Top Three Reasons that Gyms Should Invest in Video Marketing

March 20, 2018 · 3 min read

If you’re looking to increase your visibility in the digital world, usher in new clientele, or maintain the crowd that you’ve already attracted, video marketing for gyms can do all that and more. Video marketing for gyms is quickly taking off as the latest, greatest, and the most effective way to get customers flowing into their establishments and checking out their sites. With that knowledge, ask yourself: why would your gym be any different?

Want a little more explanation as to how your gym can benefit from video marketing for gyms? No sweat, we’ve laid it all out below. Check out a few of our favorite reasons that we know business videos can boost your gym memberships, get the traffic flowing to your gym’s websites, and draw in more new clients for you in a jiffy.

The Top Reasons Your Gym Needs Video Marketing

The Visual Experience is Important

When marketing to your customers, you’re trying to sell them your gym: the equipment, the staff, the experience. That’s nearly impossible to explain fully with simple words and photos. Instead, use videos, as a part of your overall video marketing for gyms strategy, to give your potential customers, and your current ones, that visual experience they need.

You can also use business videos to show them the fitness club, show them the spa center, and show off the personal training sessions they could be experiencing in person. Creating interesting and engaging content with videos doesn’t just attract viewers, it helps highlight all of the features of your gym. Want people to know about the new yoga classes you’re offering? Don’t just write a 200-word blog post about it, show them with a behind-the-scenes video. Tactics like these are sure-fire ways to get people into your gym and on your website.

Your Audience Has Limited Attention

When it comes down to it, reading about a gym often doesn’t provide the insight or perspective a lot of people need to make their choice. Sure, you can write up a beautiful article with tons of valuable information, but if people aren’t seeing it, it’s likely they’re not going to get behind it. That’s where business videos can help.

By serving your customers with video marketing for gyms, you’re doing away with less-effective and more time consuming text-based tactics. Why bog down your site with words that most people won’t care to read? Instead, boost your traffic and your customers’ experience with stimulating video content. Not only does the content capture their attention, it captures a lot more SEO notoriety and can increase the flow of traffic to your website.

Shareable Content Matters

Getting people to come to your gym and visit your site is greatly determined by the clients you already have. Don’t you want to provide them with effective ways to share information about your gym? Sure, they can share a blog post to their social media pages, but how many people do you think are going to take the time to read it?

Giving your current members business videos to share will not only keep them engaged and interested, but get them out and about sharing your stimulating content, too. This is especially important now that Facebook has changed their algorithm, which makes video ads even more vital when it comes to getting more traffic. This plays an important role in how you make and market your business videos and how to create the perfect video marketing for gyms strategy.   

How Promo Can Get You There

Promo by Slidely can help you easily create beautiful marketing videos for your gym. We’re a creative platform that’s here to serve your company, offering everything you need for your videos. If you’re looking for quality content, stunning footage, and affordable business videos, Promo has you covered. Our premium content isn’t just limited to custom creation, either. We can also offer ready-made videos and 24-7 support from our talented team. With Promo, you can create the best gym videos your company could ever need.


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