B2B Tech Brands Who Are Doing Video Marketing Right

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
September 12, 2018 · 5 min read

Everyone loves video marketing. However, business to consumer brands tend to sit atop the visual content marketing throne. It makes sense. Creating content that engages customers seems to be the bread and butter of B2C. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

B2B brands tend to be left behind in the realm of content marketing. Almost an afterthought. After all, B2B companies are all buttoned up, stuffy, and boring, right? Not so. This is 2018 after all and we live in an exciting time where B2B companies are changing the world we live in every day.

If you’re a B2B company, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun and get in on the content marketing wave. As part of your strategy, video marketing is a great place to get started. Thankfully, creating beautiful, professional-quality videos is easier than ever.

What’s more, reaching your intended industry is easier as well thanks to social media channels such as  YouTube, Facebook, and perhaps more importantly: LinkedIn. You may be interested in reaching other companies. However, people run those companies and those people are online and looking for content to engage with.

Making a splash in the content marketing space can start with videos and can really be a benefit to the B2B company. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these five examples of B2B companies who are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon and creating awesome content that gets results.


Zendesk is a B2B company that offers customer service software to businesses of all sizes. Customer service is inherently a tough job as anyone who’s ever waited tables or answered phones can attest to.

This video works because it’s straightforward, it’s funny, and of course there’s there innuendo. It even makes fun at the idea that “the business” is a stuffy old man. The juxtaposition of two older actors portraying the customer and “the business” in an online, tech-based world is enough to make you want to sit and watch the whole thing until the end.

Content marketing is all about being engaging and giving the audience something they want to interact with. Inject a little humor into the equation and you’re doing content marketing right.



IBM knows a thing or two about business to business operations. One of the leading providers of business technology in the world, IBM is also no slouch in the video marketing department. This ad showcases, demonstrates, and explains how IBM’s cloud private can suit your business’ needs.

It’s a well put together video that uses stunning imagery and a catchy background tune to show the viewer just how awesome their product is. With over 7,000 views in just a few months, this video is a great representation of how B2B ads can be successful.


Slack is a team collaboration tool that pulls together various business processes such as email, chat, or file sharing. This video works well because it puts the viewer inside an actual office with actual Slack users describing their experience.

The video takes us on a short journey from “the old way” to “the new way” which has obviously worked out well for them. Slack’s slogan is simply: where work happens so it’s no surprise that their video marketing content often takes us directly to the source.



Few tech companies are as plugged in as Cisco. The global provider of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes isn’t the first name you’d think of when looking for a great piece of content marketing.

However, the video above dubbed “the future of shopping” is enough to stop anyone in their tracks. Could this really happen? How far away from reality is this? We can all imagine it and it gets us thinking. If you’re a global retail chain, it’s enough to make you want to grab the phone and dial your local Cisco rep and ask them what they have to offer.

With over 350,000 views, this simple yet exciting video shows us a world that may not be too far off. It’s enough to make anyone wonder what could be.

The Power of Video

Video content marketing is a great way for any business to showcase their products or explain their service. None of the videos above are outright advertisements and yet they all excel at showcasing the benefits of their respective services.

Advertising with video is a hallmark of the digital age. By using visually engaging content, B2B companies can entice those in their industry to take the next step and find out how they can benefit from their services.

Content marketing may always have a home within the B2C realm, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t or shouldn’t be welcome in B2B. If the brands above can find success with their video content marketing, your brand can too.

Thankfully, creating high-quality videos is easier than ever before. As part of your content marketing strategy, video opens up a world of possibilities to engage with your industry and show them what you’re all about.

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