7 Kinds of Videos Every HR Department Should Be Using

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
February 21, 2022 · 17 min read

As a human resources professional, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Between overseeing recruiting and interviewing, leading hiring and training, supporting employees, and managing company policies, there’s no shortage of tasks to do and goals to accomplish.

On top of all that, surveys show that employees not only want to be kept up-to-date with the company’s latest news, but it can heavily impact their decision whether to stay part of the company or look for other opportunities. Developing an easy, fast, and functional communications system in 2022, is therefore essential.

The good news: there is one tool that you can use to help make achieving many of your outcomes and communicating with employees easier: videos.

From Recruiting to Retention – Video Can Be a Game-Changer

Video is a powerful tool for telling your company’s story and providing information. One of the most exciting things about the medium (as opposed to email or slack communication) is that it allows you and other stakeholders to get creative. While discovering new and inventive ways to use this powerful medium to help you do your job is part of the fun, we also know that for a busy HR professional, it can also be a little challenging. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and come up with a list of ways you can use video in your HR department.

Check them out below and see which you might want to incorporate into your organization to benefit from the power of video. We’ll also share how you can use Promo’s video maker to make videos part of your ongoing company communication more efficiently than ever. Here are the seven types of video every HR department needs!

Videos for Recruiting Talent

One of the most essential functions of a human resources department is to recruit new employees that will be an excellent fit for the company. In many ways, recruitment is like marketing, with the goal of reaching many people and persuading them of your company’s appeal. 

Well, if video marketing can help increase sales – which 80% of marketers report it does – it can also sell your company to potential new employees. Indeed, job listings with videos have a 34% higher application rate than those that don’t. 

So if you want to appeal to new hires and encourage people to apply for the open positions at your company, here are just a few of the ways that you can use video to do so.

Promo tip: To make sure that the people viewing your recruitment videos actually go on to apply for a job afterward, include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the video encouraging them to do so. Don’t forget to include your company logo and website link if videos are shared between potential hires. 

Open Positions

First, you can use videos to update potential hires about which positions are open at your company. This can be in the form of either a weekly or monthly video. You announce the open positions in a general overview or more granular videos about each available position going into detail about the position’s requirements, responsibilities, and how to apply. These video types can be posted on your company’s website and your social media pages, and the more granular video type can be included in job listings.

Use this template 

Employee Testimonials

You can persuade people to apply to work for your company is to create a video of employee testimonials. You include clips of current employees sharing why they love working at the company. 

Employer Branding

Another type of video you can make for recruitment is videos that show off your company and why it’s so great to work for. This is an excellent opportunity to flaunt your fun company culture, your great benefits, your critical company mission, your social impact – whatever it is that sets your company apart and makes it worth applying to work for.

Orientation & Onboarding

Now that you’ve gotten all of those new talents interested in joining your company, it’s time to actually hire and onboard some of them!

This can be a pretty repetitive process, requiring you to sit down and explain the same things to each new hire over and over again. So why not streamline the process and make your job easier by creating videos that will do it for you instead? 

After all, there’s a reason why 80% of respondents to an enterprise survey believed that video would have a positive impact on making the onboarding process smoother for new employees. 

Using video can be more engaging for the new employee, save time for the HR professional, and ensure all critical information is always communicated consistently and accurately. An additional bonus for new employees is that instead of being overwhelmed with soaking up all of this new information at once, they can lean on these videos in the future if they miss it the first time around! 

Promo tip: The biggest challenge with onboarding videos will be keeping your audience’s attention even while relaying quite a bit of information. One of the best ways to make even the most informative videos interesting and engaging is to use images and music. That being said, make sure your music doesn’t have any lyrics, as these can distract from the important information you’re sharing. Promo’s music library offers many instrumental songs to keep your onboarding videos interesting without distracting from the main point.

Looking to give new hires critical information they’ll need about the company? Here are some videos you can create to that end.

Benefits and Perks

Your new hires probably can’t wait to hear about all of the benefits and perks they get to enjoy as an employee of your organization, so why not get them even more excited about it by creating engaging videos that share all of the details about the benefits you offer?

Employee Handbook Overview

While you may ask new hires to read their employee handbook all the way through the front to back, many people might prefer to get that same information in video form, as 83% of people prefer watching a video to access information rather than just text or audio. Creating a video overview of your employee handbook is a great way to increase the chances that employees will really process that important information.

Company Policies

Are there any fundamental company policies, procedures, or processes that you usually go over as part of the onboarding process? Making a video explaining these can streamline the process.

