6 Kinds of Videos Every SaaS Company Should Be Making

John Allen - Guest Writer
By John Allen - Guest Writer
June 7, 2021 · 6 min read

As video content continues to prove as an immensely powerful marketing tool, SaaS companies are discovering the benefit of using videos to supercharge their marketing. Videos can be fantastically helpful when it comes to increasing conversions and tend to reach a significantly larger audience than photos or text-based posts.

In the hands of SaaS companies, videos can be one of the most flexible, versatile means for connecting with customers. They can be used to show off products, boost sales in a range of industries, or resolve queries – as well as plenty of other things.

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It might be difficult to decide which kinds of videos your SaaS company should focus on creating. That’s why we’ve assembled a list featuring the six most important types of videos for SaaS companies to make.

Explanatory Videos

Videos are an excellent tool to demonstrate how something works. This is especially true for SaaS companies. Even the most intuitive pieces of software will have features that aren’t immediately evident.

By providing videos that explain exactly how to use your software, you’ll ensure that you improve the customer experience by reducing confusion and increasing access to all of your software’s features. 

Customers will be less likely to need help, which ensures that they will feel that their needs are being catered to. This in turn boosts customer loyalty. Additionally, customers will be more likely to feel that they had a personalized experience with your brand, making it much more relatable.

Social Media Videos

SaaS companies should invest time and effort in their social media marketing strategy, which of course includes building a strong social media presence. Creating videos specifically for this purpose is the perfect way to help make this happen. Social media is a great way to reach out to consumers using engaging videos.

The vast majority of your customers spend time on social media. When they see videos while they’re scrolling that showcase, for example, how helpful tools like Workplace can be, that information will stick with them. This is especially true if they’re already searching for alternatives to Workplace, which your brand can find out by partnering with data companies.

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In this way, you can ensure that you’re crafting social media video content that’s being shown to potential leads. This helps drive conversions to turn leads into loyal customers.

Reviews and Testimonials

When presented with many companies, how can consumers effectively choose which one they should opt for? The answer is simple: reviews from customers of each company will often tell them which one suits their needs best.

By creating user testimonial videos, your SaaS company can demonstrate how happy your software makes your current customers. It can also build trust with new clients, who will be more ready to trust your software when they can verify that other people benefit from using it.

By featuring the faces of the reviewers as well as their words, you’ll demonstrate to prospects that the reviews are authentic. This kind of social proof further builds trust among prospective clients, thereby encouraging them to interact with your software.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are particularly useful for landing pages, but can also be used to encourage customers to, for example, try out a new tool. A promotional video would include details about the tool and emphasize the fact that it’s free, driving customers to try it out for themselves.

Promotional videos can also be used for collaborative marketing strategies. For example, if your business is partnering with an organization like Shopify, then it’s a good idea to create videos to boost traffic to that website. You can do this by promoting the success of Shopify eCommerce ventures, for example. This would help to drive viewers who are interested in eCommerce to look into Shopify as an avenue for this.

Company Messaging 

Any SaaS company has its own motto, core set of beliefs, and/or overall message. Videos are the perfect medium to communicate these to your target audience.

For example, is your company all about effective team collaboration and productive teamwork? You can convince your audience of this more effectively by showing them, rather than merely telling them. 

If your goal is to demonstrate how your software encourages this core value, your resulting video would involve users of your software working harmoniously together thanks to your product.

In other words, message videos help to give your brand a sense of authenticity. This is because they serve as physical proof of your company embodying the values it advocates.

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FAQ or problem-solving videos

Finally, your SaaS company should be putting effort into creating excellent customer service videos. These could come in the form of, for example, FAQ resolution or troubleshooting. They can broadly overlap with demonstrational videos, though customer service videos should be focused less on advertising your software and more on resolving any issues that arise.

By offering these kinds of videos, you’ll show your consumers that you care about their needs. Customer service videos are a chance to help your customers before anything has even gone wrong, which stops them from feeling frustrated and greatly reduces how many of them need to get in touch with your customer service team. This also results in a more effective and efficient customer service experience for everyone involved.

Things to keep in mind

While each of these video types is helpful and indeed necessary for successful SaaS companies to continue to grow their business, it does not necessarily mean that more is better. You should aim to put out only highly-polished, visually pleasing, and engaging video content. That way, your videos will easily stand out from other branded video content.

Furthermore, when your brand becomes known for its quality video content, your marketing campaigns will benefit as a result. This is because consumers will know that your business only promotes excellent video content. This will drive engagement and ensure that any marketing projects go over well with your audience.

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John Allen - Guest Writer

John Allen, Director, Global SEO at RingCentral, a global UCaaS, VoIP and contact center software provider. He has over 14 years of experience and an extensive background in building and optimizing digital marketing programs. He has written for websites such as Hubspot and Toolbox.

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