[Case Study] How Shutterstock API Helps Promo.com Make Video Creation Easy

November 3, 2019
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  • [Case Study] How Shutterstock API Helps Promo.com Make Video Creation Easy

Creating marketing videos used to be costly and complicated. Find out how we are using the Shutterstock API to make video creation easy, fun and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Video marketing continues to be popular among marketers because data shows that it is effective. 

Luckily, today Promo.com makes video creation easier than ever. 

Traditionally, creating a video involved special equipment, unique skills, and large budgets. Not only did production take a long time, but the cost also prevented companies from using videos as part of their marketing strategy. 

Promo.com began with a mission to make it easy for any business to promote anything with video. 

To deliver on this essential mission, Promo.com partnered with Shutterstock to provide 15 million, premium video clips within their online video creation platform. 

“We serve customers around the world from all verticals including real estate, travel, beauty, tech, finance, and more. We also help them create videos for every day of the month such as World Teacher’s Day, World Pasta Day, and National Coffee Day,” said Hila Shitrit, VP of Communications at Promo.com.

“Given the size of our global customer base and the unique visual demands of each business, we needed to offer a large, high-quality, and diverse video library to meet customer needs.”

Read the full case study here.