Training Videos

From the training you do when a new hire is first joining the company to ongoing training that employees continue to do throughout their time with your organization, training is a huge part of what HR departments do.

And if you’re not using video yet as part of your employee training, it’s a great time to start: a massive 98% of enterprise organizations believe that video is valuable for training employees better and faster. 

See, video not only reduces training costs – Microsoft was able to take their per-person training cost down from $320 to $17 by switching to video – but it is also the preferred method of learning for 66% of people. Plus, using video for training can improve retention, as people tend to remember only 20% of what they read, compared to 80% of what they see. 

The possibilities for training videos are endless, including:

New Tools & Software 

Will your employees need to use particular tools for things like enrolling in benefits, requesting time off, and internal communications? Video is a great way to introduce the tools and software and explain how to set up and get started with these tools.

Work from Home Tips and Etiquette 

As 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 say they work remotely occasionally, working from home has become a significant gamechanger for many companies. While the workday has stayed the same, employees have had to adjust to remote workstations, and company meetings have shifted to video. Make remote work more manageable for employees by creating videos that include tips, guidelines, and workplace etiquette while working from home.    

Use this template

Ongoing Training

Do you want to help upskill your employees by offering training on soft skills and other core tasks? Offering video training is a great way to maintain ongoing learning in your organization. 

Diversity and Inclusion

With corporations identified as diverse and inclusive being 35% more likely to outperform their competitors and 69% of executives rating diversity and inclusion as an essential issue, diversity and inclusion training for employees are becoming standard. Like all training, these can benefit by being done in video format.

Video pro tip: Diversity and inclusion efforts go beyond a single D&I training at the start of each employee’s tenure. It’s important to make ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion throughout your organization. One small step you can take to create a more inclusive company culture is ensuring that your videos always showcase a diverse group of people. Promo’s footage library powered by Getty Images offers plenty of inclusive footage to use in your videos so that everybody feels included.

New Hires

Hiring a new employee is exciting news for the new hire and their soon-to-be co-workers alike! If you want to facilitate a smooth and friendly transition for your new hires onto their new team, you can create videos that will introduce them to one another. One of the reasons video is so compelling is because it can create a personal connection even from a distance. Here are a few ideas as to how to bring your company’s employees together even when they are remote. 

Video Welcome

Sending a new hire a video greeting welcoming them to the company is a great way to make a brand-new employee feel at home in the organization. 

Use this template

Team-specific Welcome

Every work team can create a welcome video to send to new and future team members. These can include introductions to the team members and any critical information that a new member of the team will want to know. Give your teams free reign to make these videos, and you’ll be sure to see some fun results.

Employee Introductions

A demanding part of employee onboarding is helping new employees blend into the company. Ask each newly-hired team member to create an introductory video to share with everyone at the company. Existing employees can comment on these videos and quickly get to know new hires! It’s a great icebreaker!

Use this template

Who’s Who

One of the challenging parts of integrating into a new company is getting to know all of your new co-workers and their names. Make a little easier on your new hires by creating a video that introduces them to the company’s staff, including a photo and a short bio for each person.

Company Culture

As you probably already know, company culture is essential. 46% of job seekers consider it a determining factor when evaluating a company, with employees who don’t like their organization’s culture being 24% more likely to quit. 

In addition to building a solid company culture, HR can play a significant role in making sure that said culture is visible to new hires and potential new recruits. And with video being a perfect tool for storytelling and engaging viewers emotionally through photos, video, and music, here are some of the ways you can use video to display your incredible company culture.

Promo tip: While Promo is known for its video footage library with millions of photos and videos, you can also easily upload your own footage to Promo’s video maker to personalize your company culture videos with footage taken in your office and at your events. 

Company Values

Values are a huge part of company culture. Use a video to put them at the forefront, so every new hire knows what values they are expected to uphold in their conduct within the organization. 


Does your company throw significant events that make employees feel appreciated and help build relationships between co-workers? Consider creating video recaps of these events showing footage of your employees enjoying themselves and having fun. 

Day in the Life

If somebody is considering working for your company, there is no better way to give them a sense of what it will be like than to create a day in the life video following one of the organization’s employees as they go about their day-to-day tasks. These can be a great opportunity to showcase your company’s perks, friendly people, inspiring offices, and more.

Employee Appreciation Videos

With employee engagement being a significant factor in retention and performance, companies often wonder how to improve engagement. Well, when asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents to one survey said: “give recognition.”

And in addition to helping engagement, appreciation and recognition are incredibly motivating, with 78% of employees reporting that being recognized motivates them in their job and 69% saying they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized.

