How musician Dave Matthias used Promo videos to boost his traffic by 73%

August 22, 2019 ยท 4 min read

Meet Dave Matthias

Dave Matthias is truly โ€˜in tuneโ€™ with destiny and recognizes that his path in life has always been shaped by music. He began his career in San Francisco radio and within a few years came to the realization that he had dreams bigger than just playing otherโ€™s songs and mixes on the radio. He wanted to create and produce his own music and reach listeners not just in San Francisco, but across the globe.

Daveโ€™s persistence and entrepreneurial spirit drove him to leave his highly coveted radio job in 1992 and officially pursue his passion to become a professional DJ. Over the past 27 years, Dave has never lost steam or strayed from following his dream and today, he is a nationally-recognized producer, remixer, DJ, Billboard Magazine Dance Chart Reporter, and syndicated radio host.ย 

To-date he has had chart-topping remixes that heโ€™s produced for artists, such as Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton, and Gwen Stefani. His complete discography can be found here.ย Additionally, Dave produces radio mix-shows that have been syndicated around the globe for years. Take a look at his website and you will find his full mix compilation, remixes, and single tracks.

Dave Matthias Homepage

Dave’s main challenge

Although Dave was able to fulfill his dream, playing exceptional DJ sets around the globe, he still needed to increase his siteโ€™s viewership in order to reach new audiences. Daveโ€™s main forms of marketing included his website, social media (text and photo posts only) and print media. Before using, Dave wasnโ€™t utilizing any video campaigns and he was anxiously searching for a user-friendly site compatible for his business.ย 

He ideally wanted to find a platform that could accomplish the following goals:

  • Match his specific industry
  • Add value to his songs
  • Remain in line with current trends

Our solution

โ€œ was exactly what I needed and was looking for!โ€

Dave began creating videos with in 2017 and posted his finished creations on his social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – include links). He included a link to his site each time he published as the call-to-action and confirms that he didnโ€™t even boost these videos or add any additional budget.

ย Before posting his videos, Daveโ€™s site was receiving about 50,000 visitors each year.

Video stats

After posting the videos on his social channels, Dave saw a consistent spike of visitors to his site and after 1 year to date, website visits have increased 73%!ย 

Video stats

Utilizing videos has allowed Dave to โ€œcapture an even wider audience for [his] business and music.โ€ย 

Dave Matthias Music Videos

Incorporating bright colors, city scenes, and a club-style vibe, Daveโ€™s Promo videos directly align with his industry and effectively capture his audienceโ€™s attention. Dave included relevant music to match with his visuals and this provided his followers with a taste of the type of tunes he creates. Similarly to what Dave had been seeking, was able to fit this need and the videos โ€œgo hand & hand with [his] music business.โ€ย 

Like other entrepreneurs, Daveโ€™s journey began when he made the difficult decision to leave a cushy job to become his own boss. Daveโ€™s love for music has guided his successful career and to date and has undoubtedly proven itself with countless remixes on the Billboard Dance Chart Top 50.ย 

With help from his videos, Daveโ€™s music reaches far beyond just the U.S. He has captivated listeners in America, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Japan, Germany, and other locations across the world.

Video stats for musician

By following his heart, Daveโ€™s deep passion and ear for music guided his career in life and propelled him on a path of success and personal fulfillment. Although the journey was not always easy, Dave has stayed true to his vision and goal.ย 

We are honored to have been chosen as Daveโ€™s preferred video platform.

Though Dave didnโ€™t add additional dollars to boost his Facebook posts, brands can utilize a budget as little as $10 to maximize their reach. Learn how here.

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