10 Best Music Tracks for Your YouTube Intro in 2024

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
January 1, 2024 · 10 min read

You’ve taken the time, put in the effort, and created the perfect YouTube intro for your channel. All that’s left is finding the right music track to bring it all together.

But it can be tricky finding the ideal tune to add to your video, especially after all the work you’ve put into creating that bite-sized intro. You want intro music that is going to reflect your YouTube channel best. Moreover, you want it to reflect your brand. 

You might know what tune you want to use – it’s that catchy single that’s been on the Billboard Top 100 list for the past month. The only problem is that your choice of music is copyrighted, as are many songs that you may want to use for your YouTube intro. 

We’re here to offer a solution. We’re going to help you pick the perfect royalty-free song to add audio to video and create an appealing intro.  

We know that the right intro music will help set the tone for your videos, and it will hook your viewers while setting the mood for what is yet to come in your YouTube video. After watching your intro, they’ll know what to expect; they’ll anticipate it. Intro music is an essential part of your hook. We’ll walk you through it and offer 10 amazing tracks you can use freely, so you can easily decide what track is best to start your videos with.

How to Choose the Right YouTube Intro Music

To pair the right track with your intro, you first need to ask yourself what the purpose of your YouTube channel is going to be. Are you sharing DIY hacks, hosting a gaming channel, or giving tips for a tutorial series? Your niche matters. That being said, there are some key things you should keep in mind when picking the perfect intro music track.

Stay Upbeat! 

No matter what your YouTube channel’s objectives are, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: stay upbeat. Intro music gets your audiences ready for your videos, which means it should draw their attention and keep it for long enough for them to get excited about what comes next! While downbeat music can often be soothing, it will cause the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Keep YouTube Intro Volume in Mind

Just because you’re picking an upbeat tune doesn’t mean you need to blast it in your viewers’ ears. How many times have you been turned off a video because it was too loud? Pick intro music that enhances your video but at a volume that doesn’t scare viewers away. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

As you already know, YouTube intros themselves tend to be pretty short (less than 10 seconds). They’re meant to capture the attention of viewers and help grow anticipation for what comes next. Consequently, intro music should be short as well. 

Pick a track that fits the length of your intro and sounds good alongside it. You’ll want to pick a piece that is grabbing enough for your viewers to get hooked in 10 seconds or less. Better yet, choose a YouTube intro maker that does the work for you and matches the music you choose to the length of your YouTube intro. 

Stay True to Your Brand 

This is the time you consider your niche. If you’re a gaming channel, you’ll want something sharp powerful, a real estate company may lean to an actionable tune. Listen to your gut; no one knows your brand better than you. As we’ve mentioned, the intro music is something you should spend time selecting. It’s an essential part of the branding and should reflect your brand and how you want viewers to see you. What does your brand stand for? Who are you hoping to attract? 

Be Consistent 

Last, yet perhaps most important. Consistency. Consistency, aforementioned, creates familiarity, and familiarity grows trust. Keep the YouTube intro and its music similar enough that it aligns with your brand. 

Where to Find YouTube Intro Music

Now you know what you need when it comes to choosing good intro music for your YouTube intro. The only question is, where do you find it? 

As we’ve discussed above, an essential factor to keep in mind is, a lot of song inspirations that you may want to use when creating your YouTube intro are licensed. Luckily for you, there are many ways around this obstacle. Pretty cool ones that align with YouTube copyright rules, too! So, where can you find music for your YouTube intro? We have a couple of options for you: 

Use a YouTube Intro Maker With a Built-in Music Library

There is a fair share of video makers out there, each offering different features and tools. If you’re planning on creating your YouTube on an online video maker, we suggest choosing one that includes a built-in library of music tracks you can use. Trust us; it will save you a lot of time and effort to browse through vast amounts of music, listening to and selecting the track that best suits your channel. 

Promo’s YouTube intro maker offers what many intro makers do not. Along with a substantial 110M video library at your disposal, you can browse through our pre-approved royalty-free YouTube music library featuring over 1.5K tracks and find the perfect music to add to your YouTube intro.

Once you’ve found your favorite, quickly and easily add it to your YouTube intro. The power of Promo lies both within its super easy-to-use YouTube intro maker, paired with a fantastic music and video selection.

