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Automatically Craft, Publish, and Schedule Captivating Travel Content Videos for Social Media In Minutes

Embark on a journey of compelling storytelling

Generated by AI and curated by Promo professionals, PromoAI generates travel social media videos that propel your travel advertising to new heights, faster than a jet takes off! Each travel company ad is a passport to engaging storytelling, blending unique copy, breathtaking footage, soothing music, and your distinct branding.

Promotional Offer Videos

Highlight special deals, discounts, or packages. These videos can focus on limited-time offers, early bird specials, group discounts, or exclusive packages, creating urgency and encouraging viewers to book.

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Destination Highlight Videos

Showcase the beauty and uniqueness of destinations, highlighting key attractions, local culture, and experiences.

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Adventure and Activity Videos

Highlight adrenaline-pumping activities or serene experiences available at various destinations, such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, hiking, or yoga retreats.

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Travel Tips and Guides Videos

Provide valuable travel tips, packing guides, local etiquette, and must-see spots to position your business as a knowledgeable industry leader.

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Seasonal and Event-Based Videos

Capitalize on seasonal trends or local events, creating videos that tie in with holidays, festivals, or seasonal changes in destinations

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Elevate Your Travel Agency with Automatic Social Media Videos

Your Brand, Your Odyssey

Share your travel agency website address and PromoAI will automatically fetch your business description, logo, and brand colors.

Review, edit, and confirm the description: the more vivid your travel agency details, the better your social media ads for will be.

PromoAI’s Magic on Your Itinerary

PromoAI crafts tailor-made travel promotional videos that echo your style and message, as if tailored by a professional marketer.

Sit back and relax in your first-class seat as our AI curates the perfect travel content, engaging travel company advertisement copy, and applies your branding to create fresh and enticing trip adverts for your voyages.

Edit, Publish and Share

Review, edit, and give the final approval on your travel agency video.

Easily schedule or share your travel social media posts directly from PromoAI, complete with auto-generated post titles, descriptions, and tags.


Powered by Getty Images

PromoAI is fueled by an unlimited treasure trove of premium videos and photos from Getty Images’ and iStock. Our creative AI navigates through stunning travel destination video footage, granting you a risk-free perpetual license for all content used.

Complete Control and Flexibility

Edit texts, swap footage or music, and adjust colors and positions with our award-winning video editor.
Unleash your creativity before launching your travel agency social media post and vacation ads.

Navigate Your Travel Marketing Agency to Success

Craft promotional, social, and seasonal content for all your platforms using PromoAI. From travel agency digital marketing to engaging Facebook ads for travel agency, navigate your brand’s journey with a single, comprehensive compass

Effortless Publishing & Scheduling

Steer your travel company advertisement effectively with PromoAI’s calendar overview. Save time and effort by publishing & scheduling travel agency promo video, travel agency video ads, or travel destination video directly from PromoAI.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence in the Travel Industry

Enhance your understanding of the travel industry’s digital landscape. Gain insights into effective online travel advertising, engaging travel agency social media posts, and impactful travel agency video ads. Discover how PromoAI can be a pivotal tool in your social media strategy, offering innovative solutions like targeted facebook ads for travel agencies.