20 Happy Birthday GIF Ideas for 2024

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
January 3, 2024 · 17 min read

It’s someone special’s birthday. Everyone’s sending birthday wishes in the group chat, and now it’s your turn. You want to be original but aren’t sure how. This is the perfect time to whip out a happy birthday GIF! And no, we’re not talking about those generic GIFs you see everywhere. We’re talking about an original GIF hand-crafted uniquely by you.  

Let us introduce you to the future of birthday wishes – customized animated birthday wishes. 

We’re going to break down the ins and outs of happy birthday GIFs, what to look for in a GIF editor, how and when to share them, and virtually anything you wanted to know – or didn’t think you needed to know about wishing someone an animated happy birthday.

Let’s get GIFfy with it. 

What Exactly is a Birthday GIF?

We know it’s hard to keep up with passing social media trends, but we can promise you GIFs are a trend that’s destined to stay. GIFs have been around for a while now, since their popularity exploded in 2013. They’ve since become increasingly popular and have even gone viral. 

GIFs are great for digital marketing, e-mails, social media, text messages, and any sort of interaction made online. GIFs are suitable for any occasion, especially birthdays. They’re a fun way to connect with whoever is receiving them. This is why it is essential to keep them in mind next time you’re wondering how to wish a special someone a happy birthday. 

While most people are used to going online and finding ready-made GIFs, we’re here to introduce a new concept to you. You have the power to create your own animated happy birthday GIF. Yes, you read that right. We know, you probably never thought you’d ever have the opportunity to create a GIF, but we’re going to ensure that next time you think about sending a happy birthday GIF to your loved ones, it will be you that made it! 

20 Custom Happy Birthday GIFs For Inspiration

Funny Happy Birthday GIF

GIFs were made to be funny, and birthday GIFs are no exception. A funny birthday GIF can go a long way and bring a smile to many faces. Looking for some happy birthday GIF funny ideas? Use the term ‘funny birthday’ to search our media library. The results will surely bring a smile to your face and your creative ball rolling.


Happy Birthday GIF Funny


Birthday Dance GIF

It’s your birthday – dance! Nothing says have a happy birthday like a happy birthday dance GIF. Use fun, colorful, fast footage to bring out the best in your this birthday greeting!

Boss Birthday GIF

Don’t know how to wish your boss a happy birthday? Why not send them a Happy Birthday Boss GIF? It’s the perfect way to wish your boss a happy birthday and show them you love them.

Birthday Balloons

No matter how old you are, it’s always fun celebrating birthdays with balloons! This happy birthday balloon GIF is the perfect universal birthday wish, fit for both old and young! 

Happy Birthday Cat GIF

The world splits into two, dog lovers and cat lovers. For those of you who have cool-cat friends, why not make them a birthday cat GIF? 

Happy Birthday Unicorn GIF

A happy birthday unicorn is a perfect GIF to send to, well, anyone. Who doesn’t love a unicorn? Make sure the animation you use is bright and colorful, to ensure anyone that receives it has an especially happy birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Day GIF

Twenty-one is a big one. Celebrate the meaningful occasion with a funny birthday GIF, a smile, and a legal toast.


Happy Birthday Wishes GIF

Be the one one who makes all the birthday wishes come true. This birthday wishes GIF is sure to have even the most non believers blowing out their GIF candle.

Birthday Cake

What’s a birthday without some cake? If you’re feeling a little uninspired, you can always use a happy birthday cake GIF as a backup. All you need to do is find a funny birthday cake pun and be on your way! Some examples of cake puns you might want to use could be “Whisking you a happy birthday” or “You make life fun-fetti!”

Happy Birthday Mom GIF

Mom’s deserve their own birthday GIFs, and the sweeter the footage – the better!

Happy Birthday Dad GIF

Surprise the family group this year by creating a happy birthday GIF for WhatsApp for your Dad and sharing it for all to see. Choose footage of your favorite activities together, and personalize it with a custom message.

