Facebook Premieres: An Easier Way To Go Live

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
October 11, 2018 · 6 min read

Facebook business pages have always seemed to be the younger siblings of regular profile pages. Hey, we get it. Facebook started off for personal use so it’s no surprise that many of the best features were prioritized for the average user.

However, this has left Facebook pages craving access to more, better features. Like most younger siblings, we’ll admit it, we’ve always been a bit jealous. Well, we don’t have to be jealous anymore.

Facebook recently announced a whole host of awesome new features available to Facebook pages. For businesses, there are a few reasons to be excited. “Facebook Premieres” is rolling out. A new, interactive video format with a lot of benefits for businesses and brands to take advantage of.

A new era is here. An era which allows Facebook pages to do even more with their Facebook Video content. Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing Facebook Premieres

Facebook Premieres is a new interactive video format which allows creators to release pre-recorded video content in a way similar to a Live moment. Facebook Live has been tremendously successful for both Facebook and users alike.

Just check out these statistics:

  • “Facebook Live Stream” popularity has increased over 300% since Live was first introduced in 2016.
  • Facebook Live Views, Likes, and Shares grew to nearly 20% or more for top brands using the feature.
  • Over 3 billion Live Videos have been streamed.

Facebook Live is one of the most popular features of Facebook. For businesses, however, Live video can be a challenge. Not the least of which is the fact that, well, it’s live. Live video can be a great asset for your business, but it does have its challenges – which is why some businesses will opt into using a video maker to pre-record their Facebook Premieres.

Not all businesses will have the ability or even the opportunity to “go live” with their video content. Live streaming is, by its nature, an “in the now” piece of content. This may be great for some businesses who have the opportunity to quickly pull out a phone or an expensive streaming camera. For others, struggling to keep pace with the live stream phenomena at a professional level can be trying.

Facebook Premieres is a different animal. It allows businesses to use pre-recorded video content and then release it in a way that looks like a Live moment.

Promo users, yes, that means you can use your already amazing video content or make brand new fresh and funny videos that will finally compete with the big brands’ camera crew!

How Is That Different From Regular Facebook Videos?

So, you’re already releasing video content on Facebook, right? How does Premieres differ from just doing what you’re already doing? In short, a lot is different.

When posting a video to Facebook now, you simply upload the video and write a post attached to it. The content gets posted to your newsfeed where your fans and followers can interact. It’s an effective tool, but not as effective as a live stream. 

With Facebook Premieres, creators will be able to upload content and schedule it in advance. A post is created as a placeholder for the video which allows your fans and followers to see that a video is forthcoming. Your followers are able to request a reminder when it goes “live,” or share the video with other users before it even goes up.

Once the video is posted, fans can interact and comment on the video as it is being played. The feature also allows for video ad breaks in the content, meaning more opportunities for engagement on the advertising side. Believe it or not, Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer and commented on 10x more than other video content.

Once the content has aired, the post lives on forever as an on-demand video.

What It Means For Your Page

There are two main benefits that Premieres holds for small and medium-sized business pages. One is the ability to use Premieres as intended. Approximating a Live video without the time needed to set up and actually go live is a huge win.

Let’s face it, not every business has the time or even the inclination to promote a live broadcast. By being able to use pre-recorded video content and release it with the same fanfare and effectiveness as live video, brands can get more out of their video content.

Consider that over 90% of users said that video quality is the most important aspect of Facebook Live video content. Premieres allows you to release awesome, professional quality video content that you are happy with, without the stress or hassle of focusing on quality in the moment.

The second benefit is in the advertising ability of Premiere. With a new avenue to explore, brands who are already using video ads can take advantage of the marketing possibilities that come with the new format.

In the past, Facebook video ads were limited. Most brands created and released their own ads which were shown according to the targeting they selected. These ads were shown “on their own” as advertisements in a newsfeed.

With Premieres, brands will have the ability to advertise during Premieres broadcasts. This allows users to take advantage of an existing, built-in audience for their video marketing. Just imagine your ad content being broadcast to the eager eyes of thousands of viewers. There’s a lot to be excited for.

Speaking of advertising, when looking to use Facebook Ads, it’s always good to do some preliminary research. The team at Meta has oversimplified it for us by creating the Facebook Ad Library – take advantage of this tool by studying what your competitors or similar businesses have done to succeed – or fail – with their Facebook Ads.

The Changing World of Video

Video content is growing by leaps and bounds. YouTube released a similar feature to Facebook Premieres a few months ago. The industry is well aware that video is the future and that live video is being consumed at an exponential rate.

However, the industry is also aware that live video has its restrictions and there are other ways to approximate the impact of live video through pre-recorded video formats. Native video performs well on Facebook. Video ads are incredibly effective as well. Live Streaming has grown tremendously over the last few years.

The world of video is changing and Facebook Premieres is the next inception. Premieres marries a number of video formats, plucking out their best features and rolling them into one cool, new feature for brands to be excited about.

Whether you’re already creating awesome video content for your business or not; Premieres is one feature you won’t want to miss. Make it a part of your video marketing strategy going forward and be prepared to be amazed at the power of video.

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