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How to Create Social Media Marketing Videos in 30 Minutes

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
May 17, 2018 · 6 min read

The white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland was a damn mess, but he represents how we operate in modern business. Why? We’re all over the place. Which important date are you late for and what business thoughts are plaguing you on the weekends?

Savvy marketers take note. Online video viewership and volume is exploding because absolutely everyone is late for an important date. Therefore, social media marketing videos are a form of content that can meet the rabbit before he pops down that infinite hole.

The Case for Social Video

A common prompt for successful authors is “show, don’t tell,” and this idea doesn’t stray far from the concept of engaging marketing. Arguably the most famous tactic for online professionals today, social media videos are:

  •         More engaging
  •         More memorable
  •         More popular among viewers than any other content

In 2017, the world affixed their collective eyes on glowing screens to the tune of five billion YouTube videos being consumed each day. Facebook entertained their daily users with 100 million hours of video. People freak over video.

Despite those impressive stats, creating social media videos can be quite the arduous task. Not everyone is proficient in tech or audio/video equipment. In addition, not all entrepreneurs have access to the resources needed to hire a professional production company.

In these cases, video marketing teams turn to do-it-yourself options whenever possible. But doing so doesn’t have to leave you with a less-than-desirable result. What follows is a list of apps you can use to make top-notch social videos to be shared in a hot minute:

Create Simple Product Videos with Quik

The makers of the GoPro cameras are masters of showing off their product via social media. They’ve recently expanded into video editing in a quite convincing way with their newest app. It’s called “Quik,” and it makes creating engaging product videos a snap.

Quik can turn brand photos into woven-together engaging videos. Create a slideshow or a short video right from your phone—with just a few taps. While Quik doesn’t integrate yet with all the major social players, it does actually work with Facebook and YouTube, so you’ve got a jump-off point.

Options for filters and transitions range from the very subtle to a full-on star-wipe. And you’re not limited to what the app can do. You’re free to add in your own.

Convert Your Articles into Videos with Lumen5

Picture some of the videos you’ve probably seen on social media. Specifically, think about the ones that look more like a slideshow of images set to music. Lumen5 was used to create them.

Develop your own social media videos in 30 minutes just by:

  •         Importing an article
  •         Picking text to edit or include in the final video
  •         Selecting music
  •         Or start from scratch

Brand your video and insert a call-to-action to increase conversions. The great thing about Lumen5 is that there is no need to shoot an actual video. You can work with what is already there. These guys make is uber easy.

Make Your Introduction Video Using Teleprompter Video Creator

Ever wish you could recite a monologue like public speakers do? This app can do just that by combining a teleprompter with an efficient camera. Just copy your script from its source and paste it into the interface. The camera records as you read. It’s magical!!

Perhaps you’re creating a promo marketing video instead for your sales page. Maybe you’re making a course video featuring your favorite talking head or simply hosting a webinar where you can’t flick through slides.

Look no further than Teleprompter Video Creator. Use the app to create brand awareness, develop introduction videos, or produce any other social marketing pieces.

Turn Existing Video into GIFs Using Promo

If you’re into the GIF-business, you’re gonna need some clever marketing tactics. Named 2017’s “Biggest Marketing Trend” by Digital Doughnut, GIFs are out in a big way thanks to recent efforts that better integrate them into social media.

Short for “Graphics Interchange Format,” GIFs are essentially truncated video clips played on a loop and without sound. GIFs are popular because, running along the same vein of emojis, they can express a lot of emotion in a short breadth of digital space. They are a shortcut of expression.

Promo makes it easy to create almost any GIF out of an existing video clip by adding text to GIF. Directly insert gifs as memes to compliment post comments or outgoing messages. Our video maker even offers a +100m video library to find a video for almost any occasion.

Adding a GIF to your email newsletter or promotional materials increases your click-through rates and engagement. Results of a recent Experian study showed emails with GIFs had a much higher interaction than those with simple text.

Edit Video with Your Phone and Power Director

Mobile devices and social media videos are the donuts-and-coffee of digital marketing. Over half of all video content is viewed on mobile devices. So, it makes sense that people would take to shooting video right from their phones.

Power Director takes it a step further by giving beginners the essential tools to fully edit their video content. Record new footage and audio as you would normally. Then, splice together the best parts. Throw in an upbeat tune, and you’re ready to share.

Social Marketing 9.0

Face it. Video is here to stay. It’s easily available, always waiting, and an uber-effective marketing tool in the palm of your hand. But those who are creating short marketing videos for social media can measure their increases in engagement. Engagement brings about:

  •         Attention
  •         Brand awareness
  •         Organic increase in audience reach

Social media videos are on the rise because they are convenient and communicative. They’re on track to continue to grow in number. The American Marketing Association believes “By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US.” That’s insane.

With all that competition, you’ll want to get your video out as quickly as possible. There’s so much competition that you could drown. What are you doing to doggy-paddle your way ahead of the pack?

Video is the alpha and omega of content marketing. It’s the cream that consistently rises to the top. Video continues a meteoric, yet expected, rise in popularity. The message is clear. Businesses must be able to create their own sleek marketing videos to grab hold of the mobile viewership.

Feeling like you might be on to something? Marketing videos are a compelling tool for B2C companies offering popular products. Additionally, B2B practically salivates at video communication. It really is inexpensive marketing made simple.

The idea is to be fast and furious. Everyone knows how to post on Facebook, but what about the secret ingredients that lead to engagement? The secrets lie within your audience insight. Take the time to form social media marketing campaigns that are effective. If you communicate with people where they want, and garner attention through super engaging video, how could they possibly look away?

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