A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Real Estate Videos

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
January 12, 2022 · 17 min read

Video content is king…and it’ll help you sell the castle.

A whopping 93% of marketers who use video say it’s an essential part of their marketing strategy. If you’re a real estate agent, realtor, or marketer looking to boost your real estate business and build a connection with clients, you know that now is the time to develop a video marketing strategy and start creating real estate videos. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can regularly create real estate videos, why they matter, and how Promo can help.

Why Real Estate Videos Matter

2021 was a big year for video on social media, and in 2022 social media videos will continue to thrive across all industries. As for real estate, social media marketing is making its impact. In fact, 60% of agents said social media is more important than website marketing. And since ​​50% of buyers find their new home online, it’s essential to create video content that is easily shareable on both. 

For a business trying to make its mark and stand out in a crowded market, video creation can be a key tool. It may be the key tool for real estate agents as 73% of homeowners claim they are more likely to list their home with an agent who uses video. Since listings without videos are easy to skip over, homeowners that are interested in selling their homes are more inclined to work with agents that incorporate videos as know that video will grab more attention with potential buyers. 

Real estate videos allow agents and realtors to show, not tell and build a virtual connection with clients. Moreover, real estate videos deliver original, engaging messages, which help grow your business and sell. If you haven’t unlocked the power of video in your real estate marketing plan, now’s the time to do so, and with video makers like Promo, it’s easier than ever.

How to Create Winning Real Estate Videos With Promo

With Promo, you have the power to create real estate videos that connect, engage, educate, and sell. There are two ways to create videos – from scratch or using one of our ready-made real estate templates. First, we’re going to walk you through a step-by-step to how to create a powerful real estate video from scratch using Promo. Then, we’ll show you how to customize one of our ready-made templates to suit your firm’s needs.

Step 1: Set a clear goal and message

The first step in the real estate video creation process, or any video, is to set a goal. To avoid sending multiple messages and confusing viewers, you must first understand what you’re trying to achieve with the video before creating it.  

There are many objectives you can achieve with the power of video, especially when it comes to real estate. From highlighting customer testimonials and property listings to showcasing your expertise – you should always set your goal before initiating video creation. 

Here are three questions you may want to ask yourself before creating your video: 

  1. Who is this video aimed at? Potential or existing clients? Buyers? Sellers?
  2. How can I educate your clients? 
  3. What information is crucial to include in my video? 

Answered all three? Great. The hardest part of the video creation process is behind you!

Step 2: Bring your real estate video to life

Now, the fun stuff begins. It’s time to bring your real estate video to life! You’ve set your goal, formed a clear message, and now, it’s time to bring them together. When creating your real estate video, remember these four aspects: footage, captions, music, and branding.

Choose or Upload Your Footage:

The first step in creating a real estate video is to add footage. You can either choose from our stock library or upload your own. Our video editor allows you to upload your assets easily, so if you have photos or footage of a home you’d like to showcase, you should. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to use Stock footage, Promo’s photo and video library is home (no pun intended) to more than 110 million assets. That said, we’re sure you’ll find the footage you need to communicate your message. When searching for footage, our library will first display our ready-made templates. To look for raw footage, scroll down and you’ll see our library of stock footage titles “Start from Scratch.”  Use bright, colorful, and impactful footage to ensure your message gets across. 

Don’t forget to play with the aspect ratio. This will save you a lot of time and effort later, trust us.

Add Captions:

An essential part of creating videos is getting your message across with words. Captions are the way to do so. Once you’ve uploaded or selected your footage, write the text accompanying each frame. Make sure the text coincides with your footage in seamless rhythm, not random or out of place. 

One way of ensuring your text and footage match is by customizing the text styles, fonts, and font colors. Our in-house creative and design teams designed our selection of video text styles to bring a professional look to any video. Choose from 45 unique styles customized by color and font, and bring your captions to life. Keep an eye out for limited animations released on special occasions that will take your real estate videos to the next level and keep them relevant with trending dates! 

Add Music:

Music has the power to set the tone, so make sure you’re choosing music that compliments your message. Check out Promo’s fully licensed music library and select the perfect sound for your video. If you wish, Promo enables you to upload your music or voiceover – a plus when creating client testimonial videos. 

Add Your Watermark:

While you may decide that not all of your videos require branding, generating brand awareness in your real estate video is always a good idea. Luckily adding your watermark with Promo is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Add your business’s watermark or your realtor headshot.


