One Click to 30 Customized AI Videos for Your Finance Business!

Automate Your Finance Firm’s Social Media Video Creation, Publishing, and Scheduling!

Engage and Inspire with Financial Videos

PromoAI crafts social media videos specifically for financial advisor advertising, mortgage marketing ideas, insurance agency marketing, and beyond enhancing your brand’s digital presence swiftly!

Service Highlight Ads

Focus on a specific service you offer, such as tax preparation, suitable for tax service advertising

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Brand Story Ads

Narrate the story of your brand, its values, and mission, ideal for branding asset management.

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Financial Tips and Advice Series

Showcase emerging investment opportunities or market trends, a key aspect of marketing strategies for investment firms

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Explainer Videos

Simplify intricate financial concepts for your audience, such as demystifying the complexities of mortgages, enhancing your mortgage content marketing.

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Boost Your Financial Brand with Automated Social Media Videos

Shaping Your Finance Brand’s Unique Story

PromoAI uses your business details to create videos that reflect your brand’s message, ideal for mortgage company marketing ideas and marketing strategies for investment firms.

Share your website address, and our AI will handle the rest, ensuring that your community bank marketing strategies or investment advisor marketing strategy are well-represented.

AI’s Magic Revolutionizes Finance Marketing

PromoAI’s generates bespoke videos that mirror your firm’s ethos and messaging.

Our platform ensures that each video is a perfect fit for your tax service advertising and cpa digital marketing needs.

Revise and Release Financial Content

With PromoAI, you have the final say in how your videos look and feel. This level of customization is essential for social media marketing for bookkeepers, accounting content marketing, and ads tax service.

Review, edit, and publish your finance-focused videos directly to social media, complete with tailored post titles and descriptions


Premium Financial Visuals by Getty Images

Our partnership with Getty Images provides you with an extensive library of premium videos and images, perfect for enhancing your marketing accounting and tax services ads. This access ensures that your digital marketing financial services industry content is always visually appealing and engaging.

Complete Control and Flexibility in Your Hands

With PromoAI, you’re not just receiving AI-generated videos; you’re getting a canvas to fine-tune and personalize. Our award-winning editor allows you to effortlessly modify AI-crafted videos, ensuring your financial planning content marketing or insurance agency marketing efforts reflect your brand’s unique voice and vision. Edit texts, adjust visuals, and change music to transform these AI foundations into bespoke masterpieces that resonate with your audience.

Optimized Social Media Impact for Finance Firms

Crafting and distributing promotional and seasonal content across platforms is streamlined with PromoAI. From the professional sphere of LinkedIn to the dynamic realms of Instagram and Facebook, our tool is ideal for the digital marketing financial services industry. It’s perfect for creating engaging posts, stories, and reels that resonate with your audience in marketing strategies in insurance.

Efficient Publishing & Scheduling for Finance Marketers

Managing your social media calendar is effortless with PromoAI. Maintain a consistent and impactful presence with our platform, which is especially beneficial for marketing strategies in insurance and content marketing for insurance companies. Save time and effort by publishing & scheduling directly from PromoAI, ensuring your financial advisor marketing or digital marketing for financial services strategies are always on point.

Discover the Future of Finance Marketing on Social Media

Step into the realm of advanced social media marketing for the finance industry with PromoAI. Whether it’s financial advisor marketing, mortgage broker marketing, or broader digital strategies, discover how PromoAI can revolutionize your approach. Delve into valuable content that guides you through harnessing the power of social media in the finance sector, and see how PromoAI can be the catalyst for your marketing success.