Browse Music Sites

If you aren’t interested in using a YouTube intro maker for your music, some sites offer music downloads. Most of these sites put a price tag on royalty-free music. This means you will, in fact, have to make an initial purchase to use the track but are then free to use it as many times as you want. The downside – once you learn how to add music to a video, you may discover it isn’t a great fit. 

Some sites to look into are NCS, a record label that offers royalty-free electronic music, suited ideally with YouTube intros. NCS started as a YouTube channel itself and in 2017 reached over 1 million paid customers. Another great site to look into is Free Music Archive. While the site is free and open to use, its audio content is curated, and permission to upload it is granted based on invitation only.

Amazing YouTube Intro Music from Promo 

With our YouTube intro maker, you can easily add tracks to your own footage or any of our carefully curated ready-made YouTube intros. You can browse through over 1,500 tracks to find the perfect fit for your intro. To get you started, we’ve added our most popular music tracks accompanied by the YouTube intro that best fits its feel and sound. 

And now, without further ado, here are some of our favorite tracks from our music library, found only on Promo.

Intro Music Track Name: ​​Sugar – Katrina Stone

“Sugar” is a simple, general track.  It can be used for ultimately anything. The track is a simple one, so it would best be paired with a somewhat simple intro. It’s upbeat so try pairing it with bright and colorful visuals to ensure its full effect. 

Intro Music Track Name: Going On Vacation – Rob Mcallister

Another great children’s channel song is “Going On Vacation.” The tune is mellow, light and is the perfect child-friendly jingle. There’s nothing that says “children’s song” quite like whistling, and “Going On Vacation” brings it all together with a nice whistling outro! This track is also perfect for cooking vlogs and DIY channels. It’s happy, inviting, and gives the promise of easily digestible content (no pun intended).   

Intro Music Track Name: Beautiful Day – Curios

“Beautiful Day” can be the perfect substitute for your average pop song. It’s hard giving up the idea that you’ll use your favorite piece in your YouTube intro, but “Beautiful Day” makes that transition easier. The upbeat tune gets audiences excited, and the added vocals make it hard not to sing along. “Beautiful Day” is the perfect track to use for beauty and fashion channels! 

Intro Music Track Name: The Infinite – Veaceslav Draganov

“The Infinite” is a strong tune, best used for YouTube channels that involve mystery and excitement. If your channel focuses on product reviews or tutorials, this track is the perfect fit!

Intro Music Track Name: Making Mistakes – Joshua Logan

Could you think of a better name for a DIY YouTube channel track than “Making Mistakes”? We can’t! This upbeat rock track is perfect for an action-filled YouTube channel that centers on DIY hacks and tricks. 

Intro Music Track Name: Light – Diego Martinez

If you’re in the children’s education industry, you’ll want a YouTube intro that’s inviting and playful. Since young children are your primary audience, it’s essential to remember that the track you’re adding to your intro isn’t intimidating. It should be a simple, light tune that will be easy for kids to enjoy. “Light” is exactly that, a playful tune children of all ages will be able to appreciate, and that parents will love! 

Intro Music Track Name: Hope & Wonder – Nick Petrov

If you have an educational channel, you’ll want something intriguing to get people interested and excited for whatever they are about to learn. “Hope & Wonder” is precisely that. This track is enlightening and inspiring, and no matter what you’re teaching, it’s the perfect track to use. 

Intro Music Track Name: So Fresh – Pajamaramas

When it comes to beauty, wellness, fashion, and everything in between, you’ll want something upbeat and catchy. We recommend you use a song that also features vocals, and “So Fresh” is a perfect example of this type of track. Pair this song with a colorful YouTube intro for best results! 

Final words on Intro Music

When it comes to YouTube intro music, the options can endless. But there are inspiring YouTube intros out there that can help you make you decision. No matter what, remember to keep the correlation between your brand and your channel in mind when creating your YouTube intro, and even more important to keep the connection between your opening and your intro music strong. Our best tip? Have fun with it! We’ve given you our top choices, and there is so much more at Promo.com – like our lyric video makerjust waiting to be discovered, listened to, and used! Happy YouTubing! 

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