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Create Instagram Story Ads that Convert

Maximize the potential of Instagram Stories Ads with an ad that gets your audience to stop and take notice. Sharing through Instagram Stories is quickly expected to surpass sharing on the feed. The opportunity for increased brand awareness is huge. 

Don't be left behind because you assume high-quality video production is out of your league. is for everyone: small businesses, large businesses, and medium-sized businesses. Everyone can benefit from using the Instagram Story ad maker. 

Stand Out and Get Results 

The world of Instagram is a busy one. As an advertiser, your most pressing challenge is getting people to stop scrolling and actually watch your ad. To do that, you need thumb-stopping visuals combined with smart composition. That's where the Instagram Story ad templates come in. When you choose to make your ad on, you'll start miles ahead of the pack.

Our Instagram Story ad templates make success easy. First, choose a template that aligns with your specific advertising goal. Then, customize your story using our massive library of gorgeous themed video clips, thousands of hours of royalty-free music, and lots of text formatting options. Pull it all together in as little as five minutes thanks to our straightforward drag-and-drop editor.

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In just 5 minutes, you can create a video ad that has the power to completely transform your brand.

Step 1
Sign up to (it’s free!) or log into your account
Step 2
Choose the ideal Instagram Story ad template that fits your goal
Step 3
Use our online editor to customize your video, add your own branding, and write text
Step 4
Preview, download, and you’re done!

Promote Your Business With Instagram Story Ads

Anyone who has advertised anything in the last five years agrees. There are so many social media platforms and so many design specifications; it's hard to nail the technical requirements for each specific project. At, we've ironed out the technical bits for you. Just choose an Instagram Story ad template and you are good to go. 

All our Instagram Story ad templates are optimized for Instagram ad design specifications: 

  • 15-second maximum length
  • Attention-grabbing visuals
  • Clear calls to action 
  • Vertical playback 
  • Scaled to fit full-screen 9:16 aspect ratio
  • High-resolution footage 
  • Instagram-supported downloadable file formats

Check Out These Immersive Ad Templates

To see results from your Instagram Story ad you need two things: a clear goal and stunning visuals. Luckily, has already done the heavy lifting for you. Check out these winning ad templates. Each one is customized for a specific business marketing goal.

Spring Cleaning
Don't Worry
City Bike App
My Promo video #22
My Promo video #38

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Why choose

We make video ads easy. Instead of spending thousands of dollars curating the perfect design scenes, use footage from the scenes we've already produced. Our library has over 15 million high-quality video clips to get you started. No design experience needed! All the tools and features you need to create an Instagram ad are at your fingertips. 

Check out just some of’s ad builder features: 

  • Video templates optimized for Instagram 
  • Millions of professionally-made, high-quality video clips
  • Royalty-free music
  • Drag and drop text editing
  • Filters and branded color schemes 
  • Award-winning customer support

Finally, you can produce an immersive Instagram Story ad to propel your business forward. With, it only takes five minutes.

What are Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram Story Ads exist within Instagram Stories right at the top of the News Feed. The ad automatically appears in between your targeted audience's organic Instagram Stories. They display just like regular stories, except they last only 15 seconds. Just like regular stories, ads are full screen, vertical, and clickable. But unlike regular Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, you choose how long you want to run your ad.

What are some Instagram Story Ad best practices?

Stop the instinctive swipe-through with an eye-catching story ad. At, we make it easy to achieve an Instagram advertising victory. Here are seven keys to success: 

  1. Target the right audience
  2. Set a clear marketing goal 
  3. Add interest by using multiple scenes 
  4. Display your brand logo clearly
  5. Use sound to add relevance 
  6. Don't forget a call to action
  7. Use A/B testing to track results
What can I edit in my videos?

Everything! The templates are there to help you, not to hold you back. If you want, you can let your creativity soar and add a personal touch to every element of the story ad. Add, remove and trim video clips to fit your story. Choose a text style and write and edit catchy CTAs. Add stock photos from Shutterstock and Getty or your upload your own brand images. Incorporate a color filter and don't forget to add music to create an immersive effect. Complete your Instagram Story ad by adding your logo to make it truly yours.

How much will my video ad cost?

You can start creating on for free, no credit card required. Create drafts, invite team members to view videos you've created, and get a sense of what Promo has to offer – 100% free. Only pay once you are delighted with the results.

When you are ready to download your story ad, offers flexible subscription plans to best suit your company needs. Visit our Pricing Page to learn more about available plans.

What if I need help with something?
No problem! If you get stuck on an element while you are creating your video, our customer support team is here to help. Need big-picture advice on marketing or social media best practices? Check out the practical guides in the knowledge center today!

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