Happy Birthday GIF

Create a custom happy birthday GIF in minutes. It’s fast to create, easy to share and completely online.

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Custom Birthday GIF

Create birthday GIF

Custom Birthday GIF

No more boring happy birthday wishes. With Promo.com you can create a completely personal, funny and engaging happy birthday GIF. Use your own videos and photos or access over 110M+ visual assets in our media collection. No matter what you decide, your birthday animation will win over anyone who receives it.

Fun Footage Options

Upload your videos or choose from birthday-themed videos, favorite cities, cute & cuddly animals, funny moments and more! Our media library offers endless footage possibilities for that perfect personalized birthday GIF!

Personalize Easily

Happy birthday animations are all about being personal. Our online GIF editor is so easy to use you will be able to customize your GIF every step of the way and create that awesome birthday GIF you imagined.

Add Text & Style

Caption your birthday GIF any way you like with dozens of custom text styles designed for the perfect happy birthday animation. You can style the text by choosing from hundreds of fonts or uploading your own. Don’t forget to add the name (or nickname) of your birthday GIF receiver.

Birthday GIF With Watermark

If you are a business looking to create a happy birthday GIF for your customers, our GIF maker enables you to add your watermark to any birthday GIF you create. The result – branded GIF birthday wishes for maximum effect and brand visibility.

How to Create A Birthday GIF

Upload or Choose Your Videos

Upload your video or photos to Promo’s online video editor or choose your footage from our amazing media library.

Add Text to Your Birthday GIF

Choose the part of the video you want to turn to a GIF and add your captions. You can easily place them anywhere in the frame, adjust the caption size, color and font for the perfect result.

Publish & Export as GIF

On the publish page, choose ‘export as GIF’. Use the two blue handles to choose the perfect trim for your happy birthday GIF and crop as needed. Once you’ve got the handles right where you want them, you can download or share your edited GIF with the click of a button.

Why Use Promo.com's Birthday GIF Maker

Easily Create Birthday GIFs

Bring a smile to anyone’s face with a completely personalized GIF made just for them. Promo’s birthday GIF maker is so easy to use, that you will soon be creating birthday GIFs for all your loved ones!

Unlimited Birthday GIF Downloads

Not only can you create unlimited birthday GIFs using Promo.com, you can also download as many as you like. With endless birthday GIF possibilities, you’ll never run out of GIF birthday wishes for your loved ones.

Create Birthday GIF in Any Format

Want to surprise your special someone with a social media birthday GIF shoutout? We’ve got you covered. Easily download your birthday GIF in three different social media formats.

What Our Clients Say

Trying out Promo and it LOOKS GOOD!! We frequently advertise our products on Facebook and Instagram, which is why we like videos, as they tend to be more engaging. Overall, Promo is simple to use and has good content.

Profil Indah

Amazing tool! Easy to use, great value for money and huge impact with our audience.

Filipa Larangeira

This is the best video-making website. The support is incredibly helpful and very very fast!

jamal van turenhout

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a happy birthday GIF from a video?

At Promo.com, making that personalized happy birthday GIF is simple. First, import your video to Promo.com’s happy birthday GIF maker or choose from our extensive footage online. Then, easily edit the GIF animations using the editing tools straight from your browser. Finally, save & Preview and then download! – voila! You’ve got yourself a happy birthday GIF.

How do I edit my happy birthday GIF?

You can edit your happy birthday GIF in our video editor. Just upload your video to our GIF maker or choose from our footage for that perfect clip. Then crop, add text and resize your happy birthday GIF as needed. Finally, be sure to check out our customization tools to personalize!

How do I choose a specific segment of the video for my happy birthday GIF?

To find that perfect segment in your happy birthday GIF, simply upload your video, and once in the video editor, choose your ratio size in the upper right-hand corner. Then edit your GIF as needed and the Save & Preview and then Publish. On the publish page, select Export as a GIF. Use the blue handles in the pop-up window that appears to edit the specific segment of your video you want as your happy birthday GIF!

Create Happy Birthday GIFs and More

With Promo’s online birthday GIF maker, you can easily send those GIF birthday wishes. But that’s not all you can do. Our online video tools will enable you to create videos, GIFs and social media content anytime, anywhere.

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