March Lineup: Key Dates For Marketing Your Business or Organization

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
February 20, 2022 · 17 min read

From the month-long Women’s History Month to the other, shorter holidays, both fun and earnest, we’re excited to share some March content ideas that you can use to fill your social media accounts up with engaging, brand-boosting content. Read on for some inspiration!

Women’s History Month

March is a month dedicated to honoring, celebrating, and commemorating women. As companies all over the globe are getting ready to celebrate in creative ways, Women’s History Month is an amazing opportunity for your business to take part in this culturally significant holiday. From the ones who help your business, community, and industry prosper to the ones driving change worldwide, there is so much to be honored.

  • Women’s History Videos. What kind of contributions have women made in your industry? You can highlight the stories of female industry leaders and pioneers through short videos posted to your social media accounts. To spark engagement, you can create a trivia video, inviting your audiences to participate in your content interactively!

Use this template 

  • Women’s Stories. Consider making videos profiling influential women in your business, whether that be employees, managers, or even you! Are there women who have played an essential role in helping build up your business?
  • Celebratory Videos. There is no denying that women have achieved incredible things in every field, from sports to culture to government, inspiring us all along the way. You can pass that inspiration on to your audience by creating videos showcasing some of the outstanding accomplishments of women you’re personally inspired by. For example, maybe you’ll want to mention Serena Williams’ record-breaking 13 Grand Slam wins or the exciting news of Maya Angelou becoming the first African-American woman to appear on U.S. currency. You can even throw it back to the women of yesteryear and highlight the women that pushed boundaries and broke glass ceilings. 

Use this template

Promo tip: In addition to a variety of templates custom-made for Women’s History Month, Promo also offers a photo and video library of over 110 million assets featuring a diversity of people so that you can maintain equal gender representation in your videos this month and year-round.

Mardi Gras (March 1)

When we think of Mardi Gras, we think of beads, parades, and New Orleans. French for “Fat Tuesday,” Mardi Gras has its origins in Christianity, in which it marks the day before Ash Wednesday, a holy day of prayer and fasting. It is traditionally celebrated by eating lots of fatty foods as a sort of the last hurrah before the fasting period of Lent, hence the name. 

Over the years, Mardi Gras has developed into a massive celebration full of parades and parties, in which people dress up in masks and don plastic beads. If you’ve ever been to a Mardi Gras celebration, you know just how joyous and fun they are!

As a holiday full of excitement and cheer, Mardi Gras lends itself to some delightful marketing opportunities.

  • Enrich and Engage. Did you know what Mardi Gras’ signature colors represent? Well, if you didn’t, your audience probably doesn’t, either, which means you have an excellent opportunity to create engaging educational videos to share. Try this template to save time.

Use this template

  • Online Costume Contest. Since many people celebrate Mardi Gras by dressing up in costumes, you can interact with your audience by hosting an online costume contest. Create a video explaining the contest’s rules, in which people can post photos of their costumes onto social media and tag you with a specific hashtag. You can then repost your favorite costumes to your Instagram stories.
  • Coupon Code Unmasking. If you want to use Mardi Gras as an opportunity to offer your customers a discount at your business, you can announce this promotion by creating a video in which you “unmask” a unique Mardi Gras coupon code.

Promo tip: For any videos, you make celebrating Mardi Gras, we recommend using purple and green, colors that are associated with the holiday. Thankfully, Promo’s easy video maker has text styles whose colors you can easily change to fit a predetermined color palette. 

World Wildlife Day (March 3)

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It’s no secret that animal footage can drive higher social media engagement, and March 3rd is World Wildlife Day is a perfect opportunity to get noticed and support a significant cause.

World Wildlife Day, an initiative by the UN created to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. This holiday is significant as it supports the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems. There is an unfortunately high amount: the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Red List of Threatened Species has over 8,400 names. So while your business celebrates the beauty and diversity of the natural world, you’ll also be advocating for the sustainable restoration of key habitats.

  • Videos Raising Awareness. Not everybody knows about World Wildlife Day and its importance, so why not make a difference by educating your audience about this momentous occasion? Create a video full of nature’s most beautiful beings accompanied by an inspirational quote, or create a listicle video where you share a few facts that will help clarify why this day matters so much. Remember that Promo’s footage library, powered by Getty Images and iStock, is home to over 110 million photos and videos, so you’ll be sure to find the powerful, majestic footage of the wildlife you’d like to highlight.  

Use this template

  • Favorite Animal Videos. Of course, World Wildlife Day isn’t just about serious activism; it is also meant to celebrate the beautiful species of plants and animals that we coexist with on this earth. Consider making a video in which different staff members of your business share their favorite natural beings. You can then call your viewers to join in the conversation and tell you about their favorite animal or plant. 
  • Donation Video. A great way to support the cause in honor of World Wildlife Day is to donate to a local wildlife center or other conservation charity. Get your audience involved by asking them to comment – for every comment made by the end of the day, you’ll donate a specific dollar amount.

