Here’s Why Doctors Need Video Marketing

April 16, 2018 · 3 min read

We know it might be a strange concept. How could video marketing possibly benefit a doctor’s practice? When it comes down to it, medical marketing isn’t that much different than other types of marketing. It’s subject to the same trends and fads and can benefit the same ways as other businesses. In fact, video marketing for doctors might be more important than it would for other businesses for a few different reasons. Beyond savvy ways to reach new customers and increase and maintain customer experience, video marketing for doctors also increases trust – a vital factor that goes into deciding which doctors patients choose in the end.

Working with a company like Promo can be a huge benefit for doctors looking to invest in business videos. Promo provides doctors breaking into video marketing with all the tools they need including high-quality footage, fully-packaged video templates,  music, and a versatile editor that makes video creation easy and accessible for every practice.

Still not sold? Here are a few reasons why video marketing is an essential addition to any medical practitioner’s overall marketing plan.

The Top Reasons Video Marketing for Doctors Can Benefit Your Practice

When it comes down to it, every industry, including medical practitioners need a solid marketing strategy to grow their business. So why not jump on board with video marketing? It can provide your practice with tons of helpful ways to attract new patients, keep your current patients satisfied, and give your practice the opportunity to shine.

Trust Plays a Big Role When Looking For A Doctor

Because looking for a doctor is a bit different than looking for the perfect sweater, patients need additional reassurance. In other words, they need all the resources they can to know that the particular doctor they’re looking into is a good fit for them. Video marketing for doctors can provide that link to trust that they’re missing with other practices. Whether it’s a business video that outlines patient experience, a walk-through of the doctor’s office to get patients comfortable, meet the doctor interviews, or testimonials by former and current patients, providing video marketing for doctors can play a giant role in linking the trust new patients need before taking the plunge into a new health care provider.

Video Is Easily Shareable

According to Forbes magazine, about 90% of users say that videos are helpful when it comes down to making decisions. That’s certainly not a statistic you want to ignore. What’s also hard to ignore is the effect that video can have on patients, and the likelihood of them sharing your content. Setting up video marketing for doctors is the perfect way for patients to spread the word about their favorite practice. It’s more than just text (which many people will overlook) or photos, in fact, video posts on Facebook have about 135% of a greater organic reach than other types of posts.  Forbes even states that social video generates about 1200% more shares than text and images combined – that’s a hard statistic to overlook.  Giving your patients great, trustworthy content and establishing a way for them to share it easily is one of the best ways that video marketing is executed.

Video Marketing for Doctors: The New Way to Reach Patients

Reaching consumers, getting them to trust you, and reeling them in is a hard process – and even harder when it’s for a health care provider or a medical practice. Luckily, video marketing for doctors works much the same way that video marketing would for other industries. It provides your website with greater traffic, builds up a trust with your clientele, and draws in new faces to your business. Business videos and video marketing for doctors can greatly benefit your practice.


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