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Introducing The Perfect Name for What We Do

January 22, 2019
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  • Introducing The Perfect Name for What We Do

Hear ye hear ye, we are now and henceforth

OK, we sort of wanted an excuse to write henceforth in a blog. But also, this news is major enough to deserve it.

Today, we are announcing that Promo by Slidely has a new name and a new look,

This is just the first step in our journey to grow into a one-stop service to promote your business like a PRO. So prepare yourself for even more exciting products, features, and other goodies coming your way soon.

A look back

In summer of 2012, Slidely launched as a visual content platform and during the years that followed we knocked the socks off of 200 million people, helping them create, discover and share slideshows, videos, collages, and other visual creations.

Building on Slidely’s success, founder and CEO Tom More, together with our talented team, kept our innovation lab ticking, eager to discover uncharted territories at the intersection of technology and creativity.

These modern-day Indiana Janes and Jones, equipped with smartwatches and electric scooters, began experimenting with a new product focused on businesses (aka B2B), called Promo. With the help of our friends at Getty Images we launched Promo in summer 2016 and just like flared jeans in the 70s, Promo was a wild success, sparking a whole new era of visual marketing.

The hyper growth that we experienced strengthened our feeling that we were on the precipice of something BIG.

We immediately dedicated our efforts to this new, cutting-edge technology that would democratize creative marketing, allowing you to promote anything, and called it Promo by Slidely.

Then what happened?

After the breakthrough success of Promo and a few years of being called by many variations of the following brands (Slidely by Promo, Promo by Slidely and everything in between), we recognized that we were confusing our customers and distilling our brand.  Our new name makes it crystal clear that we’re all about great visuals that help you promote what you care about!

We began on the voyage of self-reflection and asked ourselves – What are people here to solve? What do they care about? What do our customers need most from us?

During this process, we had our biggest epiphany of all.

We were once a slideshow company (hence and with Promo by Slidely we were marketing solely as a video company. 

However, we knew from the very beginning that we are far more than a video maker. We offer customers what they really need. And what you really need isn’t just great videos (though you definitely get ‘em with us), you need to promote your company and grow your brand online. Plain and simple.

As we came to better understand the challenges of a small business, it became clear to us that one of the most critical needs is accessible and effective ways to promote online. You don’t simply launch a website, open a Facebook Page for your business or run ads for the heck of it! You do it to get the word out, effectively.

Your mission is to promote a message, an idea or a vision – a service, product or business you care about. Whether its a service, a sale, or an event, we’re here to help you get out your message with effective and beautiful visuals.

So, the time had finally come for our brand to catch up to our product and vision.

We have conquered this challenge (plus the premium domain to go with it!) and rebranded with the most perfect and sensible name: Promote anything.

What has changed?

Not everything. We still have our exceptional Promo video editor, a growing creative team, customer-centric approach, steadfast dedication, and our vision to empower every business owner to accomplish their dreams.

We’ve updated our name, website, logo, wordmark, typeface, colors, and visual identity.

And this is just the beginning! We’re working on a creative suite of products and features to expand the offering. In the coming weeks and months, we will introduce more professional services and cutting-edge tools to help you promote your business and keep you at the forefront of visual marketing innovation.

With this top-notch domain, we accept the responsibility of serving as the best visual creative platform to #PromoteAnything with videos.

Our new brand

We put a lot of thought (and a lot of creative brains) into designing the new icon, but at the end of the day, like all art (dare we call our logo that), it can be interpreted in many different ways. For us, we started with the letter P from our old logo and morphed it to look like a video play button. It also represents the forward icon, as we help our customers move forward with every video and marketing effort they create.

It also can be seen as a megaphone – helping our customers tell their story and amplify their message.

Our new logo starts with a small dot, just like a small business or the beginning of an idea, and grows while telling a story, in the best and most creative ways, with our videos.

Lastly, if you look at the animation above you can see a triangle that shows the three-step process to succeed with Create, Publish, Promote anything.

With the new domain and brand redesign, we will strengthen our name and refresh our look while creating space for our company to grow and provide higher value to small business owners and marketers.

Our new design

We changed our color palette.

We updated our fonts to Wes FY.

We even created new iconography.

An ode to Slidely

Just like we said goodbye to floppy discs and DVDs, it’s time for us to evolve.

Slidely was used by millions of people that created over 60 million videos, slideshows, and collages and generated over 400 million views throughout the years. Slidely was a strong brand in the social slideshow era and we are beyond proud of the success these tools had to allow for such lively and creative content creation.

For the time being, the Slidely UGC tools can still be found here:

We will always be grateful for the support and loyalty of those who were patrons to our Slidely brand. You were there for the garage band, we hope you enjoy the concert.

And with that …

Goodbye Promo by Slidely. Hello

New look, double the mission

The future is here. And it’s yours.

As we change our company’s name and image, our dedication to innovation, excellence, and creativity remains guided by you.

You don’t need access to unlimited professionals, together, you have the only PRO you need to make a major impact on promoting your business.

Redesigning our brand represents our mission to help businesses and marketers to visually promote anything, anytime, anywhere. The proof is in the pudding, just look to our image resizer tool to see how our newfound focus has allowed us to work on revolutionizing digital promotion and continue to expand our offering. And we’re nowhere close to done. Hint hint: Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for more innovative tools and features as we continuously develop new ways to push you towards your goals.

Bottom line, we champion consistency, persistence, and creativity because that’s what helps us, and all business owners, succeed and stand out online. With that in mind, we also redesigned all of our subscription plans to empower the creation of unlimited videos for every industry!

Our team’s passion to reach new innovative heights in the visual marketing realm is inextinguishable.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We appreciate your support more than you can imagine and look forward to continued innovation in the many years to come, always allowing you to #PromoteAnything and make your professional dreams a beautiful reality.