These 13 Halloween marketing ideas are so good, they’re SCARY!

September 25, 2019 · 9 min read

Halloween is just around the corner and that means we’re gearing up for the Halloween season. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, and more are coming soon to a street near you! Of course, as a business, there’s no time like now to start thinking of some awesome Halloween marketing ideas.

Think and plan early:

Okay, so you know you don’t want to let this holiday pass you by like last year. Remember? You had all these great Halloween advertising plans and then you looked up and it was October 30th already. Where did all that time go?

Getting organized and planning early can be difficult for some small businesses. There’s so much going on, so much to do, and often these ideas can simply get lost in the back of our minds.

This is all the more reason to get started now and plan early! Halloween will be here before you know it and you want ample time to create, plan, and promote your Halloween specials BEFORE October 30th this year. And that’s where we have you covered!

From special promotions to awesome video content; Halloween is one of the more marketing-friendly holidays out there. So if you’re looking for inspiration, try one of these awesome business ideas on for size.

  1. Host a costume party

Whether you have a physical store or just operate online; this marketing campaign is a fairly easy one. Physical stores can host the contest at their location. Can you think of a better way to get a TON of people in your door than a chance to show off their brilliant costume ideas?

Online businesses can host the contest via social media, especially Facebook and/or Instagram. For bonus points, ask participants to use your product in their costume if applicable. Prizes can range from coupons and discounts to free shipping or a gift bag full of your products.

Halloween Costume Party

  1. Theme your menu

A no-brainer for restaurants and eateries, this one tops any list of Halloween marketing ideas. Themed cocktails or menu items are hokey, sure. But people love them! If you don’t want to go all out and change the menu, think of a few funky special dishes you can make from items you already have on hand.

There’s a reason why Pumpkin Spice flavors make an appearance this time of year and not just during the holiday season. Best of all, “pumpkin spice” is not unique to Halloween. Rather, you’ll find Pumpkin Spice items throughout the autumn season. If you can extend offers for the entire season, the more the better!

This doesn’t just work for restaurants either. Any business that has the ability to customize can change product names or add Halloween themes. Barbershops and salons can offer hair and makeup specials for the occasion, car washes can use orange soap, etc.

Think outside the box. How can you Halloween-ify your products?

Halloween themed menu

  1. Halloween-ify (is that a word?) a helpful guide

Businesses of all sizes love creating product guides as opt-in offers. You’ve seen them before, right? “Give us your email address and you can download our FREE ebook: 10 Reasons Why You Need X, Y, Z” right?

These guides are awesome and they’re a great way to build an email list (you’re keeping those email addresses, right?). However, let’s be honest: sometimes they can be a little ho-hum. If you want to boost your opt-ins, give your guide a Halloween makeover!

You know what’s more enticing than an ebook called “10 Rules On Investing For Your Retirement?” An ebook called” 10 Must-Know Tricks and Treats When Planning For Your Retirement.”

This can be done for other holidays as well:

  1. “Christmas Shopping When Saving For Retirement.”
  2. “What You Need to Know About Saving For Your Retirement in the New Year”
  3. “This Fourth of July, Declare Your Financial Independence.”

The best part? It can pretty much be the same content each time with a few little tweaks and formatting changes to make it themed to the holiday you’re celebrating. Reusing your content in creative ways? You’re approaching some next-level marketing stuff now.

Halloween guide

  1. Sponsor a holiday event

Halloween is all about the big events. Among them are parties, haunted houses, hayrides, zombie crawls and more. Just about every city holds one, if not more, during the Halloween season.

Some of these events are professionally financed. However, most high schools, community centers, and charities will run their own attractions during Halloween; and they’re ALWAYS looking for local businesses to get involved.

In exchange for your support, you’ll be able to promote your business to the local community. And if there’s one thing you know about haunted houses, they’re going to be jam-packed come October.

If you’re having trouble finding an event to get involved in, you can always start your own! Sure, a haunted house or a hayride can be expensive; but a pumpkin carving contest doesn’t have to be. Neither does a themed Halloween party which is a MUST for bars and/or restaurants.

Halloween event

  1. Give your store a Halloween makeover

Decorating for the holidays is a no-brainer but it doesn’t have to be limited to a physical store. Websites and social media channels can get a makeover too! A new cover photo (or video), some spooky music, etc. Even adding a few cobwebs or a jack-o-lantern to your logo can be fun!

Don’t be afraid to get into the Halloween spirit and have fun with it! Having your staff dress up is also a common way to celebrate. If you’re an online store, consider updating your company bios with photos of the staff all dressed up in their favorite Halloween costumes.

Halloween store makeover

  1. Give away treats with every purchase

Whether you’re a physical store or an online one, everyone loves a treat. This can be as simple as a package of Halloween candy or as elaborate as a goody bag filled with all sorts of treats for customers to enjoy.

