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Automatically Craft and Schedule Restaurant Video Ads and Social Media Content for Restaurants!

AI-Driven Restaurant Promotion

PromoAI transforms the way you promote restaurants by harnessing artificial intelligence to create engaging restaurant advertising videos in minutes. Our service is tailored for the food industry, offering unique restaurant marketing ideas that make your establishment stand out.

Grand Opening Announcement

A direct and informative video that announces the opening date, location and any special promotions that will be available on the opening day or week.

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Menu Announcement

When new items are added to the menu or there are special promotions, videos can be an exciting way to announce these changes.

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Seasonal or Thematic Content

Videos that tie into holidays, seasons, or local events can help the restaurant stay relevant and timely.

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Behind-the-Scenes Tours

These videos give viewers a glimpse into the kitchen, showing how dishes are prepared and introducing the staff. It helps in creating a personal connection with the audience.

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Elevate Your Brand with Automated Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Your Flavor, Your Story

Just share your website address, and PromoAI will use your business description, logo and brand colors to produce custom restaurant ad campaigns.
The more detailed your story, the better your social media ads for restaurants will be.

PromoAI Serves Up the Magic

Whether you’re looking for creative restaurant marketing or restaurant advertising ideas, PromoAI crafts videos that match your restaurant’s theme and ethos, including selecting the perfect music and crafting engaging copy.

Edit and Publish

Polish your restaurant video with simple editing tools, then share it with titles, descriptions and hashtags crafted from top restaurant ad ideas.


Premium Content for Impactful Restaurant Marketing

Top-Tier Visuals for Your Restaurant Advertising Campaigns provided by Getty Images for high-quality imagery that’s ideal for Facebook ads for restaurants and other social media marketing campaigns for restaurants.

Complete Creative Control

Our award-winning editor allows you to easily modify text, switch out images or music and adjust branding elements. Whether it’s Facebook restaurant ads or restaurant Instagram ads, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Streamline Your Restaurant’s Social Media Posts

Create a range of content, from professional to playful, across all social media platforms using one powerful tool—perfect for marketing agencies for restaurants and restaurant owners alike.

Effortless Social Media Content for Restaurants

PromoAI’s scheduling features help maintain a consistent online presence, making it the best advertising for restaurants looking to save time and increase engagement.

With PromoAI, discover the best way to market your restaurant and enhance your digital marketing ideas for restaurants.

We’re the solution for those searching for restaurant social media post ideas and the best way to promote restaurants. Let PromoAI be your secret sauce for restaurant video marketing success!

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Social Media Impact

Want to dive deeper into effective video strategies for your restaurant’s social media? Beyond PromoAI’s tools, there’s a world of techniques and insights waiting for you. Enhance your knowledge and skills in social media video marketing tailored for the restaurant industry.