Promo tip: Is there anything cuter than an animal GIF? Use Promo’s easy GIF maker to turn any video of your favorite animal into an easily shareable GIF in honor of World Wildlife Day.

Employee Appreciation Day (March 4)

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on March 4th, and if you employ a staff of any size, it’s definitely something that should be on your radar. After all, our employees are the heart of our businesses, connecting with our customers and doing the day-to-day work that allows our businesses to grow, thrive, and serve our communities. So show your employees your recognition and gratitude this month by using some of the following content ideas.

  • Employee Recognition Videos. Whether you want to highlight one outstanding employee or your entire staff, creating a video showcasing your employees, their names, and their contributions to your business is a great way to celebrate your team publicly.

Use this template

  • Employee Superlatives. Remember when your high school yearbook honored students with various titles like “Class Clown,” “Most Athletic,” and “Life of the Party”? Well, how fun would it be to do the same for your staff, honoring everybody with a superlative that fits their unique role and personality? Create a video and post it on your social media pages announcing the awards.
  • Staff Thank You Video. Post an inspirational quote video to your social media accounts, adding a big thank you to your staff for their help. While gratitude is something you can express every day, it’s an absolute must on Employee Appreciation Day. 

Use this template

Promo tip: Don’t forget that you can easily upload your own footage to Promo’s video maker so you can show off your favorite photos and videos of your staff.

 National Be Heard Day (March 7)

Small businesses make the world go round. You know it, now it’s time to let everyone know it too! If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re excited to tell you about National Be Heard Day. This holiday was created in 2004 as an opportunity to celebrate and promote small businesses. So if you run a small business yourself, this is a huge chance for you to boost your brand with some “shameless” self-promotion. You deserve it!

  • Sale Promotion Video. To help encourage your audience to support you by buying from your small business on National Be Heard Day, you can give them a little extra push by offering them a special sale or discount for this day only. And what better way to announce this promotion than to create a video for your social media accounts?
  • Why Small Business Matters. In an age when it’s easier than ever to do all of your shopping at giant retailers online and in-person, choosing to support small businesses makes a statement that you care about your community and local economy. Consider making a video encouraging customers to make a difference by choosing to shop local.

Use this template

  • Tell Your Story. Every small business has its own fascinating story about how it began, who its pioneers were, and what it had to go through to get to where it is today. National Be Heard Day is a perfect occasion to create a video sharing your story with your audience so they can form a more personal connection to your brand. 

Promo tip: As a small business owner, we know your schedule is packed to the brim. But just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on these significant marketing opportunities. Save time creating content by using our video templates, like this one about small businesses.

International Women’s Day (March 8)

As you already know from further up on this page, the entirety of March is Women’s History Month. But March 8th packs double duty by also being International Women’s Day. This is a global holiday in which people worldwide celebrate the women in their lives and the achievements of women as a whole. 

If you’re already doing content marketing for Women’s History Month, then March 8th is a perfect day to focus locally on specific women before spending the rest of the month talking about women’s history more generally. Or, if you’re not planning a larger content initiative for Women’s History Month, you can at least recognize women’s contributions on this one day. Here are some ideas as to how.

  • Promotional Video. One way to recognize women on International Women’s Day is to offer a special discount to any women who patronize your business on March 8th (or throughout all of Women’s History Month). And don’t forget to announce this promotion with a video posted to your social media so that as many people as possible can take advantage of it!

Use this template

  • Recognize a Woman in Your Life. Is there a woman on your staff or in your community who you think deserves special recognition? There’s no better time than International Women’s Day to share a video in which you acknowledge what makes her special. You can also engage with your audiences by encouraging viewers to leave a comment tagging a woman who is important to them. 
  • Iconic Woman. Some so many women have impacted history through their actions and stories. Create a video highlighting the women that inspire you. For example, if there is somebody prominent in your field who made you believe it was possible to go after your dreams or famous figures who inspired you to continue on your journey. Use this kind of content to engage viewers by asking them to tag the women making an impact in their world! 

Use this template

Promo tip: Upgrade your content by using real-time footage of women who inspire. Promo offers a library of editorial footage of celebrities and prominent figures from events, shows, and the news that you can use to engage with your following.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

Right around the middle of March is St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish cultural and Christian religious celebration commemorating the death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This holiday is traditionally celebrated by attending parades, wearing green (and pinching those who forget to!), decorating with shamrocks, and drinking Irish beer and whiskey. 

This holiday has gotten quite popular and is widely celebrated even outside of Ireland, meaning that it’s pretty likely that your audience will be happy to hear about it on your social media accounts. After all, who doesn’t have fond memories of childhood St. Patrick’s Days spent trying to catch leprechauns and pinching any poor friends who forgot to wear green?

