6 Christmas Videos by Promo Users That Jingle Inspiration

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
December 15, 2021 · 7 min read

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest time of year for businesses. While you aim to make the most of your content creation and holiday communications this year, it may be a little challenging to find inspiration. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’re going to give you some video inspiration that will motivate you to get started and get creative. While we’d love to take the credit for these standout projects, we’re proud to say that we’re not the ones that created them – YOU are! 

To spark motivation this holiday season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Christmas videos created by our Promo users. Let’s look at some of them and explore why they work so well!

Send A Meal


SendaMeal.com serves prepared gourmet meals delivered straight to your doorstep. The company is based in Colorado and has distribution facilities all around the US. Send Meal partners with some of the biggest names in gourmet food, and their main goal is to bring the best-prepared food to various locations. 

If you visit SendaMeal.com, you’ll notice one thing front and center – this video! 

The company decided to use this promotional video as the homepage of their website. Talk about a Merry Christmas!

Why We Loved it

Send a Meal’s primary goal is to, well, send gourmet meals right to their customer’s doorstep. Instead of spending big bucks on an in-house production for their Christmas campaign, they choose to create a professional holiday video tailored to their needs with Promo. The company browsed through Promo’s photo and video library to find the right Christmas footage for them – and they nailed it! The visuals selected for this video perfectly display the company’s goal, and the result is as if they shot the entire ad themselves.  

All the food clips that were picked are holiday-themed (turkey, cookies), and the way the company decided to depict the notion of “arrival” (Santa bringing in gifts) perfectly represents the magic of Christmas. 

Bonus points: Send a Meal was sure to add their watermark to each frame! Send a Meal’s outro has everything we could ever dream of in an outro here at Promo. The video’s purpose is to promote a holiday discount while looking like a high-level big brand production. 



Postum is a powdered roasted brain beverage consumed as a coffee substitute. It’s a caffeine-free beverage created in 1895 by Post Cereal Company founder C.W Post. Incredible history, right? 

Postum has been using Promo to share videos on their Facebook page, promoting their product, and driving engagement all year long. 

Why We Loved it

Postum created a holiday video fit for the big guys – you know, the commercials you see on TV! The aesthetic footage that was chosen conveys the image that the beverage company hired a production company to create this commercial fit for television. The ad instills that feeling of warmth you get when you’re snug on the couch sipping a cup of Postum when in reality, the business found the perfect footage on Promo. The short video invites viewers in, giving them a homey, Christmassy feel, all the while tying the audience back to their selling point. 

That’s the power of Promo; it allows businesses the ability to create and share professional promotional videos in a matter of minutes. Our video and photo library has all the footage a business needs to make a standout, professional holiday video, the way Postum did here. 

Webster University – Vienna

Webster Vienna Private University is a private American university located in Vienna, Austria. While affiliated with Webster University in St. Louis, USA, the university remains a separate institution.

Webster Vienna has a strong social media presence, sharing campus updates and university news.

Why We Loved it

Well, how can you not love this video? The 10-second informative video is a campus update concerning Covid-19 regulations – featuring Santa! Webster University needed to convey a message – quick – and created a short-form video doing precisely that. Instead of putting on a whole production to create this video, they used footage from our stock library, added their watermark and unique text, and shared it with their students! This is an excellent use-case of an informative and professional video created with Promo.

The versatile video can be used in email communications, social media, and even communicated through televisions throughout campus. Using footage of Santa wearing a mask is the perfect way to draw engagement and convey the university’s message this holiday season!

HomeBased Realty


As their name suggests, HomeBased Realty is a California-based real estate company. The company focuses less energy on its brick-and-mortar presence. HomeBased Realty concentrates its efforts on a much more significant virtual presence using the internet and cloud technology.

HomeBased Realty uses Promo videos to elevate its social media presence, especially on its Facebook page. 

Why We Loved it

While we’re used to seeing many promotional videos around Christmas, the holidays are also an excellent time to drive engagement. HomeBased Realty nailed it! Though they’re reaching out and wishing viewers a Merry Christmas, they’re also raising brand awareness and connecting with present and potential customers. 

A Christmas greeting like the one HomeBased Realty created is suitable for almost every form of communication small businesses maintain during the holiday season. The video can be easily downloaded and shared on the business’s website, sent through email communications, or posted to social media pages to reach a larger audience. 



Hospitality, quality, and efficiency are the three words that Brovado uses to describe themselves. They’re also the three words we’re going to use to describe their “Gift for Dad” video.

The barbershop strives to bring a sense of community and personal connection that were once the core of traditional barbershops. All this being said, it makes sense their holiday videos would focus on a gift for your ol’ man! 

Why We Loved it

This is a perfect example of what small businesses can do with Promo during the holidays. The video was short, informative, and attention-grabbing. The structure of this video makes it easy to share on all social media platforms, whether it be Instagram stories or on the business’s Facebook page. 

The River Cruise King


The River Cruise King, also known as Dave, loves what he does, and he isn’t afraid to show it. The tour guide, travel agent, and river cruise specialist loves world travel, experiences, and bringing people together. His life has been one great adventure, and he wants to bring you on his next!

Dave has been using Promo to showcase his business in several ways. The tour guide has used our video editor to create the “about me” on his website, promotional videos, informative videos, and of course, holiday videos. He’s become a star at using ready-made templates and making them his own, as well as creating videos using his materials. 

Why We Loved it

The River Cruise King used one of Promo’s ready-made Christmas templates for this one. That being said, he made it his own. The template showcasing the “dos and don’ts of holiday gifting” was created by our creative specialists. But it was then upgraded by Dave! This is an excellent use case of Promo’s holiday templates; Dave found one that suited his holiday message and made it his own. He added his brand, custom texts, and footage and quickly turned the template into a River Cruise King video. 

You Can Create Amazing Holiday Videos Too!

As you can see through these videos, the power of Promo is that no matter what industry your business is in, we have the tools you need to create an engaging holiday video. From holiday text styles and fonts to festive footage, the Promo users featured in this post used the tools and features we provide while keeping their unique audiences in mind. Have a Promo user’s video you think we should see? Send it over!

Happy Holidays and happy video creation from all of us at Promo! 

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