Promo Creators’ Video Showcase: June Edition

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
July 3, 2022 · 8 min read

As we dive into summer, we find ourselves inspired by the world around us. 

What does that mean for us? It means we took a look at the videos Promo users are creating and came out with a lot of insight. 

Whether it be best practices on making the most out of Promo’s Getty Images stock footage library, creating easily accessible content, or bringing a message to life – we’ve rounded up some great videos users just like you are creating on the platform. So, no matter what you’re social media objectives are this summer, we’re sure the videos below will boost your knowledge and, to put it simply, inspire you to create. 

Experience the full power of Promo through the users making the most of it, and learn how you can, too. 

How Morrison Law Group, PLC is Making Their Services Accessible 

Morrison Law Group, PLC is a family-owned Estate Planning and Elder Law firm in southeast Louisiana. The firm is dedicated to providing clients with quality estate planning resources, helping them become familiar with all the existing options. 

While estate planning may be something everyone should know and consider, it’s also something that, for most, may be difficult to connect to. Morrison Law Group found a way to make their content and services accessible and relatable – using the power of video. 


Their social media channels are informative, comprehensive, and surprisingly colorful! Using Promo, the law firm manages to create videos that are easy to follow even when the content they’re presenting may not be. Using Promo’s library of stock footage, royalty-free music, and animated text styles, Harrison Law Group has created a video that represents the firm’s mission and makes it easily accessible to a broader audience.  

In the video above, the law firm introduces a set of important questions in the form of a listicle. While the content in the video is complex and may be a little emotionally overwhelming, Morrison Law manages to create an informative and easy-to-follow video that helps the viewer process the information without feeling overwhelmed. The impact? The ability to create an active and engaging social media presence that allows users to get the information they need and a reliable law firm to follow. 

Main takeaway:

No matter your business’s mission, there’s a way to stand out on social media.  Even if the content you’re creating and relaying to your current and prospective clients and customers is challenging, using Promo’s stock footage and animated text styles, you have the power to create videos that give your business a chance to connect with audiences in a way you may not have been able to otherwise. 

How Bienvenu Brothers are Building Trust With Their Audiences

The Bienvenu Brothers, a 4th generation family-owned and operated plumbing company, knows the importance of keeping up with the times. Since 1937, they’ve been providing services and have earned a reputation. Its mission has always been the same, to be the most dependable and professional. And while their mission has stayed the same – the way they have marketed and promoted their services has evolved throughout the years. 

In addition to its website, the plumbing company has an active social media presence, posting videos celebrating significant holidays and events and sharing tips and reminders. The video above, among others, is an excellent example of building trust with clients. 


While hard sales may speak for themselves, creating content that highlights your services and familiarizes your clients with something that may come of use to them, regardless of whether or not they decide to use your services, will put you ahead of the competition. Give your audience something they value, like an informative video about the industry you’re in. As regularly as you would push sales, show your customers that you’re an expert in your business’ niche. You’ll provide value for your audience and establish credibility and trust with potential consumers.

Trust is the best foundation to build a long-lasting relationship with your existing and potential customers. And adding puppies into the mix? It’s a win-win! 

This 15-second video is short, sweet, and informative. Using Promo’s footage library, the Bienvenu Brothers found a simple clip of a dog wearing glasses – the perfect footage for a “Smart Tip.” Along with the footage, the plumbing business added a tip concerning homes with pets. 

While there’s no hard sale, no call to action inviting clients to call them, the Bienvenu Brothers are building trust with their clients and prospective clients, knowing that educating their viewers on air filters will keep them in mind when clients turn their advice into action – and score leads.  

Main takeaway:

With Promo, businesses have the opportunity to create informative and educational videos in a matter of minutes. Create your videos using Promo’s 110 million+ video assets that are fit for every industry. Alternatively, our ready-made template library includes informative listicles, customer testimonial templates, and product slideshows just waiting to be customized to educate your audience. 

How Bayrock Remodeling is Sharing Customer Reviews 

Bayrock Remodeling is a family-owned roofing, siding, windows, doors, and flooring business in Maryland. When it comes to hiring someone for the job, the decision-making process starts well before clients receive a quote. More likely, it began when they asked a friend for a recommendation or looked at reviews online. And what’s the best way to show off customer reviews in 2022? By showcasing them on social media. 


Bayrock Remodeling created their own social proof collection, sharing their happy customers’ testimonials paired with photos of remodels. Along with a section dedicated to reviews on their website, the home improvement company created a recurring video template called “#FiveStarFriday.” The videos are short, highlight the services their offering, and end with a strong CTA inviting viewers to contact the company to get a quote. 

Building a theme around their testimonials (#FiveStarFriday), the remodeling company can quickly and efficiently share social proof on their social channels, inviting followers to look for themselves, engage, and receive a recommendation from someone that used a service they’re inquiring about.

Main takeaway:

Consumers are more likely to buy after watching a testimonial video displaying how a business, product, or service has helped another person like them. While testimonial videos may not be the first type of video you rush to create – they’re an important part of social media marketing. With Promo, you can create one testimonial template, duplicate it, and customize it when necessary. 

How EV Range is Showing Off Their Services 

​​EV Range provides turnkey EV charging infrastructure solutions. They provide their services nationwide, and their mission is to promote sustainability with a focus on electric vehicle (EV) adoption and deployment. While the company’s mission may be straightforward, it may be hard to translate that story into an ad that sells.  So, how does an EV charging company manage to create visually compelling content? 

While the first image that comes to mind when thinking of charging stations may be something as simple as a parking lot, EV Range found a way to stand out and turn its mission into visually persuasive content. They did that with the help of video (and Promo, of course).


Promo’s footage library, powered by Getty Images, allows companies to browse through thousands of footage and select the videos that help them translate their mission and company into a story that sells. Our selection of footage gives businesses that may not have their own visual language the ability and flexibility to build their social media aesthetic.

With the right footage selection and enticing copy, EV Range created a video highlighting its products and the industries using them. In the ad above, EV Range didn’t start the video with their charging stations; they created a narrative around it, building up to the introduction of their product. They subtly but surely presented their product throughout the video but focused on the golf courts rather than the charging stations. The result? A video that sells not only a product but a lifestyle in a modest yet powerful way. 

Main takeaway:

Create a story around your service or product. Stories not only engage viewers emotionally but also help build trust and inspire action. Grab your prospective customers’ attention with the power of visually compelling storytelling, and then introduce them to your service or product. 

Ready to Get Creating?

If the businesses above have taught us anything, it’s that with the right tools, content creation is no mean feat. Whether you’re relaying information to your clients in an accessible way or building a community, the power of Promo is endless. So what are you waiting for? The opportunity to create stand-out videos is in your hands. Let’s get started!


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