If you want to get bold with it, have candy made special for your business with your logo on it and include it with every purchase. Want to up the stakes a little bit? Add a buyback coupon as well.

Above all else, make sure your customers KNOW that if they order during the promotional time, there’s a treat in store for them. There’s no use running a promotion if people don’t know about it! This is a great opportunity to use videos to promote your offering.

Halloween treats

  1. Host a Facebook contest

Costume contests aren’t the only way to get customers involved. There are plenty of Halloween themed contests to choose from! Ask your followers to give your logo a spooky makeover, take spooky pics using your products, or share pictures of them carving your logo into a pumpkin. The possibilities are endless.

Promote the contest well in advance and encourage customers to share the images with you on Facebook. This serves two great purposes.

  1. You’re getting customers engaged with your business page which increases organic reach and maks your content more likely to show up in more of your followers’ news feeds.
  2. User-generated content is a great way to keep your page fresh and updated.

It’s a win-win. All treat and no trick!

Halloween contest

  1. Send a Halloween themed Email

You are collecting email addresses, right? One of the biggest struggles for small businesses is filling their emails with content. A frequent question is “how often should I be emailing?” While there’s not really a number we can throw out, the simple answer is that you should email customers whenever you have something to tell them.

When it comes to Halloween, you’ll have something to tell them. Best of all, most email programs have awesome Halloween-themed templates; making it easier than ever to let your customers know just what tricks and treats you have in store for them this holiday!

Halloween mail

  1. Don’t forget AFTER Halloween!

The truth is, everyone’s going to run with one or more of these Halloween marketing ideas. Where a lot of your competitors will slack off, however, is the day (or week) AFTER Halloween. This is the calm after the storm and a great opportunity to you swoop in with a deal!

We all know the REAL Black Friday is the Friday after Halloween, right? Or did we just make that up? Either way, having a blowout sale or post-Halloween event can add a nice boost to your bottom line. Odds are you won’t be competing with anyone else.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still run with awesome Halloween promotions. However, don’t sleep on the post-holiday possibilities

  1. Get Hashtaggy with it

Around every holiday, the special hashtags come out. #Halloween #CostumeContest #HalloweenDeals and more will be trending on Twitter and across the world. When promoting your special, make sure your posts, images, and videos are properly hash-tagged to spread the word!

This works especially well for online businesses whose customers are more likely to be frequent internet users. However, it can work well for local businesses as well. Try some local hashtags such as #HalloweenNYC and help group your content and gear it towards a more local audience.

Halloween hashtag

  1. Be a trick-or-treat stop and don’t forget Mom & Pop

If you have a physical store, it’s always a great idea to let your customers know you’ll be waiting with the candy come Halloween! However, as great as it is for the kids, let’s not forget mom and dad!

The kids come for the candy, but mom and dad might want a glass of water or a quick snack while they rest their feet. Of course, they might also like a gift card, coupon, or discount code in their own Halloween basket as well. This serves a dual purpose.

  • If mom and dad know you’re providing candy and a place to rest, you’ll get mom and dad into the store at least once (on Halloween) where they might potentially buy something.
  • A coupon or gift card for a later visit increases the likelihood of them coming back at a later date.

12. Host a pumpkin scavenger hunt…. On your website

Scavenger hunts are fun and challenging for everyone. But hey, this is 2018 and we do these things online now. The rules are simple:

  1. “Hide” a certain number of pumpkin pictures/icons on your website across various pages
  2. Make sure to include a few on pages that are desirable such as your rewards program page or the product page for your best-selling product.
  3. Challenge your customers to visit your site and find as many as they can.
  4. Whoever finds the most, wins!

There can be more than one winner, of course. Or, if no one finds them all you can select the closest guesses as winners. Prizes can range from discounts to free items to coupons, and more.

And, of course, what you’ve really done is promote your website and get your customers to spend some time scouring your product pages with earnest, perhaps reading about products or services they hadn’t noticed before.

  1. Share holiday content

Whatever Halloween marketing ideas you go with, don’t forget to PROMOTE them! Any event or deal that isn’t promoted is a waste. Since it’s Halloween, you’ll want to theme your marketing content. This includes posts, pictures, and of course; video!

Create a spooktacular video to advertise your contest, promotion, or sale. It’s great for running video ads to drum up interest and opt-in no matter what your plans are. Here is an entire collection of ready-made video templates for your Halloween marketing.

Here are just a few examples of scary Halloween videos that you can share:

Halloween video ad template

Halloween video ad template

Halloween video ad template

So there you have it! 13 awesome Halloween marketing ideas for you to choose from. It’s still early enough to get everything ready and make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to capitalize on this unique and exciting holiday.

Whichever Halloween marketing idea you go with, make sure to plan and promote it using awesomely-themed stock video content, in your email marketing, and however, else you communicate with your customers. Snag Promo Halloween templates to make your video marketing efforts super simple.

This year, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. With the ideas above, you’re ready to make a treat out of this tricky holiday.


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