29 Online Marketing Tools You Must Try

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
June 5, 2018 · 8 min read

A decade ago, Apple first coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that” to help them sell their brand new iPhone. But the true power in this saying was the idea that humans were preparing for a tech revolution. It was coming to a point where online tools were readily accessible to everyone.

Today, there are more platforms to run video and online marketing, automate your conversion process, and manage your sales funnels than Apple could have ever had an app for. The internet of things grows at an exponential rate and it seems the second you dream it up, there’s a developer waiting to make it happen.

Why Online Marketing?

Technology is coming at us full force and soon the legacy ways of marketing will be obsolete. It’s important to gather the tools you intend to use and educate yourself now before the internet is flooded. To understand the current value of online marketing, here are a few numbers to think about:

These metrics are just a small example of the importance of video marketing. It’s the staple in every online marketing professional’s toolbox.

In fact, 87% of online marketers use video content regularly. To save time and get more done, marketers rely on their trusted online tools. Automation is the key to efficiency and you need to know which platforms really do the work.

Here are the top 25 most popular online marketing tools the web has to offer:

Social Media Tools

1. Social Mention

Social Mention keeps an eye on your social media presence. It helps you to actively engage in social listening. It monitors the four biggest online marketing metrics:

  • Strength
  • Sentiment
  • Passion
  • Reach

The tool is fairly simple. You just plug in any keyword (try your brand first) and go.

social mention

2. Facebook Page Insights

Everyone using Facebook for online or video marketing needs to use Facebook Page Insights. This is where all the key metrics are stored for analytics purposes. It’s a special tool that gives you an idea about how your competition’s audience interacts with their content.

Facebook Help Center

3. Hootsuite

This social media management tool is essential for the busy business owner. After you have written and produced quality content, sites like Hootsuite allow you to set and schedule your posts to go live at your discretion. Load up the queue for weeks or months at a time so you can worry about more important things. They also have a nifty set of analytics to let you know which platforms to focus on.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

4. Keyword Tool

Keywords are everything in SEO. They literally are SEO. Use Keyword Tool to view lists of keywords relevant to your target audience. Then use those to spur relevant online marketing campaigns.

keyword tool

5. Google Analytics

Not using Google Analytics? Where’ve you been? It’s time. It comes jam-packed with metrics galore. Use it to track highly specific and relevant online marketing conversion goals. Connect it to your WordPress site and get your stats via their plug-in.

wordpress plugin

6. Similar Web

SimilarWeb lets you compare traffic data between your website and any other website online to let you see what’s happening over at your competition’s front door.

similar web

7. SEO Powersuite

Are you looking for one SEO tool that can handle all areas of your SEO strategy? Then SEO Powersuite might be the tool for you. 

They roll four tools into one package by giving you access to SEO Spyglass, LinkAssistant, Website Auditor, and Rank Tracker. Just take a look at this review to find out more.

8. Ahrefs

If you want to build a powerful link building strategy, there’s no better tool than Ahrefs. Although it can handle areas like site audits and keyword research, it’s the best feature is the extensive backlink index. This tool is used by most superstar SEO names because of the sheer power it holds.

9. SEMRush


This is the tool to use if you need to spy on your competitors. You see, it shows you all the data they wish you couldn’t see.By using this information, you can overtake your competitors and take the top ranking spots for yourself. Features include tools for keyword research, site auditing, link building, on-page SEO, and much more. Which makes this SEO tool something you shouldn’t miss out on.

10. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the best tool on the market for crafting perfectly optimized content. The tool uses over 500 on-page SEO ranking signals to audit what’s ranking right now. It will then show you everything you need to hit the number one spot.

You can also audit your existing pages, the best thing is the changes have automatic effects. There really is no better tool for content optimization.

Content Marketing Tools


Spredfast is an awesome analytics tool that enables you to take the proverbial temperature of any of your ad campaigns. Find out how effective it is when compared to previous ones. Then adjust based on performance.


12. Promo.com

Create videos instantly on the Promo video creation platform. With over 12.5 million videos and counting, users can choose from thousands of templates, state-of-the-art music, and even personalize and brand videos themselves for every business.


13. Piktochart

Piktochart helps you make super-engaging infographics for your video marketing and ad campaigns. Wharton School of Business conducted a study that determined 67% of a digital audience was convinced by a presentation containing infographics, compared to only 50% who were convinced by data presented as text.


14. Visage

Visage empowers you to express each of your creative thoughts and develop breathtaking visuals that resonate with your audience. Add these graphics to your website, ads, or share them on social media.


15. Headline Analyzer

Headlines are one of the most vital elements of writing. A good one has power. Be it a blog post, news clip, or YouTube vid, use Headline Analyzer to choose the hook you need to score the biggest possible audience.


16. Hemmingway App

Hemmingway App encourages leaner writing by highlighting unnecessary or overly-fancy words, difficult-to-read sentences, and grammatical influxes using color codes. The app helps you make your blog posts more reader-friendly and within readability guidelines.

headline analyzer

17. Grammarly

Grammarly exists because most of us can’t afford personal editors to keep embarrassing typos and mistakes away. It combines the portability of a spell-checker with the eagle eyes of a skilled, seasoned human editor. Also, the basic version is free. Can’t beat that!


18. Evernote

Evernote is a dream-tool for online marketing. It’s a note-taking app that keeps everything, like your research notes, lists of resources, to-do stuff, etc. all nice and tidy across devices. Sort your items into digital notes, notebooks, or stacks. Keep your sanity.


Email Marketing Tools


19. Freshmail

Freshmail offers streamlined email templates that are unique and original. It’s the perfect site for those less design-inclined.


20. Ryan Solutions Social Link Sharing Builder

Combine your social and email marketing with Ryan Solutions Social Link Sharing Builder. You can encourage content sharing right from email.


21. PutsMail

PutsMail shows you what your HTML-coded emails look like upon arriving at a recipient’s inbox. It’s a great email marketing sidekick.


22. MailChimp

MailChimp is a nifty CRM tool that includes a Subject Line Reader. Most of its features are available for free and they offer thousands of fun templates.


Measurement Tools

23. Cyfe

If you operate more than one site and really want a central location to keep it all straight, Cyfe is for you. It makes organizing, storing, sorting, and monitoring elements easier.


24. Scoop.It

Scoop.It is a content curation and analytics tool designed to help move marketing efforts forward by giving users social data, comments, shares, visitors, and more. It also integrates nicely with Google Analytics. A super plus.


25. Countly

Oftentimes, commerce companies want to know exactly when a customer made a purchase. Countly provides streamlined, real-time dashboards that report purchases the second they occur.


Research Tools

26. SpyFu

SpyFu is a competitor-research tool that spits out your competition’s most profitable keywords. Use them to increase traffic to your site.


27. FollowerWonk

Find relevant Twitter users in your niche and start your influencer marketing strategy today with FollowerWonk. It’s perfectly within Twitter’s rules.

follower wonk

28. QuickSprout

With QuickSprout, you can open a window into websites similar to yours to help you stay ahead of the competition. Simply enter their URL and sit back. The app will give you all the specs you need!quick sprout


29. Brand24

With Brand24, you’ll always know what’s being said about you across the internet in real-time. Get instant access to online mentions, social mentions, reviews. This software allows you to immediately follow up on positive comments and respond to dissatisfied customers before the story gets ahead of you.

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