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All You Need To Know About a Video Ad Maker

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
March 12, 2018 · 5 min read

Imagine if you could take all the skills of a high end video creator mixed with the knowledge of a marketing guru and turn it into a master marketing robot that makes winning videos? Sadly, that doesn’t exist, yet. But the good news is, there are plenty of great video ad makers on the market to help you turn your marketing ideas into videos that perform. The key is just learning which video ad maker to choose and how to make it work for you.

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Every Business Needs Videos.

No matter what kind of business you own, from pet sitting to a law firm, advertising with video will help your business grow exponentially. It’s a proven content form that’s not only the here and now of great marketing success, it’s the future to it as well. Therefore, businesses need to create a library of videos in order to stay ahead of their competition. It does take commitment and dedication but that investment is more than profitable in the end.

Don’t Waste Time With Complicated Video Ad Makers.

Unless you are making the next 3D blockbuster, you don’t need a complicated ad creator with an interface that leaves you 100% confused and frustrated. Video ad makers for commercial use should be simple to use, yet offer the essential features you need in order to create beautiful videos. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • The ability to add your own photos and images.
  • Add your own music.
  • Set your own video length.
  • Offer a variety of transitions and text styles.
  • Add text, captions, and logos.
  • Minimum of 1080p quality.
  • Offer quality support should you encounter an issue.
  • Multi-dimension download options, including square and vertical formats
  • The ad creator should be able to give you professional, beautiful results.

Top Tips For Videos That Work

Once you find a video ad maker that suits all your needs, you can get started with the fun part: the creation process. Here you can show off your creativity side and make a video that will grab and hold your audience’s attention and move them to action. Some common tips for this include researching your target audience, creating and sticking to some sort of storyboard or outline, and setting one main objective for the video.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at some existing videos that work. Check out what your competition is doing. Is there an ad for anything that stood out for you? Watch it again then take notes on these three essential items:

  1. The opener – How does the video start? What do they do to catch your attention? Do they use facts or figures? Why does it make you want to continue watching? Find the right hook for your audience. What will make them not skip your ad.
  2. The offering – How does the product solve the problem discussed? Do they provide a new and innovative solution to an industry old problem? Are they a trusted name in their field? What is it they do to convince the viewer they have the best answer?
  3. The call to action – How has the businesses shown interested customers how they can get in touch? Do they share a phone number, address, email, link, etc? Is there a tagline or motto that stands out? What is it that they say that makes you want to learn more or buy?

Make It Simple

The big brands have the time and money to hire professional film crews to take premiere video of their facilities, edit it all, and produce an amazing final product. Those of us without these resources can still make exceptional videos by using a visual content platform that allows you to do the same. With lots of video ad makers on the market, make sure to find one that gives you as many tools as possible (high-quality footage, good licensing, and a simple text editor). Don’t choose something that’s above your skill set or something with too few features or low quality footage. Choose an ad creator that’s versatile, simple, and fits into your budget. Check out Promo by Slidely, the platform that makes video creation super fast and easy.

Always Get Another Opinion

Now that you’ve picked and used a video ad maker and created a video that you love, it’s time to showcase your final work to trusted colleagues and friends who can give you an objective, yet distanced opinion. You may see your final work as your baby, which may cause you to ignore any flaws. Listen to everything, but don’t necessarily make all changes suggested. However, if more than one reviewer is calling for a specific change, it’s a good bet to go with it.

No More Excuses, Start Making Videos.

Think about it. A mere decade ago, most small and medium businesses were skeptical of using social media, YouTube, or even investing in a good website. Nowadays, nearly every business must dedicate a portion of their resources to creating and publishing videos on a consistent basis across all channels. This means finding a video ad maker that works for you. Take it a step further and look through some of our Instagram Story ideas – our blogs are a great way to learn how to succeed in the realm of digital marketing for your business. makes video creation super fast and easy. It’s a video ad maker that comes with a library of over 3.5 million video clips, professionally edited music, a versatile and simple text editor, and, even, a great selection of fully-packaged videos. It’s the ad creator that will help you stand out among all the marketing noise and build a loyal customer base.


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