How this PPC agency reduced their cost-per-lead by 60% with Promo Videos

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
January 8, 2020 · 5 min read

The blog on is filled with strategies, tips, and hacks to help you get the most out of creating meaningful content with our video maker—from digital advertising to video tutorials and more. 

But we know that one of the most powerful ways to help our customers master their video marketing strategy and drive results is to show them real-life examples from businesses just like yours. 

That’s why we’ve launched this series of case studies—to highlight some of the brilliant work our customers have created, but also to inspire you with their stories of success. And not just inspire, but also to pull back the curtain on the types of results they’ve achieved, and more importantly, how they achieved them. In case you missed them, here are a few recent case studies: 

And we’re not done! 

Today, we’re going to do a deep dive into Dylan Carpenter’s work at Oxbird, a white-label PPC firm specializing in working with other agencies. Specifically, we’ll examine how the simple change from image-based Facebook ads to video drastically improved lead generation results for an auto repair company. 


As we mentioned, Oxbird is a PPC agency with a twist—they white label their services to other agencies. This allows traditional agencies to basically add an experienced, professional, and highly capable PPC ‘department’ to their roster overnight, but without all the overhead that goes with hiring a squad of experienced media buyers. 


Their core competency was Google Ads, but when they brought on Dylan Carpenter, who is a former Facebook account manager, he was able to grow their base of Facebook ads clients from 2 to over 200 in less than two years. Needless to say, the ability to add Facebook advertising o their service offering has been a great addition to their business.

Case Study – Spencer Auto Repair

One of Oxbird’s clients, Spencer Auto Repair, set out to acquire leads via Facebook advertising.

After working with this account for about four months, the average cost per lead was in the $20-$30 range. They came across issues of audience saturation fairly quickly due to the small audiences of a local campaign.

In looking at their current strategy (at the time), the biggest observation was that we were only using static images, which only have so much thumb-stopping power. And as the business did not have the capacity to procure custom photos, they were stuck using stock photos.

Dylan, a savvy Facebook ads veteran, realized there was a huge opportunity to optimize the campaigns through the use of video ads, but again, they had no budget for photography, much less video production.


In order to enhance results in terms of cost-per-lead, Oxbird chose to replace their static image ads with video ads created with 

Their Facebook advertising campaign setup looked like this: 

  • 4  campaigns for each specific location of the client
  • 4 ad sets/audiences for each campaign 
  • Campaign budget optimization 

This was the account structure they were using to produce leads in the $20-30 cost-per-lead range. 

By swapping out their images with this 15-second video, Oxbird was able to drop the cost-per-lead down to roughly $12. 

 “I  think the problem was that we were getting expensive leads but it was working for them. They were still profitable. But once we started incorporating the actual video, the one I sent over [The one above], it was a crazy game changer for sure.”

Reduced CPL with videos

Why Promo?

Dylan continued to explain how he came to choose  “I think it came out to like 10 to 12 bucks a video, which is super clutch. I learned about Promo when I was still at Facebook. I think it was last year. It was like get 50 videos for like 300 bucks or something. So we have like a hundred videos to use and I think we only get charged like 600 bucks. So it was some deal we came across and we just bought it, never looked back.”

The results

Spencer Auto Care ended up hitting the gold mine with this new strategy and creative content. They went from receiving about 50-60 leads a month to 150+ leads. The best part was that Oxbird didn’t even have to deal too much with audience saturation due to Facebook showing the ads to different audiences who were unaware of Spencer Auto Repair. So they didn’t just significantly reduce the cost per lead, they also increased brand awareness through massive reach on their video views. Also, the cost-per-lead went from $20-$30 to $12 per lead the very first month after implementation. 

“The massive drop in cost-per-lead was literally due to that one video. None of the audience targeting was different, the copy was the exact same… Yeah it was just the change to the video, without a doubt”

Video ad results

Moving forward

“We’re going to be using some sort of video forever. It just depends on what kind of market we’re going after. Local audiences respond very well to the types of videos we’ve made with—engagement, video views, and of course, conversions.” 

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