Dennis Yu’s Tips On How To Survive The Facebook Fiasco

March 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Globally recognized Facebook guru and CTO of BlitzMetrics, Dennis Yu, wrote, “Guys– these changes, while bad for Facebook and will drive government regulation, aren’t necessarily bad for us.” Needless to say, we were intrigued.

With the dark cloud hovering over many of us in the marketing world, we were ready to peer through and see the sliver of light his team has discovered and want to bring this unique knowledge and actionable steps to you! Turns out, Facebook marketing is still an exceptional platform to get discovered and build your business. Even with each rollout producing new company challenges we are simultaneously finding new opportunities to hack the growth potential.

Buckle up! Here are 7 advanced tips to make social media marketing work in your favor straight from the expert!

New Regulations Require New Features

With Facebook removing estimated reach reporting, setting budgets and understanding audiences is harder. So start your ad sets with $1 a day and set automated rules (a killer feature in ads manager you probably have never seen) to adjust budgets based on frequency and cost per result.

Don’t Get Banned

With more people getting ads accounts banned (nearly impossible to get back), having an active account becomes a competitive advantage. So read the advertising Terms of Service super carefully and submit fewer ads. Then you’re less likely to get banned (but you still might be, like we have been).

Learn the 3×3 Rule

Set up your campaign structure to follow the 3×3 grid, which is 3 pieces of content each for awareness, engagement, and conversion (3 part #AECfunnel). As you find more winners to place in your “greatest hits”, you can increase the budget. Then you have almost zero risks of disapprovals since you’re increasing budgets on winners, not making tons of new ads.

Master Your Metrics

While estimated reach on custom audiences has gone away, you still get actual reach and other performance metrics. All the more important now to be smarter about analytics and optimization– to know how to troubleshoot stats on your campaigns via Logan’s Standards of Excellence and to be able to estimate reach by looking at audience size.


Diversify into Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and SnapChat. These other platforms all offer email and web custom audiences. And the beauty is that you can set them all up quickly and with little effort if you place all these remarketing pixels in a single Google Tag Manager container. If that’s Greek to you, hire someone to do it or grab the course at

Get Creative

Less data and functionality means you must be stronger at creative, which has always been the bottleneck, as Ryan Deiss likes to note. Most PPC and SEO folks are over-reliant upon tricks, as opposed to being pro at video. Become an eager, observant student of producing, editing, monetizing, and measuring video. Ultimately, in a battle between the data scientist and psychologist– the psychologist wins.


Video, video, video–learn how to make one-minute videos! Your WHY video, a gratitude video, an explainer video, your speaker reel highlight video, your “how to” tips video, your customer interview video, your happy employee video, your company “I believe” video, your lead magnet video, and so forth.


*Originally posted on the Facebook page of Dennis Yu HERE


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