These are quick yet effective ways to recognize employees when there is something to congratulate or appreciate them. Some options to consider include:

Promotion Announcement

There are few things as satisfying and rewarding as receiving a promotion at work. You can make it even sweeter for your employees by sending them a quick video congratulating them on their promotion and even sharing it to celebrate their achievement with the company.

Outstanding Achievement

Sometimes, employees do things to go above and beyond for the company. Whenever one of these occasions comes around, sending a quick video thanking your employees for their contribution will go a long way in helping them see that their achievements are noticed and appreciated. 

Use this template

Birthday & Special days Greetings

Everybody deserves to be recognized on their special days. A happy birthday video or a happy anniversary video is a quick and easy yet meaningful way to make employees feel appreciated. You can also go as far as to give your employees a special birthday or anniversary treat and let them go home early on their special day!

Use this template

Work Anniversary

Has an employee stayed with the company for one, five, or even ten years? Thank them for their loyalty and recognize their achievement by sharing the milestone on the company slack channel or FB group.

Promo tip: While you might be sending out lots of birthday videos every week, taking a moment to personalize each one with your employees’ names and dedicated footage can make a big difference in helping them feel truly recognized and appreciated. Promo’s video templates are easy to edit and personalize so that each of your videos has its personal touch.

Internal Communication

One more thing you’re required to do as an HR professional keeps your workforce up to date about changes in the company. As 60% of companies lack an internal communications strategy, you’ll want to ensure you’re not a part of that whopping statistic. Improve your company’s internal communications using video. While you can send out a simple text-based email or call a company meeting to tell people about updates in person, videos might be a better option. Plus, your employees will be happy to have saved time by watching a video instead of going to a meeting.

So next time there is a substantial change or something to announce, consider doing it through one of these types of videos: 

Policy Changes

Is there a change to a company policy that your employees need to know about? Explain it in a video to make sure that they fully understand all of the relevant points that have changed.

Personnel Changes

Whenever your company sees a significant change to big personnel, like people in the C-suite, your employees will probably want to know. Video is a great way to share this update.

Video Invitations

Do you have a big company-wide event coming up that you want to invite your employees to? Sending a video invitation can be a sweet, engaging way to do so.

Use this template

Regular Report

If you like to keep your employees up to date with weekly, monthly, or even quarterly reports about what is going on with the company, video is a great way to deliver this information. 

Survey Results

If you did a company-wide survey and want to report the results to your workforce, video is a great, visual way to share what might be otherwise dry statistics and numbers.

Company Goals

All employees should stay up to date about company goals, so if you have any changes, consider notifying your workforce via video.

Use this template

Video Updates from the CEO

It’s always nice to hear updates directly from the CEO of your company, but CEOs are often too busy to get quality one-on-one time in with every employee. Sending video updates is a great way to build a personal connection while saving time.

5 Tips for Creating Winning HR Videos With Promo

Now that you’ve read about all of the exciting ways to begin to use video in your HR department and are feeling inspired to make your first video, here are some tips you can use to help create engaging, compelling videos using Promo’s easy HR video maker.

Make use of Promo’s huge footage library

While there may be instances that you have your own original footage that you want to include in your videos, at other times, you may not have anything that works. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a massive stock footage library of over 110 million photos and videos that you can easily add to your videos.

Add royalty-free music

Music is a great way to make videos much more exciting and engaging to watch. It can get a bit tricky, though, as you won’t be able to use most music in your videos without coming up against licensing and other legal issues. But Promo has a library of pre-approved music that you can use in any of your videos without having to worry about getting the right licenses. 

Get stylish with Promo’s text styles

Including text in your videos is a great way to get your message across, and Promo makes it easy to make your text look professional and engaging with our text styles. Created by a professional design team, these captions make your video eye-catching without requiring you to be a designer yourself.

Add your company’s branding

When you’re making HR videos, you’re often sharing specific company information, which means you don’t want your videos to be confused as belonging to any other organization. Promo can help you add clear branding to your videos through logos, fonts, colors, and watermarks so that all of your videos are clearly visually associated with you.

Use ready-made HR video templates

As much as videos can help you do your job, at the end of the day, you’re an HR professional, not a video producer. So if you want a little bit of extra help making beautiful videos to get the job done, you can lean on Promo’s ready-made HR video templates. Just fill in the blanks, and you’ve got a video you can be proud of in no time. 

Ready to Get Started?

While making videos may take a little getting used to if it’s not something you’re already doing in your HR department, Promo can help you get the ball rolling quickly and easily. Once you start seeing just how much videos can help you achieve your HR goals, you won’t be able to imagine how you once did your job without them. 

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