Promo Creators’ Video Showcase: April Edition

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
April 26, 2022 · 8 min read

From putting their brand front and center on social media to creating stellar video ad campaigns – we’re seeing our users create Promo videos for their business in many ways – and rock at it!

If you were wondering how to make the most of Promo for your business or already mastered the tool but want to boost your knowledge and gain inspiration, read on! No matter who you are or what your objectives are, we’re sure you’ll learn something new in this article featuring some recent great videos created by users just like you. 

How National Personal Training Institute of Florida is Getting More Applicants 

National Personal Training Institute is based in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, and is a fitness academy that offers a comprehensive Personal Training program. Like every institute, they want to reach potential applicants to enroll in their program. With the help of social media, they do. NPTI has a very active social media presence, with nearly 19k followers on Instagram and 30k followers on Facebook. 


Along with workout tips and videos of trainees in action,  NPTI’s main social media pages also feature video campaigns targeted at potential applicants and inviting them to take that first step in their new fitness careers.

Using Promo, NPTI created a social media campaign that gives viewers a taste of their program and all the information needed to sign up. The best part – by utilizing Promo’s Getty Images footage library, NPTI created a professional-looking ad tailored to their needs without production time, costs, and equipment.  

Main takeaway:

When you set a clear goal for your videos, the rest comes together. NPTI knew they wanted to produce a promotional video tailored to potential applicants on social media. They created a visually and audibly captivating video without spending a fortune on production costs. 

How Coldwell Banker McMahan is Attracting New Hires

When everyone’s hiring, looking for potential employees also means standing out above the rest. It’s no different when you’re a real estate agency. McMahan Co. has been in the real estate business for over 50 years and has been a part of Coldwell Banker, the famous American real estate franchise, for 28 years. Coldwell Banker McMahan knows the power of social media but also understands that when it comes to posting regularly, your content needs to be original. 

In addition to posting real estate videos and agent testimonials on their socials and website, Coldwell Banker McMahan recently decided to create a video to help drive the interest of applicants for a new job opening. Instead of starting from scratch, they saved time (and energy) by using one of Promo’s ready-made HR templates.

While every industry has its own language, Promo’s ready-made templates were created with all business types in mind. What Coldwell Banker McMahan did, and many can learn from, is searched for an HR template (instead of a real estate one), and customized it to fit the agency’s needs.


Main takeaway:

When you’re regularly posting content, it’s often hard to constantly come up with creative ideas. Before starting from scratch, search Promo’s 5,000+ template library and select a template to spark your inspiration.

Once your template is selected, you can leave it as is, or easily customize it to fit your business’s message. And don’t hesitate to get bold and creative. Even if the initial template was created for a different industry, there are plenty of ways to make them your own. From replacing the stock footage with industry-specific video, adjusting the messaging, and creating your own strong CTA, Promo’s templates will save you time and effort, all while giving you the power to get creative and brand your video. 

How Pure Prescriptions is Showcasing Their Products

Pure Prescriptions is a family-owned online retailer of health and wellness products. They sell all things wellness, including vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, and more. And when we say sell – we mean it! 


Pure Prescriptions uses Promo regularly to create sales videos. Whether it be product launches or holiday-related deals, Pure Prescriptions understands the power of using video to promote sales. As a part of their social media efforts, the small business created a Wellness Wednesday campaign using Promo.  

In this 20-second video, they shared all the information their followers need to make a purchase and make it fast! They added the discount itself, the products included in the sale, the discount code, and a deadline for the end of the sale. Most importantly, Pure Prescriptions used Promo’s upload your own footage feature in their video, showcasing their products in this sale campaign. 

Main takeaway:

It’s essential to showcase your products. If you’re creating a video meant to sell, introduce, or explain your products, don’t forget to include them in your videos!

Whether on your website, through email communications, or on social media, the more people see your product, the more information they have, and the more likely they are to make an informed purchase decision. With Promo, you can easily upload your videos, photos, brand colors, and more, where they will be stored so you can use them whenever you need them!

How Ohio Valley Center for Periodontics is Sharing Updates

One look at the Ohio Valley Center for Periodontics & Implants website, and you understand their patients are their main priority. Since COVID began, they’ve been working with patients in uncertain times. This means that they need to update patients on guidelines, and restrictions on clinic visits in real-time. 


Keeping patients updated on ever-changing regulations can oftentimes feel overwhelming, especially when you have a clinic to run. It can also be very time-consuming.  To save time, and get their message across, fast, OVCPI used one of Promo’s ready-made templates. 

The clinic took this template and easily customized it with their own messaging. While they left the template’s original footage and text styles, OVCPI changed the video’s music, text, and outro to fit their message. They were able to easily edit and distribute their video. The clinic also has the opportunity to use Promo’s video editor to change the video’s messaging if needed, and as regulations change. 

Main takeaway:

Promo can be used to communicate important information to clients, patients, and staff. Whether you’re sharing company updates as a part of your internal communications plan or communicating new rules and regulations, Promo gives you the option of creating and efficiently distributing a video that draws engagement and captivates your audience. Help your company stand out, look professional, and get its message across with video. 

How is Palazzo Ricci is Selling a Lifestyle 

Viaggio Resorts is a U.S.-based real estate development company working to create a network of luxurious properties in various high-end Italian destinations, including Palazzo Ricci. Their goal? Selling more than just a piece of Italy. They’re selling the Italian lifestyle. 


With Promo’s stock footage library and text styles, Palazzo Ricci was able to create a professional promotional video that speaks the company’s language, without having to leave the comfort of the office.

This is a great example of the world of opportunities stock footage brings to small businesses. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an overseas production to bring viewers the Italian views and atmosphere, Palazzo Ricci was able to quickly and affordably create a video tailored exactly to the location and vibe they were aiming for.

They will easily be able to do the same for future destinations.

In addition to the footage chosen, Palazzo Ricci put effort into the video’s captions and text styles. The short text gets the company’s message across, strategically placed at the bottom of the video so as not to take away from the stunning visuals chosen.

Main takeaway:

Give your captions the attention they deserve. Capturing your viewer’s attention quickly is crucial, no matter your objective. When it comes to video, your text is of significant importance. By adding captions, your audience can see your video anywhere without the audio. Adding text to videos helps viewers connect your video’s messaging to the visual footage in the video.  

Ready to Get Creating?

From uploading your own products to text style choice, we’ve broken down what these small businesses did right to create videos that yield action. All the videos in this article were created by Promo users, just like you! So what are you waiting for? The power to create videos is in your hands. Let’s get started

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