How this marketing agency tripled its client’s business with Videos

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
December 4, 2019 · 5 min read

As part of our case study series, we’ve spoken with many customers and video marketers to find out how they’re using video to grow their business. For this case study, we spoke with digital agency founder D.J. Melena. He’s been using to create videos for his clients and getting some incredible results. Let’s take a look!

D.J. Melena

As an agency veteran with skills in digital marketing, media buying, and strategy, D.J. Melena recently had the thought: 

Why not take on the sales side of things as well as service delivery?

This would give him more control over the clients he works with, as well as more money in his bank account. 

And just like that, in 2019, D.J. opened up his own agency that provides a service of driving lead generation and sales for small businesses in Southern California. His agency focuses on customer acquisition through paid channels such as Facebook/Instagram ads and Google/YouTube ads, but they’ve recently branched out into content production as well.

D.J. Melena Case StudyOne of their points of differentiation is that they focus on growth from a measurable standpoint, partnering with the business to define their metrics for success in terms of the bottom line.

In order to do this, they take on the “full-stack” of marketing activity from production, media buying, and the strategy that drives results. Case Study

And because of the effectiveness of video in his paid social advertising, it was only natural to work marketing videos into his overall approach.

The case for video marketing

Anyone who works on paid social advertising knows that they need video content, according to Melena. From branding and awareness all the way to conversion, D.J. uses videos to capture the attention of his client’s audience, educate them on the process, then seal the deal with an attractive offer in a way that’s just not possible with images alone. 

“Video is much more engaging than a photo. There’s much more of a story that you can tell. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then, a video is worth 24,000 words every single second or however many frames in it.” 

D.J. and his team had collaborated with many creative partners over the course of his business who had produced stunning videos. With the direct-response nature of his advertising campaigns, however, D.J. was looking for a solution that would help him deliver his core marketing message—a consumer offer—quickly and efficiently. And with, he is easily able to establish a hook, tell a story, and deliver a call to action in a clear, compelling fashion. He uses this method to drive traffic, leads, and customers. 


Looking to find a solution to create marketing videos efficiently, but more importantly, videos that would produce effective paid social advertising campaigns, D.J. found Because his team already had control of the entire media buying process as well as the conversion points, the ability to produce top-of-the-funnel videos was the last piece of the puzzle to help them control the entire marketing and lead generation strategy. 

This gave D.J. and his team much more control over all the assets involved because they knew exactly what they were looking for and exactly what kind of strategy they wanted to drive. By controlling all those assets, it becomes really easy for them to be fully accountable for the results, and also to fix ‘leaks’ in the marketing funnel.

“ had a lot of templates and a lot of the simple, but really aesthetically-pleasing design elements, like the animations and different transitions. has the best-looking templates out of the box, and it’s really the easiest to work with out of all the products that I’ve tried.”

Every good marketing video has a purpose, typically beyond just entertainment, and D.J. recognized the capabilities of video tools focused on business. Speaking of business results…

The results

Working with an orthodontist office, D.J. and his team were able to combine video marketing and lead generation strategy to create a ton of new business for their client. Take a look at a sample of their work: 

Since September of 2019, the video ad campaign on social media has driven 256 leads, with 132 of them becoming new customers. This has more than tripled the patient base of his client’s office, with appointments completely booked through the end of 2019. The surge of new appointments has improved the business in other ways, too, with employees feeling more motivated and purposeful now that they’re calendars completely booked.

“Since starting this campaign, we’ve exceeded expectations, but what’s really done is it injected new life into the practice. He’s been in third in business for 30 plus years and always relied on word of mouth and referrals, but over the last two years that’s really declined and the office had become a bit stagnant. The new business has created a complete transformation, and it happened really quickly.”

On the social media side, they’re also seeing plenty of top-of-the-funnel KPIs as well: Case Study

Moving forward

Based on the success of this campaign, D.J. plans to use it as a model for future lead generation clients. One of his keys to success is to be able to direct every aspect of the campaigns, from video strategy to media buying to landing pages. In this way, he helps to drive ROI for small businesses through effective video marketing and lead generation strategies. 

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