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How To Conquer Facebook Marketing With Only $10 A Day

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
March 8, 2019 · 7 min read

Let’s face it. Success from unpaid, organic marketing activity on Facebook just doesn’t exist anymore. No matter what kind of content you post, how frequently you post it, or how many fans like your page, your organic efforts aren’t getting the results you want.

To massive, cross-market and industry dismay, Facebook organic reach continues to decline at a rapid and steady rate. This means that video, post, and page visibility for businesses continues to vanish as well. It’s not enough anymore to post your video on your page wall and watch the views, engagements, and clicks roll in daily. In fact, according to Facebook, pages organically reach about 2% of their fans on average. This shows that, in order to get significant results nowadays, you need to start investing money into your video ads because organic is dead.

For small businesses with modest budgets, this new pay-to-play environment can pose some serious challenges and feel intimidating. However, while you do need to invest money to see results, you don’t need a massive budget. Even a humble daily budget will bring you exponentially better results than posting it with nothing at all. Here are a few great tips on how to get the most out of a Facebook video ad budget of $10 per day.

Set the right objective for your Facebook video ad

If you only have $10 to spend, you need to use it wisely from start to finish. The best way to start your video ad off on a strong foot is by setting the right objective from the very beginning. Creating a Facebook video ad through the Ads Manager makes this very easy for you. When you go to run your ad, you will be directed to a page where you can choose the objectives for your campaign. Below are relevant options provided by Facebook:

  • Awareness: Grow interest in your product or offering.
  • Consideration: Encourage consumers to start thinking about your business and search for additional information.
  • Conversions: Drive interested users to finalize a purchase.

No matter which objective you choose, make sure to think long and hard before deciding how to focus your efforts. Reference back to your overall goals of your marketing plan and realize that if sales are your ultimate objective, for example, ensure that your audience is one that frequents Facebook to spend money. Most Facebook visitors are there to learn, feel, and connect. So consider choosing an objective with a more long-term scope. An objective to “increase conversions on your website” might be better suited to your $10 daily budget.

Focus on creating custom audiences

Facebook periodically updates its Ad Manager to help advertisers get in front of the most valuable audiences. Currently, you can create an audience of your current customers or even target audiences based on video engagement and watch time. When you only have $10 to spend on your Facebook video ads, making sure they reach the best possible audience is super important. Don’t waste your time and, most importantly, money on targeting people who don’t represent your ideal community.

To get the most out of your $10 with your custom audience, start by identifying your audience then create a video that will speak directly to them. Who are they? What types of content do they enjoy consuming? What do you want them to feel? Once you have that, refer back to your objective and then use Facebook’s various audience targeting tools to help build a custom audience that will not only view your video, but convert.

For example, if you’re running a special promotion or sale, don’t waste money on trying to reach people who have never heard of your brand before. Consumers buy from brands and companies they know and trust. For this kind of campaign, it’s best to target an audience comprised of your current customers. Facebook allows you to upload your own customer data, including customer email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, and people who previously visited your website, for use in your video ad campaigns. Take advantage of these options to watch your $10 produce successful results.

Below you can see how to build a custom audience based on your target user’s current behavior with video. This is a proven method to achieve better results for your Facebook video ads.

Paid advertising vs. boosting posts

A boosted post is created from an organic post already visible on your brand’s timeline. By “boosting” a post, you can increase engagement by reaching more people that will share, comment and react to it. This will in turn reach new people who may be interested in your Facebook page but aren’t current followers. 

The main difference between boosted posts and paid ads is that advertisements allow a precise way to target prospective customers. With Facebook ads, you can include a CTA (call to action), run your ad on particular placements and receive detailed reporting to achieve better ROI. 

Consider boosting at even a small budget

It is advisable to boost organic content that already generates high engagement on your timeline. Before boosting a post, allow it to run for at least 1-24 hours so you can generate some “organic traction.” 

This type of content is more likely to make users stop and notice your brand. By utilizing content that attracts users, you will ensure it’s shareability and viral effect.

This in turn, strengthens your reach since the news feed algorithm on Facebook favors content that has more comments, shares and reactions. These posts are pushed to the top and this will stretch your budget most effectively.

A step further than boosting: promote video posts

Boosting the videos that you posted organically on your timeline is an easy way to see a “boost” in reach. By doing this, a greater number of your current fans, as well as people who are not yet your fans, will definitely see your videos. However, it’s not the best way to get the most out of your $10 daily budget. Boosting your video post doesn’t give you control over your audience. While it will reach more of them, it won’t reach the highest number of valuable viewers who are likely to take action with your video.

Instead of simply boosting your video post, promote them through Facebook Ads manager. Using this tool you can set your objectives, build your custom audiences, and target the right people. It’s also a great tool for monitoring your budget to make sure you stay on track without going over. In comparison to the two objectives within the “boost post” option, the Facebook Ads Manager provides you with 11 objectives.

If you’re new to the Facebook Ads manager, take your time to learn the tool before you jump in and start using it. While you don’t have to be an expert, knowing the basics will help you better understand how to promote your videos and manage your money.

This is just the beginning

Above are only five examples of how to get the most out of a $10 daily budget for Facebook. The more you use the Ads Manager and get to know your audience and their behavior with your videos, the more you’ll be able to branch out and find more tactics and techniques of getting the most value from your budget. But, for all of you looking for ways to see better performance with your videos, remember that $10 a day coupled with these tips can really make all the difference between a successful video and a piece of content that simply looks good.

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