Facebook Video Cover examples to increase engagement

March 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Brand continuity is important to implement across all your social media channels and using a Facebook cover video maker is one clever way to engage your audience. There’s something happening every second on Facebook so when you find a way to hold people’s attention, you’ve got to seize the opportunity. 

So can you put a video as your Facebook cover? You can and you should! You might be wondering how to make a Facebook cover video but before you jump into using a tool, you should understand why a Facebook cover is so important to your business page in the first place. After all, it’s just a background picture, right? Wrong. Here are a few things to know about this responsive design and what you can really do with it to increase engagement and level up your social media marketing.

What is a Facebook Cover Video?

A Facebook cover is displayed at the top of the screen and gives a face to the page it’s promoting. Using a video instead of a traditional cover photo not only makes your page unique, but works to catch and hold your audience’s attention far better than a photo. 

The advice to small businesses used to be to use heavily branded cover images on your Facebook cover that show off your product. But, ever since video entered the scene, it’s replaced the still images and made this space even more valuable for branding. Why? Let’s take a look.  

  • All Facebook covers are responsive. That means they change to adjust to the device on which a user is viewing it. Using a video means your profile literally pops out of someone’s phone against a static background.
  • Facebook covers can educate your audience. Using the space to post important information for your visitors has always been a trend, but can you imagine replacing that with a moving infographic? Brilliant.
  • A Facebook video cover catches attention quickly. When you have a piece of content that moves, even a little bit, it will make your audience stop and look. That means when you have new people visit your page, your video cover will likely stop them and make them learn more about your business straight away.

Facebook Cover Video Specifications

What size should a Facebook Cover Video be? These specs change from time to time, so make sure before uploading a video you’re following the most recent requirements. As of 2020, Facebook suggests using at least 820 X 312px between 20 and 90 seconds. A size of 820 X 462px is considered best. 

It’s not essential to dive right in with a video if you are still testing your branding, but don’t wait too long or your competition will definitely surpass you. The worst thing you can do is have a blank space on your Facebook Page. It will leave your audience confused and underwhelmed, to say the least. If you’re not sure about where to begin with creating a video, look for a good Facebook cover video maker to get the gears cranking. Having video content ready for your audience to digest is essential to a successful video marketing strategy. 

Facebook Cover Video Examples

If you are looking to create a Facebook Video Cover, we got you covered! You can find dozens of free Facebook Video Covers here, just a few clicks away – choose one, download it and it’s yours! And the best part? All these video covers can be customized using Promo.com, to make them unique and personalized to your business needs.














Ready to begin? Download your free cover video here or customize it with Promo.com and start getting more eyes on your business!



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