  • Going Green. As the world goes green, why not have fun with it and change your social media account to a green theme in honor of the holiday? You can make your profile photo and cover image green and post photos of your team wearing all green or your business dressed up in green decorations. Invite your customers to throw on some green and come celebrate with you!

Use this template

  • Luck of the Draw Videos. Another great promotion idea for St. Patricks’ Day is to offer discounts based on the “luck of the draw.” You can have people scratch off tickets or draw pieces of paper out of a bowl to see which discount they get, with options ranging from 5% off to a unique “pot of gold” discount of 50% off. Don’t forget to announce this exciting promotion with a themed video on your social media!
  • Green Service Promotion. What about making a promotion where people get a discount if they buy something green? For example, you can give 20% off manicures to anybody who chooses to paint their nails green.
  • Lucky Promotion. St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent excuse to promote a sale! Make sure your customers feel extra lucky this St. Paddy’s Day by using a lucky number for your holiday discount! It can be your lucky number, a number relating to your business, or any number you deem a lucky one this March 17th! 

Use this template

  • Make It Green. Whatever you sell at your business, can you make a green version? Maybe it’s green food or drinks if you’re a restaurant owner. If you can do that, you’ll give customers a great excuse to want to visit you on St. Patrick’s Day when you post a video announcing your special, one-day-only green offering.

Promo tip: St. Patrick’s Day lends itself perfectly to video marketing with the strong visual elements associated with it. Promo’s St. Patrick’s Day template collection offers dozens of options for videos you can create in honor of the holiday.

Holi (March 18)

Observed every March 18th, Holi is an ancient Hindu festival also known as the “Festival of Love,” the “Festival of Spring,” and the “Festival of Colors.” Traditionally, the holiday celebrates the divine eternal love of Radha Krishna and the triumph of good over evil. 

This is an incredibly cheerful and exciting holiday, with traditional celebrations involving a festival of colors. People smear and drench themselves and one another in rainbows of colors in the form of colored powders. Public spaces are turned into works of art as people join loved ones and strangers alike in this beautiful celebration. It’s an adorable thing to behold and, if you’re lucky, participate in. 

  • Holi Greeting Video. Sweet and straightforward, this content idea is to create and post a video in which you wish a Happy Holi to anybody in your audience who might celebrate it.

Use this template

  • Holi Discount Video. If your business sells food or beverages, you have a great promotional opportunity in Holi. You can offer a discount to anybody who visits your business hungry and covered in colored powder after spending their day running around in a Holi celebration. 
  • Educational video. If you’re mentioning Holi to your followers, it’s possible that some of them may not know what it is. Use this template to share the joy of this colorful holiday with your entire audience.

Use this template

Promo tip: Your options for Holi videos range from highly personalized videos using original footage of your in-house Holi celebration to videos made from one of our convenient, ready-made Holi video templates.

First Day of Spring (March 21)

Last but not least is March 21st, the first day of spring. After a long winter full of cold weather and days spent indoors, the start of spring is an exciting time in which you get to celebrate warmer weather, blooming flowers, and the chance to spend some time outside again. We can’t wait! Here are our suggestions on ways to market your business in honor of this occasion.

  • Welcome Spring! Make a video showing off the blooming natural beauty outdoors and encouraging your audience to get outside and enjoy the new spring season. And, while they’re out there, they can drop by your business to see your freshly clean digs.

Use this template

  • Spring Cleaning Video. There’s nothing more satisfying than a really distinct before and after photo, is there? Try this video idea: clean up your store or office and take photos before and after. Post a video showing your spring cleaning outcomes and encourage your audience to do the same. You can repost the most dramatic makeovers. Bonus: if your business sells cleaning supplies or tools, you can even tie this into a promotion.
  • Spring Cleaning Promotions. There are also a few ways to use the concept of spring cleaning as inspiration for sales and promotions. For example, you might encourage your audience to go through their homes and throw out anything old or broken. Then they can get a new, working version at your business. Alternatively, you might want to celebrate the coming of spring by putting new arrivals on sale. Use a spring-related discount code to get your viewers excited about the new season! Whatever you choose, create a video announcing these promotions so you can be confident your audience will hear about them.

Use this template

Promo tip: The unique beauty of spring has so many visual elements that look amazing in video form. Promo’s spring-themed video templates and spring text style aim to capture some of the season’s stunning colors and imagery.

Keeping the Ideas Coming

As you can see, March is absolutely blooming with a fresh crop of content marketing opportunities that you can use to boost your business this month. And if you want to go above and beyond by filling up your content calendar with even more video campaigns, check out our social media calendar for March. It’ll give you ideas for videos you can post on your social media every single day of the month and even offer you a pre-made video template to use for easy, quick marketing. 

Find More Great Content Ideas With Promo's Social Media Calendar

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