Why You Need A Video Ad Creator

March 26, 2018 · 3 min read

Visual content is the new king, and as its popularity continues to rise, so does the need for a video ad creator. Videos are a powerful medium used by brands to communicate more effectively with their fans. More marketers are investing in paid social video than ever before and for good reason. With a video ad creator like Promo, it’s easier than ever to create beautiful marketing videos to use online.

Video Ads By The Numbers

Video ads are beloved by marketers everywhere. There has never been another medium that enabled brands to inform and amuse consumers in a matter of seconds. Video is not only driving customer engagement, but it is influencing purchase behavior, too.  In fact, 52% of shoppers claim that watching product videos leads to more confident purchasing decisions.  When it comes to converting shoppers to buyers, video ads can have a significant impact.

In a recent survey, 81% of companies said that implementing video led to an increase in sales. Also, 76.5% of marketers told Small Business Trends that video marketing directly impacted their business. It’s no wonder that 37% of marketers consider visual marketing the most important type of content they produce. Isn’t it time you used a video ad creator and market your business with video?

Where To Implement Video Ads Online

Whether shared on social media, sent in an email or embedded on a website, it’s no secret that visual content has widespread use. Video is both dynamic and engaging, and it gives you the best chance at grabbing the attention of your customers.

Share on social media

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are a few of the more popular spaces for videos and video ads. Currently, more than 500 million people watch video on Facebook each day. Even amongst all the noise, most people can recall a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days. Plus, social networks are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach an engaged group of people.

Email Your Video

Using video in emails is another big win for marketers. Simply stating “video” in an email subject increases clickthrough rates by 65%. It’s no doubt that your emails will stand out in a crowded inbox. Plus, including video increases the likelihood of shares and forwards, helping your message go viral.

Publish on Your Website

You want to keep visitors on your website long enough to convert them to customers, right? Do this by making your site useful and entertaining with videos. Use them to highlight products in order to boost purchasing decision or to show off a before and after of your services.

Posting videos to your website also has the added benefit of enhancing your SEO. Google and other search engines actively rank websites higher that contain a rich, mixture of media, including video content.

Ready To Make Beautiful Ads?

If all this leads you to the conclusion that video ads are a must have for your business, then you need to get started. After all, you need beautiful, professional quality videos to help spread your message to potential customers. Good thing there’s Promo by Slidely.

Promo by Slidely is a video ad creator that helps you create professional visual content in a few simple steps. Promo fuses a premium video library with handpicked music and original copy to create a promotional video at an affordable price.

Need additional guidance? You can customize fully packaged videos created by award-winning designers, modify existing templates, and more. Plus, all the videos you make are yours to use wherever, forever.

Use Promo to promote anything you would typically advertise – coupons, new products, sales, and more. The difference? Your ads will be more effective than ever before. Promo is the one-stop video ad creator you’ve been looking for all this time.



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