6 ways to grow your marketing agency with videos

Tamar Freundlich
By Tamar Freundlich
February 6, 2020 · 8 min read

Growing your digital marketing agency is a two-pronged challenge. You not only have to provide your clients with a high-level marketing strategy that brings real results, but you also need to have a solid one in place for yourself in order to attract new clients.

Over the last few years, video has taken its place as the highest-performing form of marketing content and there’s a growing expectation that marketing agencies be at the forefront of this trend. What’s more, by 2022, video content is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic, so it’s imperative to the growth of your agency that you start embracing it as soon as possible.

The unfortunate truth is that many agencies see video marketing as a burden that we are forced to bear, but it’s actually much easier than you would expect. Even better, it comes with countless (well, we counted 6) benefits that will help you take your agency to the next level.

DIY all-in-one video making platforms, like Promo.com, now help agencies bring video creation in-house without actually hiring video editing professionals or expensive video studios. These platforms allow you to generate quality video content at scale by giving you the tools to easily and efficiently create, edit, host, and track all of the videos you need.

Now that you no longer have to worry about the resources you thought you’d have to pour into video production, we can get to the good stuff. Here’s how you can use video marketing to grow your agency:

1. Market your agency 

Let’s start with how you can use videos to attract potential clients and boost your own conversion rate. Are you running social media ads to reel in new clients? Well, by swapping out or combining videos with your static images, you can effectively increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Take Ad Zombies, for example, a content marketing agency that specializes in ad copywriting. They ran 40 ad sets with 244 ads that included both videos and static images to promote their copywriting services. They quickly saw that the videos outperformed the images, showing at least a 3x higher return across the board.

Ads are not the only video type that can contribute to your conversions and push potential clients further down the marketing funnel. For instance, do you include case studies on your website? How about an ‘About Us’ page? Testimonials? Or a description of your services? By converting this content into video format you increase the chances that visitors will actually consume and retain the information you’re putting out.   

Forbes conducted a study that showed that after watching a marketing video, 65% of executives have gone to the marketer’s site and 39% have called them on the phone.  When asking marketers who use videos, 97% of them say that it has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services.

2. Improve your SEO

Another helpful benefit that video content will bring to your agency is visibility. Research shows that a website is 53X more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes videos. Video content is a traffic-generating machine so whether SEO is part of the services you provide to your client or not, it definitely needs to be a part of your own marketing strategy.

SEO for your website

Whether you add a video to your home page, your case studies or your blog, having a video result in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is a major bonus because the distinct visual treatment of video results tend to boost the CTR (click-through rate), meaning the videos attract more attention and traffic from searchers.

Another SEO point for videos is that search engines like Google also pay close attention to how long people are staying on your site, and people stay on websites with videos 60% longer. So even if you have a large amount of incoming traffic, if visitors leave after a few seconds, the search engine will assume that the content is low quality.

To learn more, check out the guide we wrote on how to easily optimize your videos for SEO and increase your agency’s visibility across the board.

3. Expand your services

Okay, now that we covered how you can use the power of video to get more clients, let’s see how it can improve the services you provide to them. Video is a coveted form of marketing content for most businesses and a fool-proof way to impress your clients. Whether you are a full-service or specialized agency, there is always room to insert video marketing. 

From PPC, to content, to SEO, to digital marketing as a whole, video can greatly improve your offering. For PPC, you can create videos for your ads, for content, you can add valuable video content to the mix, for SEO, you can increase organic traffic with videos, and so on.

With the ease and simplicity (and cost-benefit – but we’ll get to that later) of bringing video in-house with a DIY video maker, you can provide your customers with all the added values of video marketing without relying on expensive outsourcing. 

While it can be an extension of your current services, it can also serve as a stand-alone service that gets clients in the door. Most businesses want videos but don’t know how to do it alone, and now you can provide the answer. Adding video creation to your agency package will not only increase your clients’ results, but it will also add an additional revenue stream to your agency.

4. Boost your clients’ results

No matter what type of marketing service you provide your clients, it needs to bring results. After all, that’s why they hired you in the first place. If they don’t see results, or believe that they will see better results elsewhere, they won’t stick around for long.  And that’s where video can make a real difference – we’ve seen it significantly boost results on various marketing channels time and time again.

Marketing agency video stats

  • Ads – 52% of marketers say video is the type of content with the best ROI. (HubSpot)
  • Emails – Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%. (HubSpot)
  • Landing pages – Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)
  • Website – On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. (Wistia)
  • SEO – Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. (Conversion XL)
  • Social media – 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms. (Tubular Insights)

Videos are a great way to improve the bottom line of your campaigns, impress your clients, and keep them happy.

5. Reduce your costs

This is where we finally discuss your bottom line. For a long time, adding video to the mix would be a huge undertaking for an agency. As a general industry rule of thumb, corporate videos cost around $1,000 to $3,500 per finished minute. That’s not even taking into account the amount of time that goes into making a professional video.

For freelancers and boutique agencies, the cost alone often takes the video option off the table. But now with DIY video platforms like Promo.com, agencies can create professional-looking videos for a fraction of the cost and without hiring designated videographers. Anyone with the right marketing know-how and familiarity with the basics such as pain-points, USPs, and CTAs, can create a high-converting marketing video with these easy-to-use platforms. 

Sharon Hadden, founder of the Content Planning Company recently told us “Without Promo, I don’t think I would have been able to confidently deliver video content to my clients. I’m a one-woman show, with help from freelance consultants here and there, but I don’t have a robust studio for video production, nor do I have a background in videography.”

6. Impress potential clients

When businesses begin to look for a marketing agency, there are a lot of factors to take into account such as the methodical approach, specialization, and the human factor because like  most people, your clients are visual beings.

While potential clients are interested in the bottom line, they also want to see what kind of material you can create. You can showcase all the impressive numbers you have (and you should), but show them a high-quality professional branded video and they’ll want one just like it. What will impress them even more, is the surprisingly fair pricing you can give them.

As Sharon also mentioned, “My clients appreciate the cost savings I’m able to pass along, while still delivering high-quality videos.” 

Go get ‘em

We’ve established that video can take your agency a long way in building trust, credibility, and growing your client base. But the most important take-away from this article is that there is no agency too small to adopt this practice. 

Whether you are a one-man show or an established company, no digital marketing agency can afford to neglect the not-so-new video trend. The good news is that you don’t have to invest exorbitant amounts to get started.

With Promo.com, you can make all the videos you need in-house, with an easy-to-use editor, over 15M video clips, music tracks, and your own uploaded footage. We even have ready-made templates that you can customize in a matter of minutes. And all for a fraction of the cost.

Start growing your agency with the power of video today!

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