Why We Connect to Branded Visual Content

February 4, 2016 · 2 min read

Today, we, as a whole, spend so much time connected and consuming branded visual content. We’re constantly exposed, thanks to mobile devices and the massive reach of internet access, to branded video content. We see and share photos with quotes and we watch and send videos. We’ve evolved into a mass consumers of not just customized merchandise but also of visual content.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. As technology and networking evolved with all their awesome bells and whistles, it’s given marketers and businesses, through the use of branded visual content, the chance to get to know us better and touch our lives more deeply and closely. It’s helped businesses build trust through transparency and easy communication.

In turn, these building blocks for establishing a real relationship, help consumers understand companies better and make more educated and experienced choices when purchasing. It’s a two way relationship that, if done well, can be a huge win-win situation for both parties.

Building a Relationship with Branded Visual Content

In order to create a strong relationship between consumers and brands through visual content, publishers need to create an emotional connection with their audience. The storyline can follow any emotion and cast any set of characters. But it has to reach into the mind and touch the hearts and stomachs of the audience in order to generate a strong effect and reaction.

It’s better to put the heavy marketing language aside and write an emotional story. Follow your original brand message, never stray from it, but reach deeper into your own, your employees, or your customer stories and create an emotional connection. Make them laugh or cry. Give them goosebumps or butterflies. Fill them with anger or take their breath away. Create an experience from a storyline that they will not only share with their friends, but also help them remember your name and want to learn more about you.

How A Huge Brand Succeeded

Take this recent video released by British Airways. It follows the true story of an employee and her experience flying to India for the first time. While the video seems long at first, you’re immediately sucked into all the emotions both characters experience from beginning to end. It tells a beautiful story that came from a connection made on one of their flights. It connects with travellers, families, friends, employees, and companies. It’s done simply and beautifully. It’s one of the best examples we’ve seen of using clearly branded content to connect emotionally and deeply to a large variety of audiences.

Watch it for yourself and tell us why you liked it.


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