Vacation Wishes

Who doesn’t dream of being on vacation on their birthday? We know we do! With a happy birthday beach GIF, you’re sending a birthday wish while sending your loved one on a virtual vacation! Pro-tip: Opt-out the beach for any dream destination you can think of!

Happy Belated Birthday GIF

Let’s be real. We’ve all forgotten a birthday… or two. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your way out of it in style. Forgetting someone’s birthday is embarrassing, but why not acknowledge your flop by turning it into an amusing pun? Better (be)late(d) than never, right?

Cute Birthday GIF

When we think cute, we think of puppies, babies, kittens, and everything in between. When it comes to cute, don’t be afraid to use animated footage as well! 

Birthday Dog

This one is for the dog lovers out there! With everything from dog puns to funny dog videos, you should get as creative as possible! Next time it’s one of your animal lover friends’ birthday, make them a paw-some happy birthday dog GIF!

Happy Birthday Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers on their birthday? We know we do. Why not send some virtual flowers to those you can’t celebrate with on their special day? Happy birthday flower GIFs are the perfect way to say “Thinking of you even though I’m not there to celebrate with you. Pro-tip: try and use footage of flowers you know the birthday king or queen loves! It adds an extra personal touch!

Raise a Toast

We don’t know about you, but a birthday without a toast is hardly a birthday! Send a happy birthday wine GIF to friends and family you’d like to celebrate hard for this year, those you’re raising a toast to even though you’re miles away! Cheers to you! 

Personalized Birthday GIF

Imagine receiving a happy birthday GIF….with your name on it! Take your GIF game to the next level by creating a personalized Happy Birthday GIF. Just add your recipient’s name to whatever GIF you make, and be sure to put an instant smile on their face! 

Why Create a Custom Happy Birthday GIF

It’s Original and Surprising

Creating an animated happy birthday GIF is the perfect way to stand out and be original. By designing a happy birthday GIF, you can showcase your creativity in a short amount of time (and with minimum effort). You’ll be the person everyone remembers, and people will start looking forward to receiving your birthday wishes! 

Happy Birthday GIF with Name

Nothing feels as good as getting a custom-made present or wish, right? GIFs are everywhere, they’re sent daily, and they’re something that makes us smile no matter what situation we’re in. Imagine getting a happy birthday GIF made especially for you! When you start creating your own birthday GIFs, you’ll have the power and opportunity to make people smile by adding their names to the GIFs. No matter who you’re sending it to, the person on the receiving end will know that you had them in mind. They’ll see that you spent the time to make them feel extra special on their birthday. 

It’s Easy!

Did you know that technically, every video can turn into a GIF? How amazing is that? All you need is an online GIF editor (ahem ahem) and a video to get started. You can use personal videos from your phone, or any royalty-free videos you find online. You can even choose to add a photo to video from your own personal gallery or ours – and add it to your GIF.

Four Tips For Creating an Animated Happy Birthday Greeting

A moment before you jump right into making an awesome custom-made birthday GIF, we want to give you four tips to consider when creating one. 

Find the Right Footage

This may seem straightforward, but there’s nothing more important than finding the right footage when it comes to GIFs. A GIF is a loop of footage at a recommended length of up to six seconds, so it’s essential to find footage short and strong enough to tell a whole story. When looking through footage, you’ll want to make sure the “punch line” or the funny part of the video can be wrapped up in six seconds or less.

When searching for footage, lean towards colorful, fun frames. This is a birthday GIF, after all, and you’re going to want to light up whoever is receiving this wish’s day. Remember to keep in mind your recipient’s age and interests in mind. It may seem like a lot of work, but putting in that extra effort will make your loved ones feel extra special on their special day. Plus, with the right video gallery, it should be easy to find the exact footage you had in mind!

Pairing the Text Style

Another thing to take into consideration when creating your GIF is the font and text style you use. GIFs don’t include audio, so to get your message across, you’re going to want to add some wording to your GIF. 

