How to Spread Company Culture Through Engaging Videos

Nicholas Rubright - Guest Writer
By Nicholas Rubright - Guest Writer
May 19, 2021 · 8 min read

Your company’s corporate culture plays a big role in its growth.  The best talent is attracted to companies with healthy corporate cultures and to grow your brand and business, you need to attract and hire top talent by maintaining a prosperous culture.

Prospective hires want to know how your employees feel about working for you, from whether you are strict or lenient towards employees to the perks and benefits they can enjoy. But what is the benefit of a great office culture if your potential hires and customers are not aware of it? 

HR videos are a great way to make people aware of your company culture and attract top talent. Read on to discover why and how you can use videos to highlight your corporate culture and brand values and get potential new hires interested in being a part of your growth. 

Why use company culture videos?

By far, corporate culture is one of the biggest factors that candidates consider before accepting a job offer. Across different sectors and genders, a good offer means very little if the company is seen as a toxic place to work or if the culture is not conducive to professional and personal growth. 

Just check out how men and women, especially those in underrepresented minorities (URM), value company culture as a deciding factor in accepting a job:

Source: RippleMatch


Corporate culture videos go a long way in influencing candidates’ perception of a company. Here are the key reasons why they are very effective in attracting great talent:

Brand humanization

People might have some misconceptions about your company because of negative experiences with their previous employers or because they know people who used to work with you. An informative culture video can help you break those notions, communicate your business goals, and give your brand a human face. 

Your business might not offer the best benefits or have big-name clients, but people are always attracted to brands that promote humanity.

Giving your workplace a fun factor

Nobody wants to work in a dull environment and feel bored all day. A company culture video can show potential candidates how fun and amazing your workplace is. Aside from showing off your office, you can also showcase the things your employees do for fun and personal growth. 

While corporate culture is just one of many factors that attract people to a company in the first place, it is the largest single reason that people stay: 

Source: Talent Curve


It’s never too early to plan ahead. You can attract top talent while giving them reasons to stay with you long-term. These reasons can either be related to extra-curricular activities, personal growth, or professional development. Don’t forget to emphasize the fun aspect.

Brand storytelling beyond business goals

Every brand has a story that goes beyond making money. Sharing your story through your company culture video will help you attract potential candidates and customers, while emphasizing your corporate social responsibility programs and advocacies will bring you closer to the public.

According to Forbes, 81% of millennials want brands to deliver public comments on social issues. When customers feel that a company takes a stand or makes a statement surrounding issues they feel strongly about, their brand loyalty increases. For instance, Google’s “Women at Google” advocacy goes beyond improving search engine performance. It’s all about instilling the value of diversity within the workforce, which is also in line with Google’s mission of universal accessibility.

5 ways to use videos to highlight your company culture

Many companies use videos to promote their workplace, attract top talent and showcase their corporate culture. Here are some ways your business may also use company culture videos to get your message out on social media and take your brand to the next level: 

1. Create videos that highlight your USP

No matter how old or new your company is, there is something that sets you apart from your competitors. This is what marketers call the “unique selling proposition” (USP) – something that only your company has. Does your business pride itself in partnering with local vendors, or does it have over a million registered patents? Whatever your USP is, your content style guides should always emphasize it.

When you define your USP, make sure that it is something that people want to be associated with. IBM is a good example of a company with a clear USP: “Innovation that matters”. Its company culture videos tend to emphasize the innovative work that its employees do, from the smallest changes in recruitment processes to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. People identify with a company with a well-defined USP and choose it over others that don’t have one.

2. Go beyond projects and use humor wisely

Your company might uphold the highest standards of professionalism, but it doesn’t mean that your corporate marketing videos should be staid and uptight. Mix things up a little by adding some humor to your video. You can show how your employees have fun at work and outside of it. Some deadpan humor, focusing on the work-related aspects of the company, won’t hurt either.

Some companies go to great lengths to spice up their company culture videos. For instance, Dropbox’s humorous recruiting video features puppets that represent employees, including the company’s CEO and CTO: 

The video above reminds viewers of the Muppets series, right down to the way the puppets’ mouths open and close to simulate speech. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and Dropbox seems like a fun place to work in, too. Plus, a touch of humor in your videos make them more shareable.

3. Highlight inclusivity and diversity

When you create a company culture video, highlighting inclusivity and diversity is the best decision you’ll ever make. Diversity and inclusivity go beyond gender, race, or religion. It also includes the willingness to listen to different opinions and respect personal differences while working together towards common goals. 

When you highlight your company’s views on inclusivity and diversity, you send a signal to potential employees that they are welcome, regardless of their background or preferences. As long as they have something to contribute and are willing to grow with the company, they have a place in it. 

Source: Zandlslant

Why is highlighting inclusivity and diversity important in attracting candidates? The infographic above tells us why. Diversity is a key component of a company’s culture, and culture matters more than compensation when it comes to being a preferred company to work for. 

4. Show the team behind the products

Your products don’t just come out of nowhere. Behind every successful product, there is a product team that works hard to get it right. Showcasing your product teams will make them feel rewarded and convince potential hires that they’ll be recognized for a job well done. 

A behind-the-scenes video can show your employees discussing what they’re working on, the struggles they’ve encountered along the way, and the emotions they felt when they managed to solve something. Featuring actual employees will also add credibility to your video because they really know what they’re talking about. 

5. Get creative with the storyline

Although your video shows the reality of your company, you need to be creative with the storyline. A good story has three sections: an introduction, development, and a conclusion. You may introduce a problem, show your viewers how you solved it, and show the effects of the solution. 

For example, a company culture video can show how and why you started your business then show your company’s growth and introduce its culture. You may also show a typical working day in your workplace. Striking a balance between realism and creativity will help you create compelling culture videos. Alternatively, you can also make creativity your storyline, just like this SaaS company did when looking to hire a junior sales rep. 

The bottom line

People prefer to join companies with a good culture as they want to grow personally and professionally. A company culture video should leave a positive impression on your audience, whether they’re prospective customers or potential employees. 

To produce a video that reflects your company culture, you need to define your USP, highlight the diversity of your workforce, and show how your team works to develop your products in a light and creative manner. A company culture video is more than just a marketing tool. It is a reflection of your company’s core values and aspirations. Good luck with your company culture video campaign!

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Nicholas Rubright - Guest Writer

Nicholas Rubright is the communications specialist for Writer, an AI writing assistant designed for teams. Nicholas has previously worked to develop content marketing strategies for brands like Webex, Havenly, and Fictiv.

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