How An Online Matchmaking Service Reduced CPA by 33% Using Promo

June 5, 2017 · 2 min read

“Marketing with Promo videos is definitely an ROI positive effort for us.”

Started in 2012, Tawkify is an online service with a vast network of human matchmakers that help connect people across the country to meet for fun and exciting dates. It is not a traditional dating service. There’s no data-based algorithm that creates the connection. The matchmakers interview the users to find potential matches then organize dates based on personal assessments. Yoshi Luk, Head of Marketing a Tawkify, shares his experience using Promo and how it helped Tawkify get better results for their Facebook advertising campaigns.

The problem: “At Tawkify, we cater to users who fall into a very specialized demographic that is oftentimes hard to find and reach. Marketing on Facebook with image based ads offers great options for audience targeting, but, we noticed that as time went on, we started seeing our cost per lead start to creep up higher and higher.”

How Tawkify currently markets: Tawkify’s marketing team is made up of three full time positions and works with a monthly marketing budget of about $100,000 per month.

Tawkify markets mostly on Facebook. They run paid campaigns, mostly over the weekends, to highly targeted audiences on Facebook and a very few, small campaigns on Instagram. They also maintain a blog for current users.

The discovery: “We had been reading about video marketing and all of it’s potential for a while. We wanted to start using video to join the trend and see if it would out well for us. I found Promo when an ad for the service popped up on my feed. The video was great so I clicked the link and signed up the same day.”

The process: Tawkify initially wanted to try videos and test if videos would bring them a lower cost per acquisition and a higher click through rate versus the regular image posts they were running.

In the first three months of using Promo, Tawkify created and tested a large series of video ads to replace their image only campaigns. For these campaigns, the team made ten ads per week and A/B tested them by testing different video clips and varied texts.


Skyrocketing results: After seeing some great initial results with Promo, Yoshi wanted to A/B test exactly how the Promo video campaigns performed in comparison to image based campaigns (that are otherwise exactly identical). The results were staggering. When comparing Facebook ad campaigns with images to campaigns with videos, Tawkify saw that video campaigns came in at $24 per lead while image based campaigns came in at $32 per lead which reflects a 33% reduction in CPA.

Furthermore, the click through rate for image based ad sets brought in a rate of 1.4% vs a CTR of 2.2% for videos. That means Tawkify saw a 55% higher CTR for the Promo video campaigns.

“With Promo, we don’t have to create the videos on our own. The footage is great. It’s on par with marketing level content. For small advertisers like me, it’s great to get the footage, pop in your copy, and just get it out there.”



Community and Content Marketing Manager at Slidely with experience in creating, curating, and using awesome dynamic content, anything from blogs to gifs to videos, to engage large active communities across all socials.

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