9 Videos You Need to Succeed on LinkedIn Stories

November 27, 2020 ยท 4 min read

Over the last couple of years, many social media platforms have introduced the option for their users to post stories. Stories are short videos or photos that are only available for a set period of time; in most cases, 24 hours. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat users have most definitely come across this feature and now LinkedIn users are as well.ย 

So now that stories are available on LinkedIn, you may be wondering what type of content you should be posting. After all, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, and you wouldnโ€™t want to post a photo of what you had for breakfast or your dinner date for all of your professional contacts to see.ย 

So without further ado, here are nine videos you can post to your companyโ€™s LinkedIn story to increase your viewership and your chances of success.

Give an Inside Look at Your Office Cultureย 

Show off the things (and people) that are unique to your company. People outside of your business would love to get an inside look behind the scenes. Take videos of your employees when they are serious at work, making presentations, or even when theyโ€™re just goofing around. This can give both potential customers and employees a glimpse of what it means to be a part of your company.ย 

Hop on an Industrial or Global Trend

Hopping on an industrial or global trend is a great way to show people that your company cares about the same things that they do. By sharing videos of your company participating in the latest trend or challenge, youโ€™ll be sure to spark interest and attract your audienceโ€™s attention.ย  For example, if your audience is passionate about going green, then you can show them how you are doing this within your company. Post stories about how youโ€™re switching to sustainable lighting or to hemp paper. As long as your audience is showing interest in that topic, they will want to see what you are doing about it.ย 


There are three main stages for advertising events on your LinkedIn stories. The first is posting to promote an upcoming event, the second is posting teasers about ongoing events, and the third is posting after an event to let everyone know how it went.ย  Whether youโ€™re talking about an in-person or digital event, talking about it on LinkedIn can increase your attendance and get more people talking about you.ย 

Educate People

LinkedIn stories arenโ€™t very long, so you may not be able to expand upon every topic. However, you can still use them to educate your viewers on other topics of interest in the allotted time. If you make your videos enjoyable, people will look forward to learning something from you.ย 

Customer Testimonials

Social proof sells. People will be more convinced to buy from you if they see that other people have had a good experience with your products or services. For example, if essayservice.comย decides to show their potential clients videos of their customers who have had professional essays written by their writers, potential clients will be more likely to hire them.ย 


If you have a topic you are interested in, you can use your LinkedIn stories to inspire people to be interested in the same thing. Building off of theย  example of going green. A company that has saved money by switching to renewable energy sources can inspire others to make the same move.ย 

Walkthrough of Your Product Development Process

Weโ€™re not saying that you should give away your company secrets or anything, however, people are curious about where the products they use come from. You can satisfy their curiosity by walking them through your production process or by interviewing some of the people working in the process.

Company News

Do you have a new CEO at your company? Why not introduce them in your LinkedIn stories. Briefly introduce new team members and speak about why they are qualified for the job. Alternatively, have them record a short video introducing themselves and talking about what they hope to do for your organization. You can talk about things you would like your clients to know about your organization, be it the expansion of your company to a new market or the closure of particular branches. No matter what it is, itโ€™s great for it to come from a friendly face!

Product Update and Releasesย 

You can also post videos about your products to your LinkedIn stories. Talk about how your new releases are different from the old products or how the latest updates will benefit new clients. Even if you donโ€™t sell products, you can post about new practices that your organization is implementing in your service delivery process, how they differ from previous practices, and any associated benefits.ย 

In Summary

LinkedIn talked about how they intend for LinkedIn stories to allow users to ask questions, teach others a skill, share unique insights, etc. Used correctly, your LinkedIn stories can serve as another tool in your marketing toolbox to bring you close to people and increase your chances of success.ย 



Thomas Moore is a digital marketing professional and freelance writer who works for EssayService. He enjoys writing useful pieces and sharing his expertise. He is an author of numerous posts and articles published both online and in print media.

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