all kinds can now upload videos and share via sponsored content.

Most LinkedIn users have the ability to share videos from their mobile devices. However, when launching an ad campaign, there are a few differences. Among other things, you’ll need a LinkedIn company page so you can post and share the videos. You can get that going easily.

When launching an ad from your company page and sponsoring the content, LinkedIn video ads functions much the same way as on other social media platforms. You’re able to target specific industries, groups of contacts, or re-target website visitors by sponsoring the content. Based on your ad specifications, you can set a budget, track results, and make modifications during the life of your campaign. This is a great way for B2B companies to reach influencers and decision makers, and collect leads for your sales team. It also works well for recruiting and generating brand awareness. If you fall into any of these categories, LinkedIn video ads are for you.

What Kind of Videos Should I Create?

Before you dive in and decide to create a LinkedIn video ad, figure out which type of content will be most effective. The type of video ad you create will largely depend on your overall goal. Of course, there’s no rule that says you can only have one video. In fact, like most businesses succeeding with video marketing, you should have several.

Recruitment Videos

Are you hiring? You’ll never find a more concentrated audience of professionals than on LinkedIn. This is a perfect opportunity to create a video recruitment ad to reach potential employees. Advertise your open position, speak about the corporate culture, and what you’re looking for in a candidate.

Generate Brand Awareness

Just starting out? Looking to build some buzz? If your aim is to reach influencers and decision makers then video is the way to do it. Product or service demonstration videos are always popular and effective at generating leads. Show these people why they should take the next step to find out more about what you do and who you are.

Advertise a Product Launch

It’s important to note that videos that are “salesy” tend not to perform well on LinkedIn or any platform. However, if the focus is more on the product or service itself rather than a “hey, buy this” video then you can be successful with a LinkedIn video ad of this variety.

Compelling videos tell a story rather than ask for a purchase. Your video should answer the question, why is this product or service useful and why should the viewer be interested in finding out more? There’s always time for the sales pitch later. The video is the place to grab their attention. Don’t be afraid to be creative, funny, and think outside the box.

Getting Started With LinkedIn Video Ads

Before sponsoring your video content, you’ll need the video first. How do you accomplish this? Sure, you can hire a professional video team and spend thousands of dollars on a single video. Or you can use Promo by Slidely and create beautiful, professional videos with ease.

Our service features a growing library of over 3.5 million high-quality video clips, and music. Create your own video ad in minutes, or use one of our customizable ready-made videos. Simply add your branding and messaging.

If you’re looking to connect with business professionals, LinkedIn video ads are the route to take and Promo is the car that will drive you there.


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