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Create a Montage Video in Minutes

Looking to combine pictures and videos into one perfect montage? Our video montage maker is the answer! Combine your videos, photos, or both into one powerful video you can easily share. Access millions of photos and videos to boost your montage, use your own footage or combine the two!

Video Montage with Music

Use our collection of high-quality royalty-free music to find the perfect video montage background. Filter by Genre, Mood, and more to find the best track.

Unlimited Montage Footage Options

Use your own footage for your video montage or merge video with over 110M photos and videos from iStock and Getty Images available in our online library.

Brand Your Video Montage

With our montage maker, you can easily personalize any montage by uploading a logo or watermark and choosing the text style and color to fit your brand. Stand out on every frame!

Design Your Video Montage

Design your montage by adding captions, customized text,  a video outro, and more. Choose from animated transitions and text presets for a designed touch.

How to Make a Video Montage

Upload or Choose Media

Upload your videos and photos or choose from our extensive library of video footage and templates. Take your pick, or use both for that perfect video montage.

Design Your Montage

In just a few clicks, our design tools will help you capture your audience with personalized animated text presets, transitions, color palettes, and customized font types.

Preview & Publish or Download

After you’ve arranged your videos and photos and designed your slideshow with creative text, colors – and even added your brand logo, you can preview & publish to see your work.

Why Use's Montage Maker?

Completely Online

Our video montage maker can be used straight from your browser! No download or installation is necessary! In a few easy steps, create a scroll-stopping video montage.

Customized Design

Promo offers extensive design tools to express your brand’s voice throughout your video montage to drive engagement. Customize fonts, transitions, music, and more!

Montage Video Editing Support

Creating the perfect montage is easy with Promo, but just in case you might need help, we are always here for you with our 5-star 24-hour support team.