How Horizonte Digital doubled their traffic with Promo Videos

November 19, 2019 · 4 min read

As part of our series of customer spotlights, we reached out to newly formed digital agency Horizonte Digital to learn about how they’re using to generate brand awareness for their agency.

Horizonte Digital

Website design and development firm, Horizonte Digital, is a mobile-first digital agency based in Porto, Portugal. Although recently formed this year, the firm brings 25 years of varied business experience together to help small businesses compete on a global scale with technology designed to help them bring in new customers. From mobile apps to mobile-first websites to digital marketing solutions, Horizonte Digital develops tools that help achieve the most basic objective of any business: to know their customers, to serve them better, to build loyalty and increase sales.

Horizonte Digital

CEO Joaquim Leão, a lifetime entrepreneur and world traveler, leads the strategy and new business development efforts at the firm. As the founder of a relatively new agency, Joaquim knew that brand awareness was a key building block for success. But, according to Joaquim, “You can’t sell a digital solution with a brochure, even if you use a thousand words. Businesses are already suspicious of the sales processes—they need to see video to help them connect the ideas.”   

That said, Joaquim embraced video content as a way to create brand awareness early on. After researching several options, he chose as his video creation platform.


Joaquim knew he needed videos to generate brand awareness among, but he ran into some problems that are not unique among business owners. Maybe some of them sound familiar to you too:

  • What type of videos should he create? 
  • Where was he going to get the footage?
  • How would he create videos that would do well on social media platforms? 

It’s not that those are necessarily insurmountable problems, but given all of the other responsibilities of the head of a boutique digital agency, you can see how they might prevent somebody from taking the plunge into video marketing. 

Luckily, offered actionable solutions to his problems and Joaquim’s words (in the original Portuguese) sum it up better than we ever could: 

“Ter a papinha toda feita.” 

This is a Portuguese idiom that roughly translates in English to “Everything is taken care of”. 

Joaquim explains it better: “We have a saying in Portuguese, but it’s hard to translate—I’ll try. If you want to use Windows Movie Maker, you need to come up with the idea and the time to shoot, cut, edit. You start with a blank page. With you, without any idea of what I need, I go to your site and start looking at the video templates. I don’t start with a blank sheet, I start with an example. And then with those ideas, those speeches, those songs, the videos—I end up with a great finished product.” case studyAs opposed to spending hours (or even days!) staring at a blank video editor waiting for inspiration to strike, Joaquim is able to browse the’s vast template library and find a ready-made video that suits his needs. All he has to do is find a template, tweak the text and upload his logo to create a finished product in minutes. gives Joaquim the running start he needs to be able to produce a variety of marketing videos quickly and efficiently while saving costs—and more importantly, time. 

But as they say—show, don’t tell. Let’s take a look at the videos from Horizonte Digital. 

The videos case study

As a provider of mobile apps and websites for businesses, Joaquim knows his target audience hangs out on LinkedIn. Rather than only posting PDF whitepapers about how apps can grow a certain niche, he chose to use a video to focus on the versatility of business apps

“An app can handle maybe a thousand different kinds of industries, so I’m going to make a thousand advertisements? No—instead, we focus the messaging that the app is flexible. This flips a switch in their brains and think, “Oh, this works on our restaurants. Maybe it will work on a bar.” case studyLinkedIn isn’t the only channel for B2B videos—after all, business owners have to get their entertainment somewhere, right? Joaquim’s approach to video marketing is to combine business and humor to make light of relevant situations that all business owners encounter. Again, this all fits with his strategy of building engaged audiences through brand awareness.

The results

Horizonte Digital is a mobile web design and application development agency, not a film studio. They’re looking to build brand awareness through video marketing, and they’re off to a great start. 

Since launching their video marketing efforts with, Horizonte Digital has doubled the number of visitors and the engagement on social media. They are continually testing ways to use video to fill their sales pipeline with quality prospects, but their results in terms of engagement and interaction with their brand awareness videos have gone well. 

In addition to increasing engagement on their social media profiles and website traffic, Horizonte Digital has benefited from the efficiency of the visual content platform. The video creation process has been cut from days/weeks to less than an hour per video, sometimes much less. 

In business, they always say “Do less with more.” With, we aim to help business owners like Joaquim get better results in less time and for less money. 

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