Up to 30 Branded Videos Tailored For Your Business, In One Click!

Automatically Create, Publish and Schedule On-Brand Videos for Social Media In Minutes!

Generated by AI, Curated by Pros!

PromoAI generates social media videos that take your brand to new heights in minutes! Each video post combines unique and relevant copy, footage, music, and branding

Sales Videos

Showcase your product or service in an engaging and persuasive way to drive more conversions

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Provide valuable and easily digestible content to educate, attract and retain the attention of your audience and establish yourself as a trusted source of information

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Holiday Greetings

Connect on a personal and emotional level, foster a sense of goodwill, and build a stronger relationship with your audience

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Social Media Holidays

Leverage the popularity and engagement surrounding these events, increase your visibility, reach a wider audience, and enhance your brand presence

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Inspirational Videos

Motivate and inspire your audience, create a positive association with your brand, and strengthen brand loyalty

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Grow Your Brand With Automatic Social Media Videos

Your Brand, Your Story

Share your website address and PromoAI will automatically retrieve your business description, logo and brand colors.

Review, edit and confirm the description: the more details you provide, the better the output.

PromoAI Works Its Magic

PromoAI will create tailor-made videos that reflect your style and message.

Sit back as our AI curates the perfect footage, music, engaging copy, and apply your branding to create fresh and relevant videos for your business

Edit and Publish

Review, edit, and have the final say on your videos.

Easily schedule or publish the ones you like to your social media directly from PromoAI, with matching auto-generated post titles, descriptions, and tags.


Powered by
Getty Images

PromoAI is powered by unlimited premium videos and photos from Getty Images’ and iStock. Our creative AI matches stunning footage, granting you a risk-free perpetual license for all content used.

Complete Control
and Flexibility

Easily edit texts, replace footage or music, and adjust colors and positions with our award-winning video editor.

You have the creative freedom to easily make changes or add a personal touch before publishing your posts

Streamline your social media success

Easily create promotional, social and seasonal content to all your platforms using PromoAI.

From professional LinkedIn videos to engaging Instagram posts, using a single, comprehensive tool.

Effortless Publishing
& Scheduling

Manage your social media content effectively with PromoAI’s calendar overview and always maintain a consistent and active presence.

Save time and effort by publishing & scheduling directly from PromoAI.