Add Watermark to Video

Increase your brand recognition by adding a watermark to any video in a few simple steps!

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Add Watermark to Video

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Watermark Your Videos Instantly

Easily add a watermark to your video and scale your brand online with just a few clicks. Easily expand your online visibility to increase engagement on social media and more with consistently branded videos that stand out with your personalized video watermarking.

Build Your Brand Recognition

Video watermarks are an effective way to increase brand recognition. With Promo’s watermark tool, you can add watermarks to videos in just a few clicks in every frame for greater visibility.

Customize Watermarks

Embed logos in videos that match your video’s theme. Effortlessly customize your logo watermark’s size and transparency to match your video’s visual language.

Add Watermark Flexibly

With Promo’s watermark tool you can easily strategically place your watermark where you need in the first frame to ensure critical elements throughout the video are not blocked or obscured.

Save Watermark for All Projects

Our built-in brand manager allows you to store up to five watermarks or logos all in one place for future use and quick access.

How To Add Watermark to Video

Upload Your Video & Logo

Upload your logo or watermark and video footage to, or choose footage from millions of videos in our visual library. At, making a watermark is easy.

Add Your Customized Watermark

Customize your watermark with text and Promo’s design tools, and then adjust the size, transparency, and placement on each frame.

Preview & Publish

Once you’ve finished branding your video with your watermark, click on “Save & Preview,” to see your work and then “Publish,” to share directly to your social channels, or download.

Why Use's Add Watermark to Video Tool

5-Star Support When Adding a Watermark

At, it’s easy to add a watermark to videos, but just in case you might need help, we are always here for you with our 5-star 24-hour support team.

No Installation Required

Forget about those tiresome downloads. With, you can add a watermark to videos entirely online, straight from your browser, so no heavy downloads or installation are necessary.

Reinforce Your Brand’s Messaging

At, adding a watermark to every frame in your video connects your brand’s identity to your video messaging, increasing online brand visibility and engagement. You can also add watermarks to videos and freshly re-brand all your older videos for re-use! At, repurposing videos is easy when you strategically personalize your videos with watermarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add watermark to video

Upload your video and logo watermark, or choose some footage from our attention-grabbing videos in our media library, featuring over 110M photos and videos from iStock and Getty Images.

Why you should add logo watermark to video

Impact viewer’s attention spans with your watermark or logo that you use over and over to drive your brand’s awareness online. When you add a watermark to videos and customize them to match your brand’s message, you increase engagement by branding your visual content consistently.

What is a watermark on a video?

A watermark on a video is a logo or an image, and sometimes text that overlays on your video in a strategic position in each frame that represents a kind of digital signature associating your video to your brand. Customizing your watermark with easy-to-use design tools like Promo’s watermark tool will help your brand stand out.

How to add watermark to YouTube video

If you’re looking to learn how to add a watermark to a youtube video, no problem! We’ve got you covered. Simply upload your YouTube video to Promo’s video editor and use the “Add Watermark to Video” tool. Brand your video with your watermark and build brand recognition that drives engagement with a strategically placed logo in every frame.

Add a watermark to any video and more

If you’re looking to add a watermark to your videos, we’ve got your back. However, there’s much more to do on Explore our collection of online video creation and editing tools and start creating more powerfully branded videos today.

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