Promo recognized as fastest-growing video platform in “SaaS 1000”

October 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Slidely is proud that Promo has been recognized as the fastest growing video platform in the SaaS 1000 ranking for Q2’2018

We’re happy to share that Promo by Slidely entered the top 250 companies on the SaaS 1000 list for the second quarter of 2018.  Based on revenue and subscriber growth as well as rapid employee growth over the past six months, we’ve been recognized as one of the top-growing SaaS companies worldwide and the fastest growing video platform included in the list.

“The growth we’ve seen in the SaaS industry over the last five years has raised the bar for what it takes to be a leading software company in 2018.” said Thomas Smale, Editor of SaaS 1000. “Out of the tens of thousands of companies analyzed, only a small percentage achieved the growth the SaaS 1000 did, and they deserve recognition for their continued accomplishments.”

Promo by Slidely has been growing rapidly, and we more than doubled the size of our team in the last 12 months as we’ve tripled the size of our user base. In the first nine months of 2018 we already helped the creation of over 500.000 videos and launched dozens of new features to create more value for our customers’ growing demand, as we work on helping them achieve the best results with their videos.These accomplishments are thanks to our incredible, talented team led by CEO & Founder Tom More.

The Promo platform, launched by Slidely in August 2016, empowers businesses to grow online with the power of creative video. During its two year journey, Promo served tens of thousands of paying customers, making it the fastest-growing SaaS video creation platform for businesses worldwide.

We help companies promote their services and products with creative videos that can compete with the big brands. Instead of investing a huge amount of resources, time and money, companies that use Promo can create engaging and inspiring videos quickly, easily and affordably, and stand-out on their audience’s highly competitive social feed.

Our ready-made professional templates make video creation even easier and more effective. In addition to saving time with our easy to use editor, Promo videos are proven to help you attract new leads, increase your reach and audience engagement and generate a higher ROI on your business’ ad spend. You can essentially be assured that you’re on top of social media and marketing design trends and have some fun in the creation process.

We consistently strive to deliver the best content and features for our users. Promo offers its users access to over 12.5 million premium video clips and images, ready-made templates, pre-edited licensed music, and a user-friendly editor.

We are open to hearing your feedback, requests as we try to constantly anticipate the next thing you’ll need in order to better promote and grow your business online.

We are excited about this achievement and we look forward to accelerating our already rapid growth in the coming months.

Thanks to Tom Blue for including us in the SaaS 1000, and congratulations to the rest of the companies on the 2018 Q2 list!


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