Why Using A Video Marketing Tool Can Grow Your Business Video Marketing Strategy

on March 26, 2018

No matter how you approach digital marketing, video is vital, and a commercial video maker is often the best route to campaign success. A platform that can enable you to create, edit, and distribute stand-out video quickly for all of your marketing efforts is a tool that you need in your back pocket.

In just a few years, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 83% of all consumer traffic online. That means that people are buying upon viewing video ads video 8 out of 10 times they purchase online. So, if you’ve been avoiding a commercial video maker, you may want to ask why.

A Convenient Commercial Maker

Surprisingly, video marketing is still taking a decent minute to catch on–especially with small businesses. That’s because business owners think being a commercial video maker is a tough thing to do. Either the lack of time, resources, or budgeting often stops a company in their tracks.

Only recently have commercial maker tools been developed that make creating videos easy and affordable. If you need to start somewhere, Promo is one of them. It’s also one of the only tools on the market to fuse premium footage with quality licensed music.  

A commercial maker brand that provides convenience can help you get back to focusing on your business. A visual content platform that offers video services like these, should also include benefits like:

  • Creating video quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide footage and video clips for commercial use.
  • Pre-edited music tracks and sounds.
  • Video editing and marketing.
  • Video templates and customization options.

In addition to the convenience that a commercial maker brings to the table, this is also a concept that allows your business to save big time on budget.

A Commercial Maker On A Budget

It’s about putting the power of marketing back in the hands of your business. With a commercial video maker, there is no need to hire a huge production team. These are the types of tools that allow you to create with freedom. Subsequently, that also means a commercial maker saves you on a variety of costs.

When you hire a production team to create the videos for your marketing, it’s similar to putting on a small show. There’s a fee for a director, lighting, animation, sound, and various other labor costs that a commercial video maker will charge you. This may be too much for a small business budget, and your company could be missing out on important video marketing opportunities.

The cost of even a semi-pro videographer starts at approximately $1,500 for bare bones. Whereas a commercial video maker tool typically has a set of plans they offer for companies big and small. So rather than incur the cost of a large production, you are simply paying a small monthly fee to use a service. This means a commercial maker online will save you thousands on a

marketing budget, for virtually the same results.

Using A Commercial Maker for Marketing Is Your Best Choice

A commercial video maker is one of the best tools available for digital marketing today. In addition to giving you the space to design and create your ads, they also give you the power to market them accordingly. If you have ever shied away from video marketing on Facebook, a commercial maker will make it super simple to create the content.

Additionally, tools that facilitate social media marketing are the key ones you want your business to have. From high-quality footage to brilliant templates, video ads and marketing, an investment in this type of platform encourages brand engagement. A commercial maker facilitates your marketing efforts, it helps you save on your limited budget, and it creates the convenience that allows you to get back to your business at hand.


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