How Video Marketing for Beauty Salons is Evolving

April 16, 2018 · 3 min read

In the past, the beauty industry relied on stunning pictures for advertising, but as video marketing for beauty salons evolves, the idea of video advertising is becoming harder to ignore. The industry is a busy one, and although many professionals feel like video creation is a lot of work, you can make videos and invest in this marketing outlet without overextending your resources. There are so many tools on the web that can help you develop and execute your video marketing strategies, all you have to do is be informed.

Here are a few ways in which video marketing is affecting salons in a positive way.

See Higher Sales with Product Promotion

As we move into the generation of Snapchat and Instagram Stories, video is the perfect format for product promotion. In fact, 4 times as many of your clients would prefer to watch a video about products instead of reading about them. Video marketing for beauty salons will help promote your salon’s goods and services in a way people are watching for, so how could you skip over this important marketing strategy?

If you want to test this theory, pick one of your products that is lacking in sales and promote it using different types of videos for an entire month. If you don’t see any results in sales, you will surely see an increase in engagement (just from using a video). Rinse and repeat this process until you find a product that kills it in a campaign.

Expand Your Organic Reach

Facebook recently changed the way they run their newsfeed and that means it’s getting harder for your clients to track you on that platform. However, Facebook loves videos and will always place them ahead of any images you post. In fact, videos receive 135% greater organic reach on Facebook than photos do.

Video marketing for beauty salons is effective in other ways as well. If you do any email marketing for the salon, video is perfect for this method of reaching out to your client base. Posting a video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates. Even placing the word “video” in the subject line will cause more of your clients to open the message.

Make Videos in a Flash

Live videos are ok, but video marketing for beauty salons is evolving past the simple point and shoot. People love branded messaging because it easily conveys your business values. But there’s no need to worry about affording an expensive production or taking too much time out of the salon.

Promo by Slidely is a super easy video creation service that lets you produce incredibly stunning videos in just minutes. All you need to do is add your message and logo. With millions of high-quality video clips and licensed music, it’s the easiest way to brand a video and get it on your salon pages in minutes. It’s just the next natural step in video marketing for beauty salons.

Take A Look At The Bigger Picture

Quite literally. When it comes to video marketing for beauty salons, clients will remember your video message about 95% of the time vs. only 10% if it’s written. Humans are naturally wired to shift their focus to things that move. If you can seize the opportunity to grab their attention in a quick and engaging way, why not take the opportunity?

Beauty salons are about listening to their clients. These same efforts can be translated to building a community online around your brand. Using videos to market is simply the next step in displaying your beautiful creations to a wider audience.

Like we said, the beauty industry will always be social, so it only makes sense to focus your marketing efforts in a way that people will talk about. Video marketing for beauty salons not only gives you a competitive edge, it promotes products, increases ROI, and creates an engaging way to interact with clients through brand continuity.


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