Step 3: Add your call to action & brand details 

In the last frame of your video, or what we at Promo call your “outro,” it is crucial that you include two key details: A powerful CTA and your company logo. Your logo tells the viewers who you are, and it’s essential for brand recognition. The CTA tells them what they should do once the video is done. Your CTA will tie back into your video’s goal, which is another reason why it’s essential to set one. Do you want potential clients to reach out, buy, sell? The ability to evoke action is in your hands, so it’s important to make an effort when forming your call of action.

Step 4: Review your video

Now that your video is done, it’s time to view it as though you were one of your potential clients. You’ll want to make sure your visuals, text, music, and CTA all do their part in supporting your message. Don’t hesitate to go back and edit your video; that’s what we’re here for! 

Rewatch the video and ensure that all the elements are in place and correlate with your vision and statement. With Promo, you can even send your draft to peers to see if they have any input.

Keep in mind that most videos are watched on mute, so your message must come across both with and without sound. If you have added a voice-over, it is essential to include captions.

Example: Our real estate agency went back and (after rewatching) noticed that they forgot to add a CTA to their video and that music with lyrics was less suitable for this text-heavy video. They also realized that since they’re located in a major city, the footage they chose for their opening frame didn’t reflect the area or their clientele. They went back and added a strong CTA, changed the music to something instrumental, and replaced the footage and created the following (awesome) version:

Step 5: Share your real estate video 

Now is the moment to get your video out into the world! If you’re planning to post your video straight to your social media channels, you can do so from our Publish Page! With our Publish Page, you have the power to instantly share your video to your social media channels, download or upload to cloud services, amongst other things. 

How to Customize a Real Estate Template 

Aforementioned, Promo has a vast selection of real estate templates. Whether you’re looking for a ready-made testimonial to plug in your satisfied clients’ comments or share a listicle educating your clients on how to stage their homes, our template library is full of content waiting to be utilized. 

Here’s how to select, customize, and share Promo’s real estate templates.

Select a template:

There are two ways to approach searching for a Promo real estate template. You either know what kind of a template you’re looking for, or you’re looking for content inspiration. Either way, you should use real estate-related search terms. You can hover over the templates from our Create and Template pages, preview them, and decide which one you’d like to customize.

Customize your template: 

Once you’ve selected your template, you can now customize it. We recommend you choose your desired aspect ratio before moving on to the editor. If you’re still not sure what platform you’re posting on, you can change the aspect ratio later. 

Once you’re in our video editor, the power is in your hands. You can either add your contact information and logo to the template’s outro or customize the template by adjusting and replacing any element of the video, i.e., footage, text, music. 

Let’s say you’ve selected a template, and you have footage of yourself you’d like to place at the beginning of the video (so your prospective clients get a taste of who you are). All you have to do is hover over the clip you’d like to replace and substitute it with your own footage.

Preview your template: 

As you would with any video, it’s time to view it. Don’t hesitate to go back and edit your video; that’s what we’re here for! 

Before pressing the publish button, remember that most videos are watched on mute. Make sure your message comes across both with and without sound. 


Now that you’ve customized and previewed your template, it’s time to publish! If you’re ready to post your video directly to social media, you can do so from our Publish Page. You also have the option to download your video, export it, and upload it.

Example: Here’s a template the Best Real Estate Company chose to customize. They were interested in showcasing their services and saw this real estate template in our library. The perfect fit. Since the real estate company intended on uploading this video to its website homepage and YouTube, they decided to go with a wide aspect ratio. The Best Real Estate company added their logo and replaced the intro footage with footage of their top realtor, Jane. They didn’t publish the video without first customizing the template’s outro.

Check it out below!

Tips for Creating Real Estate Videos With Promo

Find Exactly the Footage For Your Needs 

Powered by Getty Images and iStock, Promo’s 110+ million photos and video library means endless possibilities when it comes to creating real estate videos. No matter what real estate video you’re making, stock footage is waiting to be utilized. Search through thousands of real estate-related footage to create the video you imagined. 

Promo tip: Get specific when looking for footage. Use search terms relating to your client base, location, and real estate niche. If you’re a real estate business in New York City, use apartment-style footage. If you’re based in Arizona, create videos with a more “earthy” aesthetic. Keep your customers in mind at all times; if your client base is young families, make sure to include videos and photos of children, so your clients will be able to see themselves in what you’re offering. 

Take Advantage of Our Templates

While coming up with ideas for real estate videos may be more complicated than you initially thought, it doesn’t mean you can’t create scroll-stopping videos. Promo’s team of creative professionals designs and develops ready-made real estate video templates that are waiting to be shared with your clients. Our template library is updated regularly and includes customer testimonials, real estate listicles, listing videos, and more.

Select the templates you’d like to use, make them your own by adding photos and videos, add your watermark, and share it with the world!

