Social Media & Community Manager

About The Position

What will you do?

As Promo’s Social Media & Content Manager you’ll lead the conversation on our social media channels and online community building efforts for our leading product, Promo.

You’ll also analyze statistical reports, conduct in-depth competitor and user research, and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest Internet trends. You must be a passionate and creative writer and social media evangelist.

Your day to day responsibilities include:

Write all social media content, blog posts, case studies and be able to edit all English related content. Manage social media channels and increase engagement and followers across multiple platforms for Promo. Build community engaging content opportunities, engage with super users and build relationships with influencers. Work with Video Creative Team to create culturally relevant product collections and a dynamic content calendar.


What do you need to succeed? 

2+ years professional writing experience.

2+ years social media and community management

Content expertise and deep understanding of social media and community engagement.

Native English (American/Canadian).

Experience in writing digital content, content curation and developing content per user strategies.

Detail oriented and analytical with excellent consulting, problem solving and verbal communication skills.

Proven ability to thrive within cross-functional teams. Experience working with multiple stakeholders on projects.

Ability to prioritize tasks and execute on tight deadlines.

Experience maintaining high content and visual standards.

Advantage: Experience with WordPress and Social Media Publishing Tools (ie: Buffer, Hootsuite).

Advantage: Experience in front facing content for global brand.

Understands internet trends within US market.

Tel- Aviv

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What Are We Doing?

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