When adding your text to GIF, pair the font with the age and character of the recipient. Regardless of who’s receiving your GIF, you’re going to want to pick a fun, powerful font that gets your message across. Make sure the text is big enough to read but not too big that the video loop gets lost within it. 

Add a Fun Watermark

This tip doesn’t apply to everyone. But for those of you who it does, listen up! If you’re a small business owner and you’re interested in creating a particular type of bond with your customers, a happy birthday GIF is perfect for you. Adding your brand’s watermark to every HBD GIF and sending them out every time one of your loyal customers has a birthday is a great way to raise brand awareness and let your clients know just how much you care!

Decide on the GIF Aspect Ratio 

Another technical factor to keep in mind when creating your GIF is the aspect ratio you’ll choose. Most importantly, you’ll want to get the best suiting aspect ratio for the outlet you plan to use the GIF. If you’re planning on posting a Facebook GIF, aim for a 1.91:1 aspect ratio for landscape and a 2:3 for portrait. If you’re sending it as a text message, the aspect ratio isn’t that crucial, but make sure the text fits nicely in whatever aspect ratio you prefer. 

What to look for in the perfect GIF Maker 

Now that you know the essential tips to create a happy birthday GIF, it’s time to decide where. There are many different GIF makers online, so many in fact, you may get lost in the choices. Whatever tool you choose, here are things to look out for when searching for the perfect GIF maker. 

Stock Footage Options 

What’s a GIF without the perfect video clip or image? When it comes to looking for your perfect Happy birthday GIF maker to customize each GIF and GIF maker in general – a strong stock footage library is a must. With thousands of happy birthday videos and photos to choose from and over 110M additional visual assets, Promo’s library is a GIFt that keeps in giving. Whether you’re looking for a GIF birthday cake or a Happy Birthday GIF suitable for your dad, with stock footage options, you’ll never run out of ideas and inspiration. 

User-Friendly Interface 

Let’s be real; not all of us were born tech-savvy. And that’s okay! The internet is full of options. When looking for a GIF maker, choose one that is easy to use. Makings GIFs is supposed to be fun; there’s no reason to make it more complicated than it should be. With Promo’s Happy Birthday GIF Maker, you can make a GIF in just three easy steps. Upload or choose your happy birthday videos from our media library, add text to the HBD GIF, publish and export as a GIF, and you’re done! 

Design Flexibility 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect GIF maker is its design flexibility. As we’ve previously mentioned, when you’re making a happy birthday GIF, you should keep the person on the receiving end in mind. So whether you’re making a Funny Happy Birthday GIF or a Happy Birthday Cat GIF, you’ll want design options. This could mean everything from text styles to font colors. Your goal is to customize each GIF; find a GIF maker that allows you to get creative! 

GIF Aspect Ratio Options

Last but not least, aspect ratio. Aforementioned, this technical factor is important when it comes to creating happy birthday GIFs. There’s nothing worse than spending the time and energy on a GIF only to not have it fit when needed. With the right GIF maker, choosing the correct aspect ratio shouldn’t be a problem and should be possible with a click of a button. With Promo, you can play around with the aspect ratios, deciding which one best fits your needs. 

How to Make a GIF on Promo

Now that you know who, what, when, where, and why. It’s time to get down to the how. Knowing how to make a GIF is something we should all know (or strive to know how to do) by now. GIFs can help turn an elaborate story into a fun and easy thing. Here’s how to create the perfect birthday GIF using Promo:

Sign Up For a Free Account

If you haven’t signed up already, you’ll need to first sign up. If you have a brand or business, you can upload their assets during the sign-up process, and they will be waiting for you in our brand manager. 

Look for That Perfect Video for Your HBD GIF

With over 110 million video assets, our library is jam-packed with any and every kind of visual you need to create the perfect happy birthday GIF. From cakes to surprise parties, animations to celebrations – all you need to do is decide on your search keyword and scroll through the different options to find the one that works for you. 

Add Desired Text to Your GIF

Now that you have the footage you want, time to put that extra touch on your birthday wish. You can choose in advance that part of the video you will want to convert to a GIF and add text specifically there. Alternatively, you can place your text on the entire video and make the decision later. Have fun trying out our variety of text styles and colors until you find the perfect fit for you.

Save & Preview

Once you’ve paired your text with the video, you can click save and preview to see the result. If you love it, your next step will be to hit publish and head to our Publish Page. 

Export as GIF

After you’re done with Promo’s video editor, you’ll now be introduced to your publish page, which has many video creation and export options. To convert your new and awesome video into a GIF, all you need to do is choose the export to GIF option on the publish page. If you have a specific platform you want to share your new GIF on – first use our video cropper to turn it into the perfect size for Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform with a click of a button!

Once you do that, a pop-up will appear. Use the blue bars to choose the exact frame and length of your GIF loop. You can even toggle between different aspect ratios if you like. Hit the play button to preview, and once you’re happy with the result – export GIF!

Who Birthday GIFs Can be Suitable For 

The short answer: anyone with a smartphone or social media account. 

And now, to get into specifics. Sending a happy birthday GIF is the perfect way to send your thoughts when you don’t have the exact words. You can send them to coworkers, managers, clients, friends, family members. The wonderful thing about GIFs is, even the smallest anecdote can become the ultimate GIF. Let’s say you and one of your coworkers aren’t that close. But there was this one time at lunch you two bonded over your shared love of coffee. Creating a happy birthday GIF for that coworker focusing on coffee is the ultimate way to say, “we may not be that close, but I care.”

Another excellent example of the perfect happy birthday GIF usage is sending one to your Gen-Z nieces or nephews. Let’s be real, we’re not out here using Tik Tok, but we know that GIFs are still relevant as always. Birthday GIFs are a great way to connect with people you wouldn’t necessarily find a common language with. 

Our personal favorite is the Happy Belated Birthday GIF. No matter who’s birthday slipped your mind – you can erase the embarrassment by sending over a humorous “Sorry I missed your birthday” or “Happy belated birthday” GIF. Whatever tension was in the air will evaporate immediately, we promise! 

How to Send GIF Birthday Greetings

Once you’ve made your phenomenal happy birthday GIF, all that’s left to do is download and share it!

A fun part of HBD GIFs is that you can share it directly with the person receiving it via text messaging or by creating a happy birthday GIF for Facebook and posting it on their Facebook wall. Many also create a happy birthday GIF for whatsapp, a popular platform for sharing GIFs or use our Snapchat video editor to create the perfect snap GIF!

You can also share it on your social media pages – making your happy birthday wish public for everyone to see. If you’re a small business and want to highlight one of your clients’ birthdays or even celebrate a celebrity’s birthday, a happy birthday GIF download and share is the perfect way to add content to your feed and engage your followers. 

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Birthday GIF Creativity

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital design is opening new frontiers in the creation of Happy Birthday GIFs. AI’s ability to analyze and learn from data is now being harnessed to offer innovative and personalized GIF creation experiences. By utilizing AI, designers and amateurs alike can tap into advanced features like automatic image recognition, style transfer, and predictive design suggestions, making the process of crafting a unique birthday GIF both simpler and more creative. This technology not only helps in customizing GIFs to the recipient’s taste but also ensures optimal formatting for various digital platforms. As AI continues to evolve, it promises to further enrich the way we express our wishes and emotions through digital media, making every birthday greeting a special and personalized piece of digital art.

Final Words 

We hope that now you understand the power of custom birthday GIFs. GIFs are a great way to connect with your loved ones and people you wouldn’t necessarily think of wishing a happy birthday to! We hope this post inspired you, and have fun on your GIF creation journey!

Create A Custom Birthday GIF in Minutes

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