This Online Pet Shop Got A 12% Click Through Rate Using Promo

August 8, 2017 · 2 min read

“We had a lot to learn when we first got involved with social media advertising, the learning curve was very steep for us. Luckily, we found it interesting, fulfilling, and rewarding, especially once we started using video. We wanted to show our audience that we’re a trustworthy, fun company that loves our dogs, too. It was very easy to do that with Promo and we started seeing great results straight away.”

Founded in 2015 and owned by Phunkee Monkee, Peppy Pooch is an online brand of all natural, healthy dog treats and premium pet supplies. The founders noticed a growing trend of pet owners making healthier food, treat, and lifestyle choices for their dogs.They began working with various manufacturers to source a range of private label products dedicated to all natural, responsible ingredients. Selling exclusively online, Peppy Pooch serves customers all over the world and boasts a large collection of health-conscience treats for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The challenge: Peppy Pooch looked to drive brand awareness, build trust, and engage their audience using creative and attractive content that would help solidify their name as a safe company with great products for their dogs. They also looked to increase impressions and click through rate (ctr) and lower cost per click (cpc) with videos.

How Peppy Pooch currently markets: Peppy Pooch’s marketing department consists of two people operating on a monthly budget of about $6,000. They run paid ads on the Amazon platform, Facebook, Instagram and Google shopping ads. They also post organic social content on their Facebook business page and write blog posts to share with their current customers and target audience.

The discovery: “We saw that video was starting to become a real trend in social media marketing, so once we saw the Promo ad on Facebook, we jumped on it and started exploring the tool.”

The plan: Peppy Pooch looked to make creative and attractive videos to drive brand awareness, build trust, engage their audience, and help solidify their name as a safe company with great products for their dogs.


Skyrocketing results: “When it comes to our marketing efforts, we pay close attention to impressions, cpc, and ctr. After using just one Promo video in a paid social media campaign, we got five times more impressions, reduced cpc by 30%, and saw a ctr between 8-12% when compared to image ads.”

“You’re not looking for a video of your product, you’re looking to evoke a feeling in your target audience. If you can make people smile and laugh, they’re more likely to engage with you. With a little time, effort, and imagination, you can find something in Promo that is going to do just that.”


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