How To Choose The Best Marketing Video Software

March 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Videos are the advertising trend of the century and your business is going to need a robust marketing video software to create professional videos and compete with the big brands. Sometimes using the wrong Marketing Video Software could cost your company big time, so let’s prevent that and find the right technology for you and your business.

The digital market is virtually flooded. New platforms and websites pop up daily offering everything but the kitchen sink for your marketing needs. It’s important you don’t dump your budget into the first thing that’s shiny. You need to understand what the best marketing video software should be able to do, at a cost that makes sense. Here are some of the features you should look for in a tool that will kick your video marketing into gear:

High-Quality Content

The entire reason you are using the swiss army knife of marketing video software is so you can do as little as possible. A busy company or business owner doesn’t really have the time to sit and design a stellar video from scratch. Or worse, call in a production team for weeks to shoot a video. It’s simply not a feasible option to keep the business moving.

A video services platform that does it all should already have a library of high-quality footage at your disposal. If you have to shoot and edit the video yourself, there’s no point in utilizing marketing video software. The whole idea is that it’s a packaged deal. Plus, you’re probably not a videographer that would focus on quality when shooting. Best not to attempt.

That said, no one else needs to know that you didn’t have a videographer on the job. The footage should look like it’s shot with a high-quality camera by a professional and not your cousin on an old cell phone. Trust us, your audience will know the difference.

Licensed Audio

In the age of litigation, everyone is afraid of being sued. This will often leave a business with little options for music or soundtracks, and there’s nothing worse than a beautifully shot and branded film that has poor sound and music.  After all, why create a gorgeous marketing video only to realize you have copyright issues with the audio?

Promo is a step above the other marketing video software platforms. Their audio options include hand-selected, premium music, with a lifetime license. You don’t have to worry about cheesy soundtracks or weird sound effects that other platforms offer. Or worse, no sounds at all. With Promo, you have a library of pre-edited audio tracks (to go along with the ever-growing library of more than 3.5 million clips) and that’s going to be tough to find somewhere else.

Easy To Use Editor

A great marketing video software should provide you with an easy to use editor that enables a ‘drag and drop’ style of editing. You should be able to customize your texts, change the fonts, colors and animation style in the click of a button. You should also be able to trim the video (change its length) and change its dimensions to fit a desktop site or a mobile social media platform all easily and efficiently.

Customer Support

In the age of the echo chamber, customer support seems to be a dying trend—when frankly, it should be the opposite. The best marketing video software on the web is going to lend you support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no excuse to ignore customers when they should be running the show.

The downfall of software that allows you to be creative means it can also be terribly frustrating sometimes. You want to choose a video marketing tool that allows you to innovate, but also lends the customer support when you really need it. And not just robots or dead phone lines, but actual people. Representatives ready, willing, and happy to help engage clients, every step of the way. That’s what will ultimately elevate your video marketing experience and drive success. Continual support to back the software means the brand has confidence in their product, and so should you.

Marketing videos are not always an easy task, but dynamic content will consistently win over static. Why? Because humans get bored and they want to see things move. Before you go looking through thousands of tools online, make sure you know what you want and the features you can expect. The best marketing video software on the web will make the hardest part of the process your simple innovation, and you can handle that.

Go ahead and try Promo by Slidely today. It is a video creation tool that enables businesses just like yours to create beautiful, professional quality videos in no time. Choose from our growing library of high-quality video clips, and royalty-free music. You’ll be well on your way to creating all the videos you need in no time.



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