5 Tips for Creating Successful Valentine’s Day Videos

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
January 17, 2022 · 7 min read

Valentine’s Day was all about heart-shaped candy and your middle school crush when we were younger. Fast forward to 2022, and February 14th is now a marketing holiday that reaches far and wide. It celebrates all forms of love and is far from a day limited to flowers and candy. For business owners, this shift means possibilities to sell products and services beyond roses and chocolates.

Not only are consumers interested in buying presents for their significant others, but roughly three and a half billion dollars is spent on gifts for other family members. In 2021, American’s spent a collective $21.8 billion celebrating the heart-filled holiday. Yes, you read that number right.

There’s no reason your business shouldn’t make the most of the holiday and all it has to offer. So, how can you stand out and reach the hearts of your customers this year? With video, of course!

Keeping this in mind, you can start planning a video-driven marketing plan focused on promoting sales, engaging customers, and most of all, LOVE. And we’re going to ensure you make the most of your video creation and communication this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re promoting a Valentine’s Day sale, celebrating love, or simply wishing your followers a Happy Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to follow to ensure your content engages your followers, expresses your message, and makes your customers feel valued and loved.

Here are a few ways to use Promo to make this Valentine’s Day that much more filled with love.

1. Celebrate All Kinds of Love

While it’s easy to fall back and create holiday promotions that depict “a classic Hollywood romance,” it’s 2022, and everyone knows that love isn’t celebrated in one way. Customer expectations to see businesses and brands showcasing this understanding have never been higher.

Don’t disappoint them! By creating inclusive Valentine’s Day campaigns, you can potentially reach a wider audience and upsell your products and services while making everyone feel seen and valued.

Your followers celebrate different types of love and relationships. Self-love, same-sex love, best friends, multi-love, families, coworkers, and beyond. Keep this in mind when creating your Valentine’s Day social media content. Include footage that depicts love in all its shapes, ages, and sizes. Empower your customers to celebrate the holiday with anyone in their life (including themselves).

You might be asking yourself what kind of resources you need to produce such diverse visuals. The answer might surprise you. Thanks to the accessibility of premium stock footage for flat monthly fees on Promo, having the power to include diversity in your social media content has never been easier.

Promo tip: Ouronline video maker comes hand in hand with a powerful stock footage library featuring premium assets from Getty Images and iStock. All paid plan members have access to unlimited use of any footage from the library in their projects. This means you have the opportunity to create Valentine’s Day campaigns that include EVERYONE!

2. Get Personal in Your Valentine’s Messaging

While we tend to default to social media for our video marketing campaigns, it’s essential to incorporate them in your email communications. In fact, including video to email communications can increase your email CTRs by 65%. So, if you have yet to unlock the power of video in email marketing, allow us to play cupid and shoot an arrow between your business and video email marketing.

It may seem challenging to create Valentine’s Day campaigns for your email communications, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s all about personalization. This February, boost brand recognition and customer engagement by practicing personalization. Personalized email messages improve open rates by 26% and increase engagement, sales, and revenue.

So, what should you do to maximize your personalization in email marketing this Valentine’s Day? Start with an irresistible subject line! Captivate your customers by playing on the theme of l-o-v-e! For example, “We’re in LOVE with these hot February deals,” or “[Customer Name], won’t you be our Valentine?” Once you’ve hooked your audience, next comes the email’s content.

When it comes to content, including personalized videos and GIFs in your email communications, many clients are looking for an extra touch. While creating personalized content may seem time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. With Promo, you can create one “master” Valentine’s email template, duplicate it, and then personalize it by altering your customers’ names. Your customers will receive a personalized Valentine’s video made just for them!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Tap Into Humor

Even if you don’t have a product or service explicitly created for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean your business should be left behind. Find that unique edge your business has and capitalize on it this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re a travel agency, a real estate agent, or a restaurant, you can easily promote Valentine’s Day by tapping into some holiday humor. In 2021, 39% of consumers did their Valentine’s Day shopping online, so you know social media ads are as important as ever. 

Running short on ideas? Get inspired by one of our ready-made templates that can be easily customized for your business in minutes like you can see in the example below:

Whatever your business offers this Valentine’s Day, select, customize, and share Promo’s ready-made templates to optimize your marketing potential.

Alter the template’s text and footage to match your business type, and develop an engaging outro and CTA that will have your customers making their orders and reservations as soon as the video ends. We used the same template (the one shown above) and simply edited the second frame to work for these businesses. No matter the offer, the same humorous message is delivered and understood across these business types.


4. Use the Colors of Love 

Go that extra step and Valentine’s Day-ify your social media content this year. You can do so by simply changing social media video themes, colors, and text styles for the few weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. With Promo, you have the power to create custom videos and change text style fonts and colors, specifically for Valentine’s Day. Use our text styles and pair them up with the colors of love. 

Here are our Valentine’s Day color recommendations, courtesy of Scheme Color.

The colors you see above are, (from left to right): UE Red (#C00000), Deep Carmine Pink (#FF3334), Begonia (#FF6F77), Light Pink (#FFBBC1), Piggy Pink (#FFDEE3) and Tulip (#FF8896).

Use any color hex (we recommend the ones listed above), and change your text style colors to set the mood in your romantic Valentine’s Day videos. Here’s how:

In our video editor, you have the power to play with the color gradient until you find the right color for your project. Alternatively, you can simply type your desired color hex into the designated box, as seen below!


5. Take Advantage of Our Music Library

Last but not least, don’t forget to add romantic music to your videos! No matter what videos you’re creating this Valentine’s Day, make sure to set the tone with the right music. Promo’s music library is home to thousands of royalty-free music tracks to choose from.

While creating your Valentine’s Day video, use the search bar and enter the title or artist name you’re looking for. We recommend selecting the genre, mood, and tempo to find the perfect tune for your Valentine’s Day videos. When filtering through “Mood,” you’ll notice there’s a mood titled “Romantic” – we recommend you check those tracks out! Here are some top choices that we LOVE, but many more are waiting for you inside.

“Road to You” by Nate Walker 

“Through the Pines” by Archer

“Love” by Paolo Michelini

Ready to Create Valentine’s Day Videos?

Like so many other holidays, Valentine’s Day is an amazing opportunity to boost brand awareness and engage customers while promoting sales. By utilizing inclusive footage, holiday colors, romantic music, and more across your marketing channels, you can give more love to customers this Valentine’s Day and reach new audiences like never before. Now that you know what you need to create Valentine’s Day ads that sell and engage, it’s time to get out there and create!

From our hearts to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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