Brand Your Videos

Generating brand awareness in your real estate video is essential. With Promo, branding your videos is as easy as a click. With our brand manager, you can easily add your watermark, brand logo, or even your headshot and ensure that clients know that the video they’re watching is yours! 

Real Estate Videos Ideas to Kick-off Your Video Content 

Real estate videos are gaining more and more interest as realtors find their impact on clients. With Promo, the power to show off your listings, educate your clients, and more is in your hands. Here are the different types of real estate videos you can create with Promo and why you’ll want to incorporate them into your marketing plan. 

Property Listing Videos

Property listing videos are a must when it comes to real estate videos. Listing videos give you the option to showcase property photos and video clips with text to tell the story of a property more wholly than you can with images alone. These professional videos can be shared in the listing itself, on your social media accounts, through email communications, your website, or virtually anywhere you’re promoting it. 

This engaging video will catch buyers’ attention and make them more likely to reach out to you. Property listings are one of the best marketing tools to use right now, so take advantage of them. 

“About Me” Videos 

Buying or selling a home is a big deal, and potential clients want to know they can trust their agent. Creating an “About Me” video is a great way to give your potential client an idea of who you are, what you stand for, and why they’ll want to work with you. In your “About Me” video, include your headshot, testimonials from happy clients, your contact info, and anything that will help you stand out and make them want to choose you!

Client Testimonials 

While your “About Me” video allows you to explain why you’re great, a testimonial video gives your clients the chance to back that up. Customer testimonials are unbiased comments and opinions that invite visitors to reach out. 

Don’t let not having actual footage of your clients talking about you discourage you from creating a testimonial. You can create a video using stock footage paired with written reviews or use voiceovers. 


Whether you’re sharing the “Top 5 Ways to Stage a House” or creating a list of statistics your clients should know before selling their house, there’s always a relevant listicle to be made. Listicles videos are a fantastic way to create short and informative videos while driving engagement. Your listicle videos can be practical, educational, and even inspirational. Creating listicle videos is excellent when you’re interested in sharing knowledge and showcasing your expertise in your area; rather than being an average realtor, you become a thought leader in your niche. 

When your viewer watches your real estate listicle video, they know that it will progress numerically and supply short pieces of information. Listicle videos drive engagement as your viewers know precisely what they’re about to see, and they’re anticipating to see it. It’s a win-win, your viewers are hooked, and you’ve provided them with valuable information.

Here are a few ideas for listicle videos you can easily create. 


Tips are a great way to generate regular content. You can create videos that give your clients tips on five things they should consider before selling or what they need to know before making an offer on the house. These videos are always relevant and will always resonate with your audiences. 


When it comes to buying and selling houses, clients will want to know statistics. Make stats accessible by creating listicle videos with market statistics and numbers. Processing this information in bite-sized content is an awesome way to drive engagement and educate your clients. 


Who doesn’t love learning new information? Like tips and statistics, creating listicles with facts will ensure your audiences get the information they need before buying and selling. It’s a great way to invite your clients to ask you more questions, open up a conversation, and enlighten them with relevant information they’ll need to make informed decisions. 

Market Updates

Create regular real estate market update videos. By doing so, you will become a reliable source of information for existing and potential clients. You can decide what frequency works best for you when creating these weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly updates. Post them on your social media channels and make sure they are part of your email communications.

Use market update videos to share real estate trends, interest rate changes, market changes, real estate opportunities, and anything else that you think would benefit your clients.

Personalized Videos

Now more than ever, personalization in marketing matters. Research done by McKinsey found that companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more income than those that don’t. Being as simple as it is, it’d be silly not to take advantage of personalization! 

Client Congratulations

A client congratulations video is a true win for both sides. On the one hand, you’re congratulating your clients for buying the house of their dreams. On the other hand, you’re showing to the world just how great you are at your job. Client congratulations are the epitome of a personalized video – it shows your clients and prospective clients that your job doesn’t end when your client signs a contract; you took the time to create a video congratulating them.

Email GIFs

Including personalized GIFs in your email communications is that extra touch many clients are looking for. GIFs are great when it comes to holidays and birthday wishes. With Promo, you can create one “master template,” duplicate it, customize it with your clients’ names and send it to them. Each will receive a unique GIF created just for them!

Final Words

Now that you know how to create real estate videos, there’s no reason not to include them in your 2022 marketing plan. Though it may sound like a lot of work, Promo is here to help. With Promo, you have the power to create real estate videos and customize and share our ready-made templates. Remember to keep your clients, goal, and CTA  in mind when creating your video.


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