7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Tips for 2024

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
November 25, 2023 · 7 min read

In 2021, Black Friday spending in the United States reached a whopping $8.9 billion. This goes to show that Black Friday (and its online sister Cyber Monday) is a massive shopping occasion during which buyers are actively looking for deals and ready to spend both online and in person. This makes it a can’t-miss opportunity for your business to gain revenue by making a strategic Black Friday marketing push. 

So how can you plan and execute a smart Black Friday marketing strategy for 2022? Read on to learn all of the necessary best practices you’ll need to know to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

What Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Occurring on the day after Thanksgiving every year, Black Friday has emerged in the past century as a day marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Although it’s primarily an American shopping holiday, Black Friday has gone global and is increasing in popularity worldwide.

To take advantage of the Black Friday shopping rush, it’s become commonplace for retailers to open early, even at midnight on the night of Thanksgiving, and offer promotions and discounts to entice holiday shoppers. 

Cyber Monday is a digital-age offshoot of Black Friday occurring on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It’s essentially the online equivalent of Black Friday, allowing shoppers to enjoy discounts and deals without having to face the infamous in-store Black Friday rush.

Both of these occasions have emerged as key marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes, brick and mortar and online alike. 

Why Black Friday Marketing Matters

For marketers, Black Friday is often viewed as one of the most important marketing occasions of the year. There are a few reasons why.

First of all, shoppers simply spend more money on Black Friday. The demand is there, and smart businesses will make an effort to capture it rather than losing it to their competitors.

Second, it has become extremely commonplace to offer Black Friday discounts to the point that not doing so may be seen as unusual. Your audience is most likely expecting a deal and there may even be customers waiting until Black Friday to make their purchase from you.

Beyond this, Black Friday is also a great opportunity for more than just making sales. This occasion gives you the chance to re-engage prior customers and grow your following on social media or your email list for ongoing marketing use. 

The bottom line? Marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a no-brainer. 

Black Friday Marketing Tips and Strategies for 2022

It’s clear that making a marketing push in advance of Black Friday is important, but how do you do so wisely and strategically in order to get the best return on your investment? Below, we review the best tips for Black Friday marketing in 2022.

1. Market in Advance 

The most important thing you need to know about Black Friday marketing is that it pays to start early. While some customers make impulse purchases on Black Friday, many plan their shopping ahead of time, deciding which discounts are worthwhile and which retailers to prioritize. By planning ahead and starting to market early, you’ll be able to ensure that customers add you to their list of retailers to visit. 

2. Create Urgency and FOMO

The most effective marketing approaches take into consideration the psychology behind shoppers’ decision-making. That’s the idea behind the strategies of urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity, all of which are great at making potential customers take action.

Urgency means creating a sense that time is running out and the customer has to act now in order to take advantage of a deal. You can utilize urgency by offering temporary discounts and using terms like:

  • Now
  • Hurry
  • One time only
  • Last chance
  • Before it’s gone
  • Today only
  • Limited time
  • Instant

Scarcity is the idea that there is a limited number of products available, making customers feel that they need to hurry up and make a purchase before what they want is gone. Scarcity marketing emphasizes the limited availability of things, using terms like:

  • Only ___ left
  • Low stock
  • Limited availability
  • While stock lasts
  • Limited edition

Finally, exclusivity is the feeling that a deal or product is available only to some people, increasing its perceived value. You can use terms like:

  • Online only
  • Exclusive access
  • Join now
  • Invitation only
  • VIP
  • Private club

3. Go All Week

While Black Friday started as a single day, it has since expanded to be longer in nature. With the addition of Cyber Monday, Black Friday goes at least for as long as the entire long weekend. And, with the addition of early bird offers and last-minute deals, many retailers end up offering Black Friday promotions for at least a week or longer. By stretching out Black Friday, you’ll be able to encourage even more sales.

4. Go All In On Offers

The number one marketing angle for Black Friday is the deals. Shoppers seek out the biggest discounts and the best offers, so give your audience what they want by offering some genuinely competitive sales. For example, 10% off clearance items is a pretty lukewarm sale. But 50% off the entire store is more likely to get customers excited and reaching for their wallets.

Further, remember that there are many different types of Black Friday offers you can offer including:

  • Giveaways
  • Discounts
  • Rewards for minimum spending
  • Free gift with purchase 
  • Product bundles 

5. Use Video Marketing

One of the most popular modern marketing channels, video has a special ability to engage customers, appealing to their emotions and engaging multiple senses at once. This makes short social media videos a must-have addition to any 2022 Black Friday marketing plan. 

Best of all, they’re now easier to make than ever with online video maker tools like Promo allowing you to quickly drag-and-drop together a professional-looking video in only minutes. 

Not sure what types of videos to make? There are so many options for Black Friday, including:

  • A gift guide of your products giving your customers ideas for what to buy their loved ones
  • An announcement of your Black Friday offer
  • A video kicking off a contest or giveaway 

To save even more time with your Black Friday marketing videos, consider using one of Promo’s pre-made Black Friday and Cyber Monday video templates. Just customize and add your own branding and you’re ready to post! Even better, use Promo’s scheduling tool to plan your campaign in advance so that everything is set and ready to post ahead of time.

6. Use Social Shopping

One of the newer and most exciting tools available to businesses for Black Friday marketing in 2022 is social shopping. Certain social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok allow people to shop directly from a post on their network, reducing the steps a potential customer has to make to complete a purchase. This makes it easier than ever for customers to buy your products when looking at your socials. increasing sales.

Some tips that will help you make the most out of social media marketing this Black Friday include:

  • Use relevant, timely hashtags to get your posts seen by more viewers
  • Schedule your posts ahead of time to reduce marketing stress
  • Offer exclusive discounts for your social media followers (Remember the exclusivity strategy we mentioned in tip #2 above?)

7. Grow Your Email List

As we mentioned above, your Black Friday marketing efforts can go even further than just helping you make sales during this one week. You can also use them to set yourself up for future marketing success by leveraging Black Friday as an opportunity to grow your email list. By offering special deals for people who sign up for your VIP or rewards program, you’ll be able to capture customer contact details and add them to your email list. This way, you can continue to market to these potential customers long after Black Friday is over.

Get Ready, Black Friday Is Coming

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, there’s no better time to start planning your marketing strategy. With the right approach, you’ll be able to position your business to make massive Black Friday